Skinny Jeans Haul For Guys In 2018 (Asos, New Look, River Island & Stradivarius)

Skinny Jeans Haul For Guys In 2018 (Asos, New Look, River Island & Stradivarius)

All Of the jeans from the video:

Stradivarius Jeans –
Asos Jeans –
River Island Jeans –
New Look Men Jeans –

Which brand are the best Skinny jeans for guys? Comment your favourites 👇🏽

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Nilesh Pote says:

which one u prefered..???

Dennis Reynolds says:

You’ve got pretty big legs, so it’s difficult to tell sometimes how these fit lmao. I feel like the Asos ones would look baggy on me tbh, I might go with Super Skinny. Anyway, I appreciate these videos! Very quick, concise and clean; the only thing you’re missing is a slightly better microphone

valerie ang says:

love the way the Stradivarius and River Island ones looked on you! Personally, I like the lighter blue on the Stradivarius but the River Island ones seemed like a nicer fit. But…nothing comes close to Legend London jeans! xD Great video though. Cheers!

Raven163229 says:

I know this is weird but you should give womens skinny jeans a try, I’m a guy but half of my skinny pants are womens and they fit, feel, and look better on me than a lot of the mens skinny jeans I’ve tried. A number of guys I know also switched to womens skinny jeans. womens skinny jeans are also much cheaper and easier to find where i live.

Baby Face says:

You need to try the Zara comfort skinny ones, they are fantastic

Shawnn Rogers says:

This shit is not for men never should a man have skinny jeans gay shit burn all skinny jeans

Brian D says:

Love the stradivarius and river islands on you. The New look ones are cool, but seem a little baggy in the front. Also, LOVEEE the sulfit shirt. looks like the perfect muscle tee.

Jack Husband says:

All jeans look sick Josh, need to get a lighter pair myself

steevo62 says:

The last pair best show off that amazing arse !

craig dunn says:


Lucianno Zarate says:

Hey mate, how did you know your size in ASOS? I’ve had quite a hard time to finding mine

KetoBiker says:

Try Hollister, went there the other day and was surprised how cheap the clothes were, great jeans there too. Give them your email and you get 10pound off

nestor jose says:

You should measure your legs and waist for some reference

J Wilson says:

did you mean best skinny jeans for gay men because skinny jeans are moist

bozalini says:

Nice video again. The jeans look good on you. You know what you are talking about. You put me on the stradivarius jeans. I love them. I bought my 2nd pair this past weekend. Keep up the dope videos.

bstn20 says:

Gotta thank you for keeping it real and showing off some affordable jeans. Mine tend to rip every few months – also expensive ones – so some cheaper options are highly appreciated 🙂

Marshall Smith says:

feel lucky moving back here to the US no stores here seem to know what “skinny jeans” actually are. I have to order all of my stuff from like river island and new look and have them shipped here to the US. Even Topman and Zara skinny jeans here arent skinny really

Top Trends says:

( 1st Lol as usual 😛 ) The River Island ones look the best i think. Great video ! keep it up bro, Btw what can i wear with chelsea boots? I want to have a casual formal outfit with chelsea boots but i just dont know what to match with what.

Jonny911 says:

Hi. Whats about SUPER skinny jeans haul??

Ziincs says:

Nothing comes close to Legend London

Ⰾⱔⰽⱁⰿⰹⱃ Ⰳⱃⱁⰸⱐⱀⱏⰹ says:

Zara’s got by far the best skinny jeans I’ve ever bought 🙂 Perfect fit and glossy finish!

Tahmedur Rahman says:

Nice video mate! I loved the Stradovarois (I spelt that wrong) ones!

Arend says:

Hey man im thinking about buying some Legend London jeans but i was wondering in what size i should order them. Im 185cm and 70kg.

Pod 026 says:

Nice haul, man. I like the skinny/super skinny look on jeans, but I don’t think i can pull it off,

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