Romwe Try On Haul & Review

Hey guys, hope you enjoy my try on haul from Romwe. Overall it was a pleasant experience. Keep in mind that I am very short so I ordered everything in a S and nearly everything fits me.

Products Mentioned:
Plaid Shirt –
Striped Dress –
Loose Striped T-shirt –
Grey Sweater Tank Top with the high neck –
Camel colored V-Neck Tank Top –
High Waisted Black Jeggings with slit in the knee –
Distressed Black Jeans –
Red Cropped Sweater Tank Top –
White Lace Up Shirt –
Black High Neck Sweater Tank Top –
Green with Black Stripes Sweater Tank Top –
Blue Denim High Waisted Ripped Jeans –
Grey V-Neck Cropped Sweater Tank Top –

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This video is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. I purchased all items with my own money and I am not affiliated with Romwe.


Caleigh Noda. says:

Is the material soft?

alyssa frix says:

The button holes aren’t fully open and i think they did it on purpose, because when you wear the jeans it still stretches and the holes will become to big so your jeans will open everytime.
(sorry for my bad English , i’m from Belgium haha)

Natali Ashly says:

Thank you so much for making this video. I’ve been watching Romwe hauls and none of them are this informative. 🙂

alejanjaa says:

You give the best reviews! You’re honest and great at describing the quality and fit!!!! Definitely trust your opinion

Kennedy Green says:

How tall are you and did the jeans come down to your ankle.?

lullykitty14 says:

Thank you for this video! I’m super tiny and it was really confusing me how everyone kept saying to size up just because I’m mega small lol will order my usual size!

Hilda Beltran says:

Do you live in USA, I wanted to know if that’s why it came so fast for u

The Kawaii Planet says:

I enjoyed your video! (: ♥
Merry Christmas!

Chewy says:

I had the same problem with the button holes

Emily Taylor says:

What size are the black skinny ripped jeans?

beautiiiful.soul says:

girl, where are the hips are more curves you were talking about lol

Nao Cho says:

The ripped jeans look so pretty on you xx

Diana Guzmán says:

I wish you linked some of the items below :-(. Nice review tho.

Tapasya Sharma says:

hey! which size of the jeans did you order? S or M?

Sighhh says:

what size did you get in the crop tops

Nika Seng says:

In Asia it is absolutely normal for new jeans’ button hole to be like that.

emma says:

i’m 5,3 but i have longer legs. should i still get their jeans?

Chewy says:

im not straight… up and down either

Pam Basnet says:

where do u usually buy ur jeans …iam same size as u ..n always hav problem finding jeans

I like Food says:

The haul starts at 2:45

julia says:

Did you pay with PayPal ??

Lemon Meringue says:

I have that exact same IKEA couch 😛 it’s a loveseat and it’s around 200$ right? Lol

Emily Vine says:

“I’m not one to show my stomach”
*buys a bunch of crop tops*
Giiiirrrrrlllll what

Alexandrea Noble says:

what size are you in pants… im a zero would a small fit me?

Iris Snow says:

Everything with the spaghettini straps looks great on you

Nilasiiv perera says:

I loved this video!! and you are gorgeous 🙂 much love

Roselix says:

Romwe needs some extra small stuff XD I’m 4’11 and got like, barley any boobs so finding clothes that fit is SO HARD

Estelle Marie says:

Don’t get hung up on size. The buttons on all of those jeans are pulling a bit, you definitely don’t need to size down. You’re a thin girl and a good way to set an example for other girls is to not be hung up on size. The insecurity is weird and unhealthy… I promise your worth is not contained in the size tag of your jeans.

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