Let’s discuss my go-to jeans guide for short girls, wide hips, and little calves. This has been a struggle for US ALL. But with time, travel and experimenting… I believe I have found some of the best, trendies jeans on the market suitable to ALL girls… but this ones for my shorties. 🙂

1. CHEAP MONDAY – high waisted super skinny jeans
size: 24-25
price estimate: $60-$80 per pair

2. ZARA – basic denim jeans
size: 02
price estimate: $40-$50 per pair

3. TOPSHOP – joni jeans
size: w25l28 (petite) or w25l30
price estimate: $65-$80 per pair

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Heleen X5452 says:

Asos ‘Sculpt Me’ jeans are amazing!! <3 Also for short and tall girls

Peng Thao says:

damn see why u sexy

Mj's Vision says:

So happy you made this video. I have 26″ waist and 39″ hips and struggle with finding jeans that fit me and accentuate my booty.

Darkie WoW says:

Jazmine has bigger calves than Omar

Selma Duheric says:

Hey jazmine! I use to work in Topshop. Don’t get the Joni jeans as they will rip. Get the Jamie ones as they are the best ones in topshop and the stretch in them are amazing!

Aroj says:

I’m 4’9 I needed this video SO BAD

hipnhappenin says:

7:19. Is that the look now? I don’t really like how you can see the indentation caused by her underwear. And the bottom of her ass looks too wide.

Osvaldo Sigala says:

eres la mas Hermosa

thindarella says:

I’m wearing the Topshop Joni Jeans for years cause they are the only ones I could find which fit my body type (I’m petite and only 5’2) perfectly. However, I will definitely give thr cheap monday and zara ones a try. ☺

Arena S says:

@ my fellow short (+curvy) girls: try uniqlo’s skinny high-waisted jeans!! my absolute faves and severely severely underrated!

Mike ox tiny says:

Tip: buy bigger paints

Saucy livin says:

I would eat anything off that ass

Supercool Advocate says:


Helen Russelll says:

I LOVE this video and I love that your posting more frequently! Also your makeup is FLAWLESS!! Yes to seeing all your different sides!! Just, YES!

abeille1217 says:

i love the topshop joni, but i can’t stand how the pockets are unevenly placed (notice how the space btwn the back pockets and the middle seem are not even on both sides.. place the same finger against the top of each pocket, and you should notice one has a larger gap). i looked at dozens of pairs in the store, and they’re all like that… i thought it was just a defected shipment that came into my local nordstrom, but every IG or TB personality i follow, their pair is like that too. it’s not incredibly noticable, but once you notice it, you can unnotice 🙁 they still look great on you & so many others, i just dont get why i’m the only one who sees it.

2activelab says:

Yeahhhh ! So helpful !

Corinne danino says:

where are your nails

Akim Ishchayil says:

I don’t even know how I ended up here but the Joni jeans look dope on you

Kristen Jew says:

what type of underwear would you wear under the joni jeans? I just bought a pair and i can see my underwear lines.

Luan Reis says:

gostosa rabuda

jessafrog says:

yasss girl I loved this vid so much!!

Maya B says:

I just bought Topshop because of you. NO regret!!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

Stephani Hqz says:


Isabella Sanchez says:

super duper helpful!!! do you know where girls like us could find a good pair of boyfriend jeans???? big booty and small wait!! the struggle man

Frostypower says:

second pair definitely looks the best

Mel Vegso says:

i notice with some jeans, they make the butt look horrible or small. like som american eagle that you pay crazy price for. I love my fashion nova jeans and really want a pare from top shop. but you look flawless in jeans girl❤

Aroj says:

topshop joni jeans are literally my favorite. I found them through Grace Fit UK and bought an almost new pair from Depop for $30 and I need like 5 more pairs. They’re the only jeans I wear now!

Maybritt Geverink says:

Jazzy thank you SOOO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS!! I am 5’8 so don’t relate to the short girl struggle, however I doooo relate to the struggle of finding jeans that fit the big ol booty and thighs! In fact I don’t actually own a single pair of jeans that fit me anymore because shopping for jeans genuinely stresses me out (Lulu Align pants for the win!!).
I’ve heard so many great things about top shop and I’m super duper excited to try them out!!

Chris Morgan says:

Have you ever tried Jeans from Calzedonia? I’ve just recently found them and they’re the only one that fit my calves, quads, hips and a lot smaller waist properly. They have sports tights fit to them.

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