How To Get Your Pants Tapered (Skinny Jeans For Bigger Guys)

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Sociopatu' says:

The ttitle should be changed in ”how to be a real gay in 2018”

Chuck Sellers says:

how did you get the dark jeans over your feet stretch or not.

Gerold Smith says:

great advice. I have muscular thighs, so it’s hard for me to find good fitting jeans. this should help

Evan Ward says:

Why did he mention men ass before anything else

Be Big says:

Thank you so much because I’m a guy and i have a thick body because it’s common in my family. Anyway whenever I got khaki pants for school they would always bust out on the side where on my inner thighs and on the back. Because I have slowly grown a big butt and big thighs like most women/men in my family I’m also blessed and cursed. Btw… the pants weren’t even that tight.

CWProduction says:

Please answer me:) , im a man with big thigh and calves, does white jeans tapered suit me?.

David Rodriguez says:

I have very small ankles, is so hard to find skinny jeans, they are always baggy af !

Jake Rowan says:

i like tapered pants simply cause it bothers the fuck out of me when my pants go over the tongue of my shoe…

Breezy TV says:

Alpha.m wana be

Byron Heath says:

Hey man! You’re totally speaking my language.

TheRealChambos says:

When the in the fuck will skinny jeans die? Skinny jeans are for sissies

antonio reynolds says:

what brands of jeans do you personally wear?

Brury Rosally says:

Muhammad peace be upon him taught Muslim to not make the pants below the ankle.
And muslims do it.

Reign XCV says:

anyone know the shoes he got on?

M Rashid says: sub for more. idea

Pol Espano says:

Puro ini tabil

Backpackguy says:

those are great boots!

Amari Brown says:

“Slim/Tapered” not skinny

cj18 says:

that look gay, normal fit is way better

TheBloxer Z says:

This video shouldnt be this ling 2 mins max

Zae Traylor says:

Don’t ever swallow like that on video again. I dry heaved.

halemi 313 says:

Makes u look like more of a fuck boy, douchebag

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