Fashion: Pac Sun Distressed Jeans BUNDLE Unboxing/Review & Try On!

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Michael Brown says:

great video , ur style is dope. you should do more like this !! 🙂

seag whit says:

ain’t no real grown man gonna wear that gay ass shit.. holes and skinnies wtf

Adalberto Pedregon says:

What size did you go on them jeans

Dallas Monroe says:

Y do people wear skinny jeans and then bust a a sag. Doesnt that defeat the purpose? Looks like a baby diaper in the back. Grown man flow, pull them up and empty the diaper.

Landry Amsini says:

the blue one is fresh, I see you lost a lot of weight

mac7114 says:

Whats up Pop B. Whats up with the hat? I’m feeling the hat where you get the hat from? I love those style hats

Superman says:

this dude look like a buff august alsina to me

Jazz Baker says:

Poppy what size clothes do u wear now compared to last year?

FlyingCustoms says:

I didn’t know you was into this. I like where the series and channel is going, definitely.

gameking922 says:

What was your starting waist line and what’s your goal

D5T7_ says:

Your style is real similar to mine. I still don’t understand why people complain about what other people wear. The way we dress ain’t got nothing with them. The only people’s opinion that matters to me is my family

Elliot tofresh says:

pb lookin like he a bodybuilder wit them big arms

TheBuckeye EB says:

Nice clothes, but are you hitting legs at the gym? I’m 16 and I also have a 34″ waist, but I squat 625. Your upperbody is great, don’t skip out on the legs though…you wouldn’t even be able to fit those jeans once you start working them.

Dedrick and Kee'Asia says:

I didn’t know mans was that skinny welcome to the “skinny niggas with big ass head family my brother”

From Deep says:

I’ll take most of yall girls in some skinnies

Tee Gee says:

the last 2 tho. 1st 2 not really my style but Respek urs bro

Stanley Satterwhite says:


Jose Lopez says:

Damn b u lost alot of weight!!!!!

emoney15ful says:

the second pair u tried on that hole in the front was big ass fuck I couldn’t wear them shits my dick b hanging out u gone see the lil head pop out

Skip Payless says:

you need to buy slim fit not skinniest. It would look more fit then tight.

Jaequanharris Harris says:

yo you lost hella weight bro…hella props my boi!!!

KING_ Koala_CEO23 says:

I like yo style bro and good video

Kevo Ford says:

Pac Sun has some dope gear a lot ppl sleep on em.. good ish.

Trystean Davis says:

Dope style bro how much weight did you lose?

Julius Boyd says:

This shit garbage don’t go yo ass outside like that

Stanley Satterwhite says:


21 says:

thats why its buy one get one free , cause ain’t nobody buying them hoes big fella they giving them away free literally , hold this L real quick. nice waves tho☺

Lee Giselle says:

What’s your height?

Beauty Queen says:

Not really feeling the distressed ones but whatever still sexy

Jay Seasick says:

dem shit fire..a little tight tho…

Celestial Gaming says:

Should do more videos like this

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