Fashion Nova First Time Try-On & Review – Size 9

I finally ordered from Fashion Nova. This was my experience having it shipped to Canada and also on the sizing of the pants.

My Measurements:
Hips: 42′
Waist: 31′

Pants Ordered:
Canopy Jeans in Grey [size 9] –
Classic High Waist Skinny Jeans in Dark [size 9] –

Lipstick: Smaskbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick in Chill Zone


Arabelle says:

phat cat

Brielle Lena Frasier Jr says:

I thought that I was a 9 but seeing that ur a nine and since u wanna go down a size I wanna get a 5 so idk if I should ?

Yes Yeah says:

Wow you look so good in those jeans!

Leeloudou Lee says:

Nice reviews hun.. more try on please!!!

Deaisha Spivey says:

I’m 5’7 -5’8 and 143 lbs I normally wear a size 9 but is it different with fashion nova or no?

* Ambrose * says:

I was thinking I’m a 9 too..
but I watched a video of someone who had a 13 and she looked like 10 pounds lighter than me so I got confused lol I’m always a size 8 or 10 !!!

Ashley Nicole says:

30 waist 40 hips ? what size 9 or 11 im also 5’6

RuRu FamFirst says:

Thanks for a realistic review! All these girls are super skinny and got me even more confused as to how these jeans would look on an average everyday girl. I feel I have a good idea now and ready to order jeans from fashion nova!!!

Felicity Garcia says:

Hi do you have an Instagram?

Si C says:

” these bitches barely look real.” lmaoo i cried

Rachel Ford says:

Question, so I measured myself from their charts and I think I measured wrong hahaha…but I am a size 14 in American Eagle pants, but you look like my size….would you say with a 14 in American Eagle that I would still be a size 9 like you???

Ullqiorra Cifer says:

If it has 1% Lycra or 1% spandex should i go with size 11 or 13 because my waist is 31 and my hips are 42 and I’m a little skeptical cause some ppl that have wider waist measurements r able to fit a 13 but I don’t want to get an 11 and feel like I’m choking lol

Nene H46 says:

Omg I just ordered some jeans a size nine 🙁 they look big on camera compared to my other jeans I hope they fit good! Love this review btw 🙂

هديل بدران says:

او مظاهرات

Cella Raee says:

I’m usually a size 9 in jeans. So the first time I ordered a 9. I couldnt wear them comfortably. I ordered 4 more in 11 & they were way better.

R M says:

Fashionnova is not high end loll just FYI

Alyna Alexandrov says:

I’m not sure what size I should order because ive got a 30″ waist and 40″ hips which puts me at a size 9 but I don’t really know if I should follow the sizing chart

Ashley Nicole says:

30 waist 40 hips ? what size 9 or 11 im also 5’6

LindonBindon says:

This was really informative and bonus thumbs come from the swearing 😀 Thanks!

Chloe Berard says:

If you’re wondering and this video confused you follow the size chart with measurements not what she said

cecilia guerrero says:

I’m so grateful for this video, everywhere on YouTube on fashion nova jeans is all girls with slim waist and big butts, like I got a belly and I need someone to relate to.

Brit Brat Street Rat says:

Love ur personality. I’m just a smidge shorter than you but about the same size. So hard to find jeans. I’ve been living in leggings and I want a decent pair of high waisted jeans

Supreme Rackets says:

The same thing happened to me! I have a 29in waist and got 3 jeans in the size 9. One was so stretchy that it was baggy and didn’t fit at all. One fit but after a while it wasn’t as tight (got loose) and I should’ve sized down. And the last one fit so snug than a size down could’ve suffocated me!

R M says:

I also think you should be able to consistently rely on measurements! These annoying inconsistencies are Bc of vanity sizing and cheapo manufacturing

carmella monteleone says:

Loving your videos! You should do a make up tutorial.

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