BEST FITTING SKINNY JEANS FOR MEN IN 2018 (11 Degrees, Kings Will Dream, Sik Silk, Liquor n Poker)

BEST FITTING SKINNY JEANS FOR MEN IN 2018 | UNDER £30 (11 Degrees, Kings Will Dream, Sik Silk, Liquor n Poker)

All of the Jeans:
Kings Will Dream –
Liquor n Poker –
Siksilk –
11 Degrees –

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Sparty smile says:

Just keep giving us men style tips. I’m pretty much an older guy and I’ve worked out all my life. I was always a competitive lifter, 37 years as p-lifter followed by 10 as an o-lifter up until now. Yeah I’m pushing 70.
It used to drive me crazy back when the big baggy basketball shorts became the style. I was always proud of getting my legs in shape and wore spandex shorts and I just remember the bull’s wool I’d take from the dudes who had no muscled wheels to display. You keep it up. Men work for years on their pins. They need to show them if they got them. Keep winning

Andrew Vaudry-Read says:

Do an Alphalete haul! New launch the 8th of September.

Tahmedur Rahman says:

Great video!

balmorall nokia says:

Unbelievable that most of the guys are wearing these women jeans the last few years.

redd stich says:

the Siksilk and 11 Degrees is the two of my Favorite

Harpervalley Peeteeay says:

Got to have good legs and you have them so they look good on you. Guys with chicken legs… not so good. Nice video and I agree with your choices.

alex super says:

The SikSilk are sooo tight!! They look like leggings!! Also, I’m not a fun of white trousers!! The 11 degrees are probably the best, maybe cause they are black!! Nice video!!

Salvo SchWarz says:

hey my friend are you testing these brands again this year please?

БΞΛТ ТłMΞ says:

I love skinny jeans, they are the best
And they look perfect on you

aaron1990socali says:

The blue ones rock!

Marcus Garza says:

What brand underwear do you wear?

deucalion says:

“Absolute bargain”

Raheem Hussain says:

Always a favourite YouTube for jeans

Edit: where’s the hoodie from?


Girls or boys

Pelado Johnny Sins says:

Me encantan los Skinny Jeans quedan geniales.. aca en Argentina le decimos pantalones chupines

Ben T says:

Are they skinny jeans or super skinny? Because they look super skinny

Tamad Tamad says:

Can you please bend over or sit down with skinny jeans with the side view? Because some of them might go too low at the back and reveal too much.

M j G says:

Great video. I would really like to see you do a Levi’s haul or team up with Levis to do a sponsored haul be curious to see what works for you with that brand since we have the same body type. Cheers!

Jake Bananas says:

Man I love wearing spray on skinny jeans they make me feel so trendy and cool and they are so comfy. I remember when they first became ‘a thing’ i wanted to wear them really bad for ages, but was too scared, then one day thought ‘**** it!”. Been hooked since haha!

Nikita Worman says:


Koolaid MAN says:

You have really beefed legs if you added some minor stacking to the knees and ankles your jeans might look better, but other than that great video.

Marcus Garza says:

I love your channel and videos and I love wearing skinny jeans and love it when there really tapered at the ankle and I’m super short (5ft) so it’s really hard for me to find jeans that fit me just the way I want. And this is just my opinion but I personally would never wear jeans that tight, they just look so uncomfortable.

Daniel Alcantara says:

The white one is the best!

Bincho Dinev says:

omg….they are sooo tight! Look like a women jeans :/

Nick+ says:

As you like the skinny jeans, I’d suggest taking a look at Illusive London and Footasylum own brand, they are two of my favs in terms of designs and price point. Illusive is a spin off of Sik Silk, but have some super cheap nice washes in the sale at the moment.

That said, I’d personally like to see you try some tapered, slim jeans. I think they would look better.

No hate, but I really don’t think the super skinny jeans showcase any physique at it’s best. They have a very close resemblance to leggings and hug every curve. This makes most people look heavy in the upper legs / arse department IMO. It’s more a case of people in shape can get away with them, rather than them making people in shape look better.

Don’t get me wrong, they have their place in the wardrobe in a casual outfit, but I really don’t think they work when dressed up with a smart shirt of jacket.

Slim, tapered jeans all day for me. Would be good to see you try a few Zara or some MDV for my personal preference.

liquidsilverking 2018 says:

Personally I think the best for you is the King’s will dream

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