Hey boo’s, so today was a video I had not planned on making but I was on the hunt for the best mom jeans and looked to one of my fav sites ASOS to find some! So please enjoy watching me have some hits and misses lmaoooo, hope you enjoy it and I will see you V soon! Em x

p.s – sorry about the video quality! I was messing around with some settings and I think it looks kinda trash but i’m working on fixing it!

– I am 5’11 and a size UK 22/24

1st Jeans (24) –

2nd Jeans (24) –

3rd Jeans (24) –

4th Jeans (24) –

5th Jeans (24) –

White T-shirt (24) –

Denim Shorts (24) –

Grey Skirt (24) –

Yellow Floral Dress (22) –

Adidas Yung 1’s –

Background Music

– Eylure Vegas Nay Absolute Allure

– Zoeva Blanc Fusion Palette

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Teehee A says:

I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE AA!!!! So happy you done this video

etäinen says:

You’re BEAUTIFUL and your personality is EVERYTHING

dakota freeman says:

If I were you I would only buy jeans from plus sized brands because brands for the average person probably won’t accommodate lower midsections like yours

Staz/Steve Von Houston says:

İ wish you lost some weight you are really pretty

EL OUAFI Moamed says:

hello, I am a resident man in France, I see all the time your videos, you are a beautiful woman, with a style of elegance, you are a charming woman, I loved you for your spontaneity ….. etes you married or not? …… I love you

Bilal Patel says:

Do you not feel disgusted when tucking your stomach into your trousers?

abbie sharpe says:

I hate jeans and I’m only a little girl ! I have much bigger booteay that waist so getting my jeans on are always a struggle

Georgia 7 says:

girlllll you slaying those shorts tho

Catarina Moreira Lima says:

You made me want to buy shorts with that length girrrrlll

And that dress?? Omg looks so good on your girlll who gave you permission tho

nvfgkoz nh vlfbnlsdjzNHl says:

girl dont nobody wanna see teh thumbnail pic

Ella Jane Gunter says:

ur so pretty <3

Kindof Badass says:

Slay guurl

eruri says:

I’m in love with you…..

Strawberry Mae says:

I struggled finding jeans that fit my shape when I was a size 10 and also now at a size 16 so to all the fucks saying WhY dOnT yOu JuSt LoSe WeiGhT, shut the fuck up? Leave?

Love, Diara says:

i love being a size 2. i can fit all mom’s jeans out there with no problem.

Mini Pretty says:

Smaller waist? Bigger hip? Lol girl, please stop. Your waist may not be big in width, but it’s big in size.. you have a huge gut.. but to each their own.

Riley Runnalls says:

I dont get people who dont wear high waisted jeans…

Its not comfortable

-o- It'sCharli says:

I always have to buy a size up when I get bottoms from ASOS

Kira Anastasia Andersen says:

dressing for your bodytype is what you need to do… not squeeze in to clothes items that do nothing for you. This is for everyone! I dont go around wearing deep Vs as i am a 32G in bra size, and i dont wear high waist jeans because i have really long legs but a small bum, so the low waist give me a better butt. This is why there are different options. Plus size girls have a hard time with mom jeans and thats a fact

GertySaurus says:

Mum jeans are a joke they’re always too big on the waist and like LYCRA on the legs like WHY. I’m a bigger girl and ALL JEANS are like angry Jesus in a suitcase

Cate lawrence says:

Honey your hips are not any wider than your waist you just have a huge gut

Hayley F says:

The pockets!! The sundress looks so good omg ❤️❤️❤️

Carina Swanson says:

I gasped at the dress! So pretty!!! And it shows off your shape perfectly! Also, this was the most real jeans try on haul I’ve ever seen!

Sydney Corrigan says:

finding mom jeans in size 00 is sooo impossible because all of the jeans you like are huge. And all of the jeans in your size are made for kids, so they are never trendy. I feel your pain! (P.s your makeup looks fantastic! 🙂 )

MilkPeaches says:

this video is a godsend. i love the look of mom jeans but i have yet to find a pair that works for me. i have big thighs and i can’t get them to have a baggier feel without compensating for the waist. so it ends up being loose on the waist, tight on the thighs and baggy on the calves. plus adding on that i have short legs too, i’ve just given up

Dööörm says:

Ur looking like an egg.Think about that.

Lu Lu says:

That sun dress looks so good on you if I was you I’d find a style like that and just get it in a load of different patterns. Suits you so well and so easy to wear for summer !! Love the way you pair things together so trendy x

Songofela's life says:

hi love u bye

Tina. says:

That dress looks amazing on you, that waistline though. Ooh girl

doggo in a field of flowers says:

why you complaining? its not the shops fault that you cant fit into them

lose some weight ffs

Love, Diara says:

when u can’t even fit plus sizes then you know u have a problem

spellingbee2000 says:

Dress rocks!!!

Emily Mintern says:

Girl you do not look like a size 24 I’m shook

Jayden ? says:

Girl try Lee’s side elastic jeans!!! They’re literally my favorite and they come in at the sides for a slimmer waist. 10/10 my favorite plus size mom jeans brand.

Marian Lewis says:

the cute sun dress was amazing

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