Women Wear Mom Jeans For A Week • Ladylike

I’m “momming” out right now and it’s insane.

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Spoopey says:

i wear mom jeans all the time

Dorothy nieser says:

or how country people dress just throwing it out there

Miss Mackenzie moon says:

Bruh I love mom jeans ❤️

Eik B says:

I have a pair of mom jeans and I love them but I feel like Kristin’s pants are different? Or is it just me??

Savannah Rose says:

Y’all i love mom jeans but i CANT FIND ANY

Ashleigh Girdlestone says:

Freddie looked so good with mom jeans !!!!

T C says:

“How to pants” lmaooo

Kris Kardashian says:

Kristen’s pants looked like they were Walmart af

Ehhha awn says:

LMAO every Tumblr hoe

Makenna Kruger says:

The extra space is for the after baby pooch that is really hard to get rid of, unless you’re a Kardashian

kitty cat123 says:

Mom jeans are nice because people won’t see you pants as they go up to your belly buttons

Gina Bear says:

poor kristen’s fat distribution is all around her midsection… which makes any pants, skirts, shirts, etc look really weird on her.

Rita Mendes says:

2:34 to 2:39 was the absolute best

Donut Delina says:

Saf looked adorable on day 7

Makenna Helms says:

I have a thing for high waisted skinny jeans.

KittenPlays says:

Holy ****

Lauren Farmer says:

Is it bad that I love mom jeans

Leala Sullivan says:

I’m ten and I wear mom jeans

Bumble Bug says:

How to pants XD

Gio Razo says:

I <3 mom jeans

annabelle allison says:

i love how every video kristin wears pants she ends up loving pants but then hates them by the next day i love kristin honestly

Reema Gupta says:

Safiya Had A Glow-Up.

raiza iqbal says:

Did Safiya just wear red??

The Amazing Glitch says:

Why is everyone hating on Kristin?

Skating Trickster says:

Am I the only one kinda hoping that at the end one of them would be like, I need to get used to these jeans because I’m a mom! And then she’s pregnant and confetti/balloons fall into the frame? Like if that would be awesome

Imari Pyles says:

Omg saf before the short black hair

Autumn Mekaela says:

Chanti is so freaking cute omg I love her ❤️❤️❤️❤️

elizabeth trudgill says:

When I worked in retail we had women bringing their Mom jeans back because the waist band was so tight they were getting bruises on their tummies, even the staff who got them couldn’t wear them for a long period of time because of bruises.

Wolf Pack says:


Raerae Plays says:

Who isn’t used to Safiya with long hair

Hamster Girl says:

Tf is a mom jean? My mum is soooo stylish. She wears short _&_ long dresses, skinny jeans and crop tops, and she wears Instagram makeup (casual) and her hair is always on point. She’s beautiful.

Taylor Renee says:

2D from Gorillaz would approve!

Hiphopfan ccgg says:

what an adorable baby she’s so cuuttee

Esther Gibb says:

OMG Saf was wearing red not black

Faith says:

I love mom jeans I got some for hella cheap at savers 🙂

aya jab says:

OMG Safiyaa looks soooo different here

Kris Kardashian says:

Kristen is definitely not rocking the look

Mariela Cabezas says:

I love Freddy’s style

LoganDipDip says:

“How To Pants” XD Kristen 2k16

Tere Murguia says:

these are just jeans, tho

Brigette Lawrence says:

i was wearing mom jeans as i watched this

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