Wearing The Ugliest Jeans In The World For A Week

Clear knee mom jeans: a sign of the end-times? I don’t actually think so, though they are confusing. And sweaty. Do you guys think these are the worst jeans of all time? Let me know what you think of these pants!

The DIY Clear Mom Jeans! by Annika Victoria

Davison’s DIY version:

You can get the jeans here:

I got a size 30!

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Jennifer Li says:

someone trying to pull off a mullet in 2017 huh? baekhyun already did it

Amber Howman says:

You should wear fishnets under them

Noémie Bilodeau-Fortin says:

I think I kinda like them afterall

Ava Miller says:

I kinda like them and I love you

tatertat2 says:

Where are those black strappy sandals in your going out outfit from?!?

Hasina Harris says:

In my Opinion those jeans aren’t  so bad  its just jeans with plastis that shows ur knees that all it is so it isn’t  that bad

SAB MUA says:

Honestly the way you style with them looks good. I like them honestly.

Z Wolff says:

you should get the ugliest top in the world and then you can have the ugliest outfit in the world

Chiara Chiappe says:

you should wear the ugliest shirt, shoes, and pants all together

Harry Potter The first says:

They aren’t even ugly. There kinda cute

Jenna The Moogle says:

I really love them but I’d rather make them myself.

Safiya Nygaard says:

HELLO LOVES! ah, what a night! what do you think of these “meme jeans” IRL? i thought they weren’t *that* bad! but they were pretty sticky… (and i wish they had a bit of a longer inseam).

Julie Clapfish says:

Head, shoulders, knees and toes exposed… amazing

psychocolate says:

“This look makes me want to like mullets” Baekhyun, anyone?

Matrix Potato says:

Safiya is every real woman “I’m only going to shave where my skin is showing”

Gwen K says:

Who else thought about Carly and Erin when you saw these jeans? LOL.

Shadow MSP says:

Tbh Saf looks so good in the jeans she looks better than the model

Luzia Ingrid says:

”Whatever she’s doing over there, just let her do it and don’t talk to her” me @ me

madisyn50 says:

Saf should wear the ugliest jeans, the ugliest shoes and the ugliest shirt all at once

stellar says:

I think they look cool from a distance but once you realize there’s plastic rubbing up against the wearers knees

Damla Karabay says:

i really like the jeans

Chancey Stefanos says:

I don’t like the jeans, I don’t understand, but Safiya, dang she looks good in anything….

Ineta Liaudinskiene says:

I loved them they are really nice

May Ruth says:

I like the jeans?????

May Bae says:

6:40 I’m sorry as soon as I heard that I thought off baekhyun from exo

Selvedina Covic says:

It’s like a song head , shoulders , knees and toes , knees and toes head , shoulders , knees and toes , knees and toes
ears , eyes , mouth and nose
head , shoulders , knees and toes , knees and toes

Osey GT says:

They’re beautifull

ItsMe Charlie says:

I actually don’t mind these

Christie N says:

How do you wash those

Morgan Matthews says:

what would they look like with fish nets underneath? might take any from the stickiness as well.

Madeline Moore says:

mark ethical store selection nice timing identical

Shine Lightborn says:

Make *holo* knees! Get it?

*Murdocs tiddies* says:

I adore mom jeans.

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