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Hi I’m Holly! I’m 21 and a junior in college in the suburbs of Boston and studying nutrition and public health. I thrift at a local Salvation Army and I get a 50% off student discount on Tuesdays!


Gabriel Shear says:

No bell bottom Levi’s ?
I always thought they were the cutest and sexiest !.
If you buy any , just make sure you get them on the long side !.
Love girls in flares and bells that cover the heels !.
I guess I just like long legs …

Mariana Brnic says:

can i steal your whole collection please? lol i love levi’s and your sweater is cute too

Luna Carter says:


drwisdom1 says:

I have been wearing and collecting vintage Levis 501s for decades, so I have a few comments. First, forget about printing on the pocket, it is really easy to identify vintage Levis. Check the waist tag and if it says “Made in USA” then it is vintage and was made prior to 2000. If it doesn’t or has a trademark sign (circle R) after the 501 then it is not made in the USA, is not vintage, and is made from rougher thinner cotton than vintage Levis. Levis quit making orange tab jeans in the 1990s, so all orange tabs are vintage Levis. Levis sizing is pretty consistent, but remember if the jeans are 501xx, rather than 501, then they are shrink-to-fit and will be 1-2 inches smaller in the waist and about 3 inches shorter than indicated on the waist tag. The best looking fade is achieved through wearing and washing dark vintage jeans. That is why vintage jeans have a lot more character and variation, plus they develop nice “tracks” on the outseam. If my jeans get holes in a knee I retire them, but Miss Peach likes to add them.

daissa constant says:

Your thrift must be amazing because I never find vintage Levi’s. And great video!

Josée says:

when my mom was about my age witch is 16 she only worn levi’s I told her you should have keep them because now they are vintage.

Bryanna Dering says:

wow how did you find all of these?! i haven’t ever found a pair!

Khalsa Griffin says:

you have such good taste!

MrCosmin94 says:

You are so fit. Are you practicing any sports?

itsmarissa12345 says:

Incredible!! <3

StereoSpace says:

2:34 5:27 6:20 7:52

Ilongga Gwapa says:

Youre so pretty

Gustave Mangum says:

Where’s waldo lookin ass

Paxil says:

i’m a teeny person and i’ve still never found a pair of jeans that fit at a thrift store. i’ve found cute levi’s that are like twice my size tho

Alexa Merrill says:

I love your down to earth vibe!

biplob ndy says:

I really really like you peach.what I

Taryndasilva 6 says:

Your face looks amazing

Naruto Uzumaki says:

What kind of jeans I should get to get that 90’s aesthetic? (I’m a guy btw) I can’t really tell the difference between new and vintage jeans

DoomKaiserGliders says:

I think your facial problem from before could have been myasthenia gravis

Luna Carter says:


Jenjen says:

I literally just saw a pair of orange tag ones and didn’t grab them IF ONLY I KNEW

Bryan Stricker says:

I love me a girl who loves denim as much as you do

Soul ScreaMZ says:

gang gang

Phantomtakumi says:

where are your necklaces from?x:)

jos colen says:

are they made in the usa too ?

Michelle McBride says:

The only pair of american made you have is silver tab, which is why you love the cut so much. The majority of what you have looks like it was made in mexico, not very highwaisted and the wash is not as good. You should only invest in american made 501s.

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