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Elyssa Cantave says:

I feel you babe

JessikaKate says:

Gutted on the Zara jeans they actually looked nice!

Samantha Sandy says:

this is the first video of yours that I’ve watched and I think you’re absolutely hilarious aha. I’ve gotten into mom jeans lately, and while thrifting for them, I find it helpful to get men’s jeans in the Levi 550’s because they sit high at the waist!

Priscilla Graham says:

“strong and stable government” hahaha!! That was literally what I was going to say!

NotDeleted says:

I have some Monki Mom Jeans and they fit so so so nice. Best Mom Jeans I ever bought, but i gained some weight and they don’t fit anymore even though they are the same size as the jeans I’m wearing right now….

Jessica Norton says:

I struggle with jeans soooooo much! Gap I have found aren’t too bad. Why can’t someone make jeans that fit people properly!

Erin Hughes says:

You’re fcken funny — subscribed

Deepa Shrestha says:

you are beautiful and funny ! 🙂 complete package! and made me feel really good, I never go for size, i always try them , try doing lunges and sit on the floor, if it passes all the tests, i buy them without looking at the size or brand ! 🙂

conservativetothecor says:

Im 68 and Im still looking for those jeans…LOL.

Kelli Cuts says:

You joke, but this is a really good point…I don’t pay attention to sizes anymore…I’ve literally got jean sizes going from 12-17! It’s ridiculous lol

beats4u2 says:

Just recently got my first pair of TopShop Mom Jeans in the original vintage wash and I do have to say I am also in love with them and have been loving them as well! They make good jeans. Might have to go back to try a pair of their Jaime jeans.

ElouiseP says:

No. The miss Selfridge jeans look bomb on you! You might not of liked them but you looked amazing!

Victoria Morrison says:

You are so ridiculously charming and I really want to be your friend. Definitely not witty enough to deserve such a privilege but a gal can dream.

Sarah Harris says:

I think Stradivarius have really nice jeans for anyone looking for some

Mollie Mitton says:

I used to work in topshop denim department and you could put 2 of the exact same jeans in the exact same size on top of eachother and there could be like an inch difference on the waist!!! You’d have to try multiple of the exact same jeans on to find a pair that fit!!

Vanessa Zaikina says:

Whenever you go beside the staircais I have a mini panic attak

Rachel Doxey says:

I have 2 pairs of Jeans from Too shop both are Jamie but had to get blue in 12 and Black in 14 so sharing is messed up

NonStopParis says:

I will live and die in 7 For All Mankind girlfriend jeans

Pandalnc says:

Please try faux leather leggings 😀

Natalie Bober says:

I have the American Eagle mom jeans are meh. I feel like you wouldn’t like them because they’re not that hard material you say you like. They are very thin and soft.

Claire Mersh says:

Stopped shopping in miss selfridge as soon as I went above a size 12, won’t even step foot in it. To disheartening!

Cutesy Pwie says:


Sarah Sharp says:

Lucy you actually give me life. Seriously, as a 25 year old woman it is SO hard to find ANYTHING to wear anymore and you both give me normal girl inspo and make me feel less alone :’)

Barbora T says:

do you realize that if all brands had the exact same sizes some people wouldnt be able to find their perfect fit AT ALL? different brands cater to different groups, have different manufacturers etc so obviously their sizes wont match perfectly and thats actually good because when youre in between with one brand you can find a great fitting pair in another.
also like what do you want? for eu to put regulations on sizing??

Iqra Arshad says:

I have a similar problem with topshop. The mom jeans fit well like probably the best a pair of jeans I’ve ever worn. But no other jean from there fits. Straight leg, skinny, none of them. I wanted to buy another pair of mom jeans in a different colour but I’m too scared because I know the sizing is always off. I’d much rather order online but I feel like I’d have to go into the store and try on 10 different sizes *sigh*

Cassandra Skerman says:

You look so good in that last dark pair

Lindsay Anderson says:

can we get a levis vid like this??? or GAP? I am dying to see more mom jeans!!!

anxiety says:

You looked really good in the last pair of jeans

Vicky Zogg says:

That very last pair of jeans looked amazing on you!!!!!!!

Rebecca Powell says:

Thank you thank you thank you! I bought 3 pairs from river island and NONE of them fitted me! I started to get a complex! At least I know it’s not me! Love this videos!

Kathryn Thomson says:

finally someone else who can’t stand soft denim

gemm m says:

Can I just say ur suddenly doing so so well on YouTube!!!!! You get loads of views and I’m so happy for you

NatalieGharibo2 says:

Thanks for this video! I’ve been struggling to find mom jeans that actually fit me as a tall chubster but the asos ones you recommended fit so well!

Chantal Allan says:

They need to show this video and the skinny jeans one in schools to show and prove just how ridiculous it is to ever worry about what size you are as you literally can be a UK 8 in one pair and a 12 in another just because they are from different brands. If they show it in PSHE or whatever they call those lessons nowadays then I think that they’ll get a great response both from teachers and students x

Lynn Apgar says:

High waisted jeans are not comfortable if your taller thru the body…nope

alannac234 says:

Monki Tahki jeans are much more “Mom” jean. I have never been able to wear the kimomo ones! but the Tahki are a wonderful fit! X

הגר צבר says:

Dip hip

The Siren Diver says:

“I’m having a terrible time right now” girl YES. But the one pair from Selfridges looks AWESOME on you! At least you scored something in this ridiculous sizing world

Shelby Nicole Duarte says:

Hi! I just watched this video and I just wanna say how much I love this!! I’m usually a size 12/14 and in some places I’ve had to size up to like a size 16/18 just to get the jeans over my bum! It’s so disheartening when you’re in a fitting room and you can’t even pull a pair over your knees. So glad I’m not the only one that experiences this!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Gabriela Ferancová says:

Hi from a new subscriber from the Czech Republic! Love your humour! Thank you! You’ve made my day. 😀

Sophia DiAngelo says:

The last jean’s color looked nice on you actually

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