How To Wear Mom Jeans | Trend Takeout | Refinery29

Whether you’re running errands in an equally oversized sweater or going to a stylish holiday party, mom jeans have your back. In this quick video, Refinery29 editor Annie Georgia Greenberg makes a case for her beloved denim with three easy-to-copy outfits to try now.

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ginaa ayee says:

Second look was best, first looked like a hobo and third looked like a gorilla

eden douglas says:

She looks like baby Ariel in 10 years

Che Ina says:

i need Annie to dress me

loverofcoffee says:

umm I love mom jeans but not like that. Certain pieces go better with different body types. Not everyobe can wear mom jeans in a flattering way. Same goes for skinny jeans. Wear what suits you!

Pam Hoshi says:

nope, sorry no.

just no.

ancala says:

I would style them with some vans and a t-shirt that is a size too big with the sleeves rolled up. And a belt on the jeans

Kaci Kealey says:

I love wearing mom jeans, especially ripped ones…makes me feel like Kurt Cobain tbh lmao

Nick Syor says:


Lance Wilson says:

These jeans were relax fit by the look of them but slim had a slender look but without the skinny leg and you could fit pant leg over foot didn’t have to stuff the leg into a long boot but 80’s jeans fit a lot better

dawayGodmademe says:

So much nope. That is not how you style those at all.

lennonreads says:

i really really like these outfits, why all the hate? she should dress how she likes too!

Lance Wilson says:

Most important we decided what was fashion in the 80’s not a fashion guru we didn’t have anyone telling us how to dress they made the styles then you dressed according to how your social group did so if you were more preppy you’d wear things like t shirts button up shirt and jeans the only I’d like is to choose how my jeans fit slimmer leg smaller pockets and not so dammed big in the but

MMM As says:


Kayla Shield says:

The first outfit was cute but the rest of them were ugly

Liana H says:

the unicorn in the background… I’m obsessed

Hadar Cohen says:

two years ago? i love the fact that all the pieces are still in style, i would defenitly wear these outfits right now

Poojitha I S S says:

The shoes are great

niksy says:


the gabytron says:

how to wear mom jeans when you have a big lower belly and no matter what pant you use you get a camel toe…. now that would be a good idea

Alexis H says:

Is it me or the first outfit her boots are on the wrong foot

Krisztian Gundert says:

Sexy.i love it women the 1980s jeans fashions.SEXY SEXY SEXY

1991¿ says:

can’t believe you didn’t style it with a brown belt. but cute.

Cotton's World says:

Tbh I didn’t like the outfits she put together with the jeans,I would have done something different but that’s just me.

John Jacob says:

You’re too pretty and young for mom jeans but do you. I can kind of dig the first one though.

Naila Azizah says:

I think mom jeans should be paired with more of a tight fitting top, not like all those baggy sweaters & tops. You gotta balance it out☺️

eden douglas says:

Does she genuinely think she looks good

luckyfeather says:

loving the last outfit!

Charlie Zelenoff says:

All are horrid…..

Team.Lari says:

I am too scared to try mom jeans bc all the fancy people who wear these have super skinny legs…

Phước Đỗ Thị says:


Isla Craig says:

I would laugh if I saw her wearing any of that out

maxie poo says:

1st and 3rd outfits were ok

Elisabeth Prants says:

I love mom jeans but not the way you style them.

Anyonam Tutu says:

the first outfit was not polished at all, it was more grunge…the jeans are cute but just not those tops, personal style though

miri xx says:

I love this trend! I probably wouldn’t wear the outfits but I can see myself wearing mom jeans. nice video!

Ella Tayh says:

is mom & boyfriend jeans looks good on pear shape women

Lena A. says:

imo this lady does not have an ounce of style

Scar Czar says:

Lol, I like the 2nd outfit the best. The first one isn’t “polished” more like a grunge kid who showered. The last outfit is definitely hard for most to pull off, but I like the stylist’s creativity.

Lindsey Smith says:

These outfits are all horrible omg what is this

jasminemilk says:

i love your unique and quirky style!

Rini Ruiz says:


hannah jei says:

girl wtf are you doin

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