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come thrift w me for mom jeans! just a few of my tips that help me find almost all of my thrifted jeans!! if you want a specific video of jeans into shorts, lmk 🤩 look for another vid on tuesday!! love ya and follow me on the gram + dote



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Music: illuminati confirmed

Name: Emma Topp
Age: 18
Camera : Canon Rebel t3i
Editing Software : Wondershare Filmora

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bushra q says:

i love how shes copying emma chamberlain

Ouu Arlulu says:

Those are some fake Levi’s

Cherida Korver says:

Please do the shorts!!!

•One Bitxh• says:

Ok, I am already in love with you

this account doesn’t deserve subs says:

Thank god there are two goodwills near me

RiseAgainstAllOdds says:

video starts at 2:59

Ella Young says:

Really long intro

Autumn Baxley says:

how do you tell that they’re mom jeans on the racks?

Allison Ashby says:

SusAn I KnOwWww

its didi again says:

2: 56

meg says:

Please teach us how to diy

N Walsh says:

I’d leave mom jeans behind in the thrift store so others can benefit from them. A soggy butt and irregular shape is definitely not on my agenda.

Olivia Salitore says:

I’ve forgotten how much I dislike your videos. You’re act like a brand whore and it’s really annoying.

Annika Gibbons says:

How can you tell if they’re mom jeans?

Zoi J says:

Love this video ❤️

T H I C C says:

**cries in thick thighs**

local gemini says:

I love your style! Super cute!!

Catalina Gabrielle says:

This is awesome. I just have a really hard time finding mom jeans when I thrift. Like how do you know if they’re mom jeans when they’re on the hanger lol

airi says:

im really short and im a size 0 and ive never found jeans that fit even close to me and to add to that my country doesnt have big thrift brands only smaller ones ugh kakshshdgsh

Kisha Ortiz says:

Can you stop trying to be emma chamberlain:/

Mina Horn says:

What even is a thrift store??


I can’t wait for this trend to end!!!!!!!!!!!! The only downfall is that when people start waking up to this ugly crappy look then the thrift stores will be over stocked with this crappy style. MARK MAY WORDS! It’s going to end soon. In the future all the selfies and pictures that were taken with people wearing “MOM JEANS” will be laughed at.

Zoey Hanner says:


Annie P * Beauty Defying Age says:

not the 90’s honey….mom jeans were more like the 80s…i know i lived it lol

Jackie says:

I found some cute mom jeans that were Levi’s and my mom said they were ugly but I really regret not buying them

Tessa Z says:

Video starts at 2:58

Honey SOS says:

Your a mom jeanius

dani says:

tips start at 4:00 !!!

Blossom Tea Leaves says:


Video starts here basically

Steph Belle says:

Lucky. My thrift stores have lame jeans also I was at goodwill today and I saw the men’s section did have more mom jeans looking jeans and I ignored it because it was men’s but then I watched your video when I got home. Oml idk if I should go back

Hailsyeechicken says:

There is only 1 thrift store in a 8 mile radius and they don’t even sell pants akshjsjsjs

Hi Hey says:

How do you know what size you are in mens

Charlotte Medema says:

i found wrangler jeans for $7 ahhhhh

Butternut Squash says:

My dad lost his orielas bomber jacket a long time ago and it was identical to that one, if its his that would be hilarious

s O r R i E s says:

imagine. when you die your life won’t exist on earth. or will it?

Hope Wishart says:

What size in men jeans are you?

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