Fenty Beauty Review for Mature/Dry Skin *Hot Mom Jeans*

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Products Used:
Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer $32
Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in 120 $34
Match Stix Trio (Conceal- Linen, Contour- Amber, Highlight- Starstruck) in Light $54
Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Metal Moon $34
Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer $18

FTC Disclaimer: Not sponsored. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.


Maya Bee says:

The color is too light ! Try 140 .

poo bum says:

That problem you have with the foundation not sticking to your skin, like you showed in your first impressions footage… I have that problem with every foundation/concealer i’ve come across.. and i’m only 23 so I don’t think I have dry/aged skin.. Makes me so hesitant to ever buy makeup because i always feel like im just wasting money.. 🙁

Journey4Mimi says:

Oh. My. Gosh! So loving this real review. It’s working great on all the younger Youtubers reviewing it. I wanted so badly to try this. But I have dry patches on my old skin.

Robyn says:

Return it n get someting you already like. Thx 4 sharing

Calene Rohrbeck says:

so weird! i had really good luck with this foundation.. but everyone has different skin and not everything works for everyone, seems like you definitely gave it a fair chance ):

kitcat 88888 says:

I always use a beauty blender but purchased the brush- and it is amazing– what a difference. I am 50 and the foundation worked for me with the brush and the new smashbox primerizer.

Jessica Condon says:

Its so hard to tell! With your lighting, it looks gorgeous! I know this is an older video, but I love your videos and was curious about the fenty foundation!

Megan FitzKimble says:

Here are my suggestions! I had the same struggles. First, I made it a point to let the primer sit longer. I was told 3-5 minutes, but the longer the better. Second, when I was applying it I was putting it on too much of face as once. I realized that it adheres better if I only applied to small sections at a time. If I am doing my cheek, I will not put foundation on any other part of my face until I blend it there. This product dries so fast, and you really can’t drag it without making it look like the foundation was sitting on the top layer of my skin. I use her foundation brush, and then I will touch up with a beauty blender. I just read that you can use her sponge dry or damp. Did you try the sponge dry? The dry sponge gives fuller coverage compared to using it damp, which is a more medium coverage. I apply the shimmer match sticks on my hand too because it can drag the foundation, and I use Linen as my base for eyeshadow too. I do set the foundation though. I stipple on a loose powder. I used IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores. This line requires me to treat my skin with extra care, and I cannot rush through applying it. I know the struggle you were feeling! I definitely think it looks better this application versus your first impression.

Paige says:

Happy to find a review of someone talking about issues with dry/mature skin. Been debating getting this and definitely thinking it wouldn’t be a good everyday foundation for me! Only if I make sure I’m exfoliated and hydrated really well. THANKS! Love the review.

kill Bill's over the hillary says:

You look sooooo beautiful in this video without makeup.

Yoanna J. says:

I just purchased this today and I love it! I’m so sad it doesn’t work for you


i am also a new channel , and love makeup , it would be great if someone wants to follow my channel , and i will also visit theirs .

Lilly B says:

What was the setting powder you used? I’m really looking for a good foundation for my dry-ish maturing skin. What are your favorites? Also, concealers? Primers?

Silvana Raid says:

same here a and I‘m 25!!

April Carney says:

I’m 46 and find the product looks a little cakey too. I have normal to oily skin. I like the way it looks on me but I don’t love it like if I was in my 20’s lol. Glad to see this review.

Tiny Scribbles says:

what foundation do you use that is good for you ? for dry skin =)

Kimmy's Wonderful World says:

I’m in my 50’s, bought the whole line and absolutely love the product on my skin. I will be doing a video tomorrow

Stella Black says:

I’ve found that the Fenty primer together with the foundation is too much for normal-to-dry skin. While I’m not a huge fan of this foundation, using a hydrating primer (after serum-ing moisturizing, etc) helped it, along with a damp beauty blender, then a dewy/hydrating setting spray, but it wasn’t great and it didn’t really last long. (ps I’m over 30 with slightly dry skin). Sometimes foundations just don’t work, and I feel like this one might not be so great for those of us who don’t have normal-to- oilier, 20-something skin. Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation (not the new stick one) gives me a good matte finish without patching or separating, and I also love mixing it with Josie Maran Vibrancy foundation if I’m feeling a little dry or want a little extra dewyness. I totally understand your frustration though, as I think I’m the only person on the planet for which the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation doesn’t make me look remotely half-flawless. It is what it is, I guess 🙁

NaturallyYolette says:

It works really well on my skin tone.  Check out my video on naturallyyolette.

Apostle Glenda- Ann Jiles says:

Have you considered adding an oil to the foundation ..jt looks beautiful on you

Miranda Baxter says:

Whats yr fav foundation for mature skin and wrinkles..yr forehead is so much smoother than mine and i hate how my skin looks so please help me lol

Carson's Playtime says:

So glad there is finally someone my age doing makeup. I’ve watched so many beauty videos of people who are in there 20s and not my skin type. Your skin is very much like mine so it’s going to be fun watching your videos. I just bought this yesterday and my skin has the same thing happen. I’ve tried so many foundation’s and realized that I don’t like them on my face. So I just use BB creams. Foundation seem to bring out all of my flaws like my wrinkles and I don’t like that Lol. I look forward to watching more of your videos.

Henna Royals says:

Have you tried using a dense foundation brush instead of a beauty blender? I think the BB soaks up foundation the more u use it because the product is very much a liquid

Jillian Stanier says:

“This tastes like nerds” made me lol so much! I am looking forward to trying the foundation!

Cyn Tiwa says:

Great review ! i made one for fenty beauty as well 🙂 you should check it out !

Christallin Johnson says:

You aren’t missing anything. The foundation just isn’t worth the hype. My skin is pretty much flawless so any foundation I put on usually looks good. This foundation made my skin look gray and did not blend out the little darkness on my chin with the rest of my skin. I did not buy it. Why are people so apologetic about not liking the product? Are people getting paid to use it or something? Who cares? It’s makeup, not the holy grail.

Adrienne Wright says:

Seems like you have it a fair shot. Sometimes not all products works for everyone.

Berna H says:

I love your review it’s very helpful

Leahs Cards says:

I love this foundation it has worked for me and I’ve been wearing it everyday. I have combination skin with no issues at all. I use the smash box radiant primer with it and it looked great on me all day. I also use the NARS radiant concealer for my under eyes. I’m not a fan of the match stixs in this collection they are to hard and drying but I do use the shimmer stix and the kilowatt highlighters. I’m not in my 20’s, 30’s or 40’s but the foundation has worked for me. I love your videos and your honesty, thank you for all that you do and for sharing your beautiful talent with me through your videos.

Tiffani Ntanos says:

This exact same thing happened to me! …such a let down

Arlee Hooker says:

what is your favorite foundation??

Courtney Grauvogl says:

Thank you so much for the review- i’m “aging” in certain areas of my face- more specifically laugh lines and MAJOR forehead wrinkles (well, deep anyway) and I’m only 37…. I’m glad to know that this will probably not work with my dry/normal (normal only in summer) skin- I have texture and adherance problems sometimes to begin with, this sounds like it would be as much a disaster for me as it was for you. Sorry you had to take one for the team, but thanks for letting us know!

Yoanna J. says:

I love their primer also

Irfana Nazmin says:

I had the sephora girl tried this out on my skin in the store..i had similar results as you! I have normal to dry textured skin, this foundation clung on to ALL my dry patches and deep acne ice pick scars! It was horrible! I totally feel you when you say you wana feel like those girls who enjoyed this foundation! I hope she comes out with something for dry/textured skin..thanks for the review, at least I know Im not alone!

Pal D says:

Angie-Hot&Flash and EmilyNoel both had bad experiences with this product. There is no way I will try this product on my mature skin. Thanks for the honest review. I beleive this product was created for very youthful skin.

Tina Love says:

ur so beautiful!!!!

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