COME THRIFT WITH ME #3 || Vintage Levi’s mom jeans!

hey guys! hope you all enjoyed this video! if you’re interested in purchasing any of these items, make sure to go check out my Depop shop!

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xox good luck babes! ill be picking on feb 1st!

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im 17 and a senior in high school
i live in Dallas, Texas
i film with a Canon Rebel t5i
i edit with Final Cut Pro X 10.3.3 on my mac
and all i do to my hair is braid it after i shower bc I’m lazy
and yes I’m probably stressing about school and watching ASMR rn


This video is NOT sponsored.

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Erika May says:

Puro reklamo amputa

hannah alback says:

i get a mcchicken and medium fries with an orange soda

Aimee Carolina says:

please take your bag out of your boobs

Alexandra Esparza says:

I hate this bitches attitude

Gloria Fry says:

you know for something to be cute they don’t have to be name brand gOsh

Isabella Figueroa says:


Camille Churn says:

I usually get a fish sandwich and fries from McDonald’s and their apple pies are greattttt

Random Fun Fun says:

Did you thrift at goodwill? Any recommendations of where to thrift? I live in California Pasadena. Anyone advice?

Rene Lee says:

Hi there,first time watching ur video and ur so cute.Please don’t depend on anyone but yourself,heard how sad u are because ur boyfriend didn’t want to get up and ur scared to do video by yourself.Girl please,you are doing a fantastic job.So many people are complaining about prices going up in thrift stores.I remember when many many people would not go near a thrift store.Guess what?Everybody and their mama is shopping At Goodwill,Savers,Texas thrift and on and on.Everybody!!!!People are just complaining about how the thrift stores don’t have colors together or the way shoes are,or why the clothes are so jammed together.It is a thrift store,dumpster divers are complaining about how the trash is not the way they want it.It’s amazing.Once again,enjoyed watching ur video.❤️

Maddi Steele says:

Intro song?

Destinee Duran says:

13:07 I’m bopping to Chris Stapleton

Bree Park says:

I live near the Dallas area too and tbh the thrift stores in Texas suck

Jackie N says:

i would love if someone checked out my depop shop! @bunbunjackie Thank you! <3

Sad Boy says:

Makeup is snatched omg!!

Nameis Here says:

Lol I get a daily double with no onions, a McChicken and a french fry every time I go to Mcdonalds.

Eptona 3 says:

Shop. Why. Expensive

Pastrami says:

I recently fell in love with thrifting

ELA says:

I literally am soooo happy that I found a YouTuber like you who lives in the same area as I do…Hallelujah! Now I know which places to go thrifting around my area.

La Mariemoiselle says:

So I just bumped to your channel just surfing around but so thrilled when you said your from Arlington Tx, coz I am from Fort Worth and I’m often around Arlington Area. And I LOVE THRIFTING!

Ronny Anne says:

You honestly have a really negative vibe in this video no offense tho bc I know I can be frustrating

Elyca Moreno says:

You literally don’t have the patience to look for the goodies. That is why you ddn’t found anything good.

Jillian Liner says:

can you do a video on how you crop

Lena Moldavan says:

Does anyone know what jeans she was wearing?

samantha sherman says:

i got a pair of levi’s while thrifting today. i’m a size 27 or so, but i went up to a men’s 34 because i wanted them to be mom jeans. you HAVE to go up a couple sizes, because if you want them to be a loose fit, chances are they won’t have the mom style and the whole thing’ll have to be loose. to fix the waist size, just belt it

Teresita Cienfuegos says:

Also she just keeps complaining how her boyfriend isn’t there like omg you can manage without him not all women need meN that just shows that she’s so dependant on him which disgust me!!!!!!

Edyl Vine Marquez says:

I enjoyed watching this video of you because that is literally me when thrifting. I love you !

Paige Bartow says:

Dude your voice is so annoying

Nhia Moua says:

Your thrift store carry so much stuff!!! wish mine does that lol

your mom jenna says:

Flashback Mary

Deannalyn Martinez says:

Where did you get your shirt ?

Tiara Storm says:

where’s your shirt from??

Baleigh Venegas says:

lol she should put a “so” counter on the screen… that would make me laugh so hard

Alizabeth woodard says:

The end of the f***ing world is honestly my favorite fricking show! I’ve rewatched it like 6 times XD

Sarah Rusk says:


Amy Brock says:

When I heard you say the Arlington Texas thrift I was shook because that’s the thrift store I always go to!!

itshailiejohnson says:

Ugh it’s so hard for me to find highwaisted jeans that fit, everything is so baggy on me

Joonz says:

The thrift stores youtubers go to always have good things but the thrift stores here are *garbaj*

Lexi L says:

I get nuggets a burger fries and a smoothie. I now I’m a piggie

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