Clear Knee Mom Jeans DIY Tutorial and Review!!

WHY? In collaboration with Topshop, Nordstrom released something called “Clear Knee Mom Jeans,” which is a faded, high-waisted jean with clear panels right at the knees. The pants are also capris. This is a tutorial on how to make your own pair as well as a review of the product. I am the first YouTuber to wear, try on and model Clear Knee Mom Jeans. What an honour. You can buy ’em for yourself here:

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VitalExistence says:

you look just like the model

YaBoi TushAtoo says:

From sucking what? I DEMAND TO KNOW!!!!

GamingCentral says:

Yeah, that would make an interesting rectangle knee tan.

Kim Miranda says:

this jeans were nice. you destroyed them

psychman555 says:

Ha, ha! Loved the intro. Your description of the jeans at 0:26 was quite astute — have you have thought of going into advertising? 🙂

Danny Danny says:


Danny Danny says:

Do J’nco Jeans next! 😛

bcgrote says:

So jeans where you have to shave even more? No way.

Badgerspit says:

Best video ever! I laughed, I cried, I fell in love, and then I laughed while crying and then made my own pair.

AliasGardenz says:

AriZona Green Tea for the win !!

J Gam says:

the panels should be above the knee, hopefully the original designers come out with different cutout fashion

rhiana gallagher says:

this is great i love this channel omg

☆Imperials☆ says:

Thank you Saf lol

Danny Danny says:

You Wore it Better.

Doc Trower says:


Niloo Shams says:

Fuck all of u i love these jeans

Angeline H says:

oh my god you’re so pretty???

Jon Snow says:


Oranguice says:

No way. Bookmark that Nordstrom page and visit it on April 1st.

Oonagh72 says:

You have church jeans too?? I swear I bought I was the only one!!!

Zacky Snacky says:

Oh my god. Your elbow at the end, that looked so painful. DAVISON ARE YOU OK? DID YOUR ELBOW SURVIVE?

john watwood says:

lol..Funny as shit.

Melissa Dogan says:

your jeans were too skinny

kuri garu says:

they’re aesthetic af tbh, love them

J.N.J. 704 says:

This can’t be real

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