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I’m back this week with a fun one. If you follow me on the insta (@JESSUNDECIDED) then you know how much I loveee denim.

Seriously. Majority of my closet consists of denim jackets + jeans!!

I’ve rounded up the best jeans IN MY CLOSET currently, because it seems like a lot of you are curious + because I love to talk about jeans lol.

I walk you through what I look for in jeans and WHY these pairs are my absolute favorite!!

I’ll be doing a jean haul soon, so let me know if there are any brands you want me to test out for you!


Citizen of Humanity / Wilfred Liv (+ similar styles)

Levi’s 501 Tapered Jeans

Acne Boyfriend Jeans

J Brand Carolina Super High Rise

Citizens Of Humanity Gia Rollins

Topshop Mom Jeans

Levi’s 501 Skinny




Charles Russo says:

Wow u look so hot in jeans

Cordelia lee says:

Oh man, you look so damn good in jeans! But you’re so tall so this isn’t the best reference for me! But I’ll definitely check it out!

Ilee Vang says:

Great video!!! Now I’m shopping. Lol.

Jess Undecided says:

Which pair is your favourite?

Rebcca Gonzalez says:

How tall are you ?

SomeOfYourBusiness says:

great video. I just got annoyed how you run out of breath for some reason and constantly touch your hair, so distracting.

Adi Amiel says:

Hey is the Levi’s 501 skinny jeans you linked are the same one you have?

Tiffany Copeland says:

Love the COH Gia and Levi’s 501. I would like to purchase one of the two…which would you recommend as that purchase?

erksirlot says:

Do you usually hang dry your jeans or dry them? xx

Nancy Davis says:

Great video! What is your nail polish color?

Desiree Jennings says:

Loveeee the video!!!!! Can you do a video on your distress denim collection!!!!

Michelle Yu says:

Even when I was a size 23 jean, J Brands never fit me either. They always just smashed my butt even if it fit everywhere else.

Lynda Carter says:

I LOVE denim so much toooooo

Tone-Lise Bakkelund says:

Hi. I really liked the Levis 501 tapered jeans. Are the tapered and the custom tapered the same style or are they different styles?

Sandrine Lanot says:

what size are you?

Hannah Boyd says:

I have to get a 501 tapered! It looks fantastic on everyone!

Demi Zhou says:

I’m only 20 seconds in and I’m already so glad I found this video!!!

shillows and poohs says:

Do Levi’s shrink when you wash them? I have a couple that are a size bigger and I’m not sure if I should keep them

Bea Tris says:

Very nice video! Though I would love to know your height and measurement for reference if you don’t mind 🙂

xoxjelloxox says:

Where is your sweater from? /style code

Charles Russo says:

The last ones make ur ass look great

tnbatton says:

The tapered Levi’s were actually my fave! Could you do a video on your favorite sneakers/ shoes and how you style them?

Sandra Alvarez says:

Just ordered the 501’s tapered based off your review. I can’t wait to receive them in the mail. It will be nice to finally own something other than skinny jeans. Thx!!!

Trish bubs says:

Love the last pair! I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews that the 100 cotton fit smaller and to order them a size or two up. Did you find this true? I’m also 5ft 6 and typically a 25 and 2-4 in American eagle. Did you happen to find a link to these and have you tried the 721 rugged indigo?

Vera Smirnova says:

Love your video. Unfortunately I can’t wear 100% cottons cuz of my body shape but I love your choice!

absolutblue says:

where did u get your shirt?

frankr7777 says:

Have you tried “It jeans”?

karina ogannes says:

You should check out Redone jeans!!

Sydney Bass says:

have you tried revice? they are pricier and some celebs wear them but im not sure if its worth the money

annie L says:

you should try the “nobody denim” brand! it’s an australian brand but they’re really great denim xx

Tiffany Guo says:

please do a video on our jewelry and watches and such!

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