7 Eleven Has a Makeup Line??? | Testing Out Simply Me Beauty | Hot Mom Jeans

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Products Used:
All Simply Me Beauty from 7 Eleven

BB Cream in Light $4.99
Concealer in Light $4.99
Color Blush in Rose’ $3.99
Matte & Shimmer Eyeshadow Collection in Aubergine $4.99
Mascara in Black $3.99
Lip Crayon in Blush $3.49
Lip Gloss in Rose $2.99

FTC Disclaimer: Not sponsored. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.


Bobby Hill says:

And I saw brushes too

Tammy Qasem says:

I️ tried it and oddly enough, I️ love it!!

Emi De Melo says:

so beautiful ♥️♥️ love your videos! you are so talented 🙂 can’t wait to see more tutorials from you. If you have some time pop by some of mine xx

Emily Anderson says:

The shades are light medium dark

Misty Allen says:

I honestly love bb cream I just bought it and highlight surprisingly good so weird bb cream is like foundation smells good to

Darcy Lyons says:

To me their BB Creams looks like the ones they have in Korea and their BB’s look like foundations you get here in the states. The BB Cream was the winner hear.

tarahm2010 says:

I work at 7/11 and just scene display tonight doesn’t look promising but super cheap

Sapphire Orchid says:

I swatched the highlighter and concealer. I’ll let you know how it does.

Zoey G says:

I work at a 711 in New York, the display we have sells BRUSHES. That’s right…. brushes. I have a blush brush which is practically flat? Which I’m sorta confused about but it applies blush pretty nicely! I also grabbed a bullet lipstick (they only had three shades bahah), it’s this beauuutiful red-orange shade. It’s surprisingly opaque and very moisturizing! They sell highlighters too, which I think I’m gonna pick up when I go to work and see how it goes! I’ll come back and tell y’all how it goes 😉

Lindyanne Harvey says:

I came here after watching Carly Humbert. You cracked me up so hard! That was the best. Especially your face after eating the chips. lol 🙂

KimberlyAlexis08 says:

I came on here specifically looking for this! I googled it too and can’t find anything! You are the only person in America doing a review on this! Pretty cool! Thanks 🙂

Dima Andro says:

It’s hard to find info on this brand, I got their mascara let’s hope it’s waterproof


You’re so funny… but that orange actually looked cute on you.

Michelle Dillman says:

7 11 in orlando,Florida……

Beauty Bulletin says:

cruelty free?

sldeyo says:

I went into a 7/11 this morning and found B.B. cream, brushes, Beauty sponges, blush, lipstick, mascara, highlighters,…..incredible. I even turned it over and it said made by 7-11! Absolute craziness!

Art Masters says:

711 makeup for 711 hoes!! Lol I guess the John’s need pretty prostitutes!!!

Misty Allen says:

You annoy me you are a snob im gonna watch the one other person doing a review on this you suck

Mandy Heart says:

Such a bad attitude and the slowest ever with zero info – item prices at least maybe??

Misty Allen says:

Its all actually decent if you’re attitude was better it would be so much better

Itsapaulthing says:

A very, very negative person!

MsRadicalReviews says:

It’s been over a month and I still couldn’t find anything on this company other than some obscure comments!! Googled it and found your video. I feel like this is some sort of mystical makeup brand.

Grace Stevenson says:

You are sooo negative. It looks great for 7-11 makeup, you don’t have to be so negative


i just found them to i bought concealer eyeliner bbcream and mascara but i was looking for some type of review thankyou it is intresting to try them out lol

MyFairSkinLatina says:

I think the BB cream looks very nice on you. I’m really curious about this product!

Hayleeuh Bauer says:

Hey there, my name is Hailea. I am on my boyfriends account, not that this is relevant to my comment though!! I live in Paso Robles, California! One of the middle eastern guys who works at the 711 close to my house actually gave me some of the make up to try, last night. He told me to pick what I want to try! I picked a felt pin eye liner, brow wax/powder, a high lighter, ‘translucent Matte powder’, ‘radiant highlighter’, light BB cream, light concealer, a beauty blender, a few brushes, and make up remover wipes. I tried all of it. I agree with most of what you are saying. The beauty blender feels of high quality though.. honestly the quality is of one of my own expensive ones from Ulta and I absolutely love the smell, quality, & feeling of the make up wipes!! I did not choose any of the lip sticks because the choices that 711 had haha Also, like you, I could not find the brand ANYWHERE. I was searching the brand in hopes I could find the worth of m what I got and also to hopefully find the cause of some of the weird smells!! I had ordered a Kiley lip kit online for $3.99 that smelled of gasoline and the texture was odd. I was curious of the 711 make up, because of my bad experience. When I searched the make up your video did come up!! It is not the worst I have had, but also is not the best!! Thank you for you help & insight. Wishing you a nice evening!!

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