Women Sizes 0 Through 28 Try on the Same Jeans | Glamour

Watch women sizes 0 through 28 try on the exact same blue jeans. They discuss their experiences going shopping for denim and what finding the perfect pair of jeans means to them.

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Women Sizes 0 Through 28 Try on the Same Jeans | Glamour


Simona Smilingytė says:

Umm the girl who’s a size 4 seems a lot slimmer than the one who’s a 0. And the girl who’s a 0 looks round the same size as the size 8 girl?? I guess it’s all down to height and body proportion

Rick Rodan says:

My mind instantly went to the Pixar movie, Wall-e. I dont know why. All i know is I must go to the gym.

Christina Coleman says:

I’m 12 and where a or 3 or 2 in women’s is that bad

cloncar101 AJ says:

the size 6 looks skinnier than the size 0??

Just MgtowFrance says:

All the girls are talking about jeans issues while the guys out there are: “” i am size 4, 6 and 14″” anytimes of the day man !!!

DarkStarX900 says:

“Sometimes I also shop in the children’s section.” Lmao this is so me!

Animal Prodigy says:

If your looking for cheap and good quality jeans go to ross

shiningstar says:

I do not see a point to these videos except a forum to fat shame.

Pearl the rebel says:

Get it tailored if you want clothes that fit. Not everyone is the size of a whale

stantaeyeon says:

Omg girl, loose some weight

TDF_ W0rldKeY says:

They are all beautiful


I’ve legit not worn jeans in 2 years lmao, they legit were made by lucifer himself

cloncar101 AJ says:

anyone 15 or above i’m sorry but that is not healthy

TDF_ W0rldKeY says:

When your not even five foot and find the jeans that fit you…

Jazmine says:

Sorry but the Asian girl … The way her jeans fit bothered me

Devilz Syth says:

Fat fucks

Kathleen Gleason says:

Oh god those sizes r not all accurate u really have to b in good shape in your waist hips bottom n thighs n that was not a size 8 I have to walk my butt off to b in that size come on b honest

Lil Leslie says:

just get your jeans tailored.

Cooks Lewie says:

That’s not a size 0 in the US either. Lol, why are they lying?

stantaeyeon says:

0:53 omg.. Yes.

Michael Mell says:

Honestly, all i’m seeing are comments about how “fat” these woman are.
Honestly who cares? Maybe you do, maybe you’re worried about there health, but if you are, you don’t have too put that in a rude way.
Like most of the comments i’ve seen so far.

And this video is about finding jeans that fit.
Not a video saying “oh go in the comments and judge these woman.”
It’s there life, and maybe they’re trying too lose weight, but you just don’t know it!

And since when does weight mean your beauty?
A lot of “bigger” woman i’ve met are gorgeous!
And you guys are saying, “it’s just for the health.”
Well clearly, you guys don’t care about there health, you’re worried about how “ugly” they are.
I bet if a really skinny girl was in that video you guys wouldn’t care, but only talk about the “fat” girls because it’s “unhealthy” but you guys are just saying that too make yourself look “innocent” clearly you guys, don’t care about the health, you’re worried about the “beauty”

Jewel justjewel says:

This made me want to get FIT!

Sabrina Gaytan says:

Oh my lord! Okay you think someone is unhealthy you don’t have to blast it over the comments. It’s not necessary and it’s rude. If you’re not comfortable telling someone on the street hey you’re unhealthy then it’s not okay over the internet. Let people be!

Isabelle Parsons 79 (STUDENT) says:

I think the size 24 girl looks kinda bigger than healthy
The rest of them are fine and they d9nt need me to tell them that

Laura Harwood says:

I so wanted to give that girl a hug when she talking about her condition…’don’t cry, don’t cry’….I could just feel a whole world of pain behind her eyes. Bless her heart.

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