the horribly unflattering blue bikini bottoms: https://www.lavieenrose.com/en/side-frills-bikini-bottom-blue-91142
the asymmetrical blue bikini top: https://www.lavieenrose.com/en/one-shoulder-bikini-top-red-91165
NAVY version of the striped high waisted bikini set: https://www.ae.com/swimsuits-aerie-binding-voop-bikini-top-navy/aerie/s-prod/0753_1112_410?cm=sCA-cCAD&catId=cat7720280&mmCat=cat7770009
the white push up off shoulder bikini top: https://www.lavieenrose.com/en/push-up-off-the-shoulder-bikini-top-blue-91211
red bikini that everyone likes: (bottom) https://go.magik.ly/ml/dern/
red bikini that everyone likes: (top) https://go.magik.ly/ml/dero/
black bikini bottoms: https://go.magik.ly/ml/derr/
cheaper alternative to them: https://go.magik.ly/ml/dert/
mint double lined bikini: (this one is yellow) https://go.magik.ly/ml/deru/
**I didn’t show these in the video because I’m not plus size but this is THE hottest plus size inspiration for swimwear in my opinion https://alpinebutterflyswim.com/collections/all

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jjeanc65 says:

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monalisa Ridwana says:


michelle young says:

She is SO clever oh my god

Weiß Erzegaszt says:

You just earned a subscriber! I’d like to enlighten everyone that YOUR BODY IS BEAUTIFUL. It’s all just the wrong clothes and angles that makes you feel disappointed- finding the one comfortable to you I think is the go-to!

Julia Wallén says:

I truly wish that clothing companies would understand this

Renesha U. says:

This video was awesome!!

Arabella VanderZee says:


Hannah Truesdale says:

Yoo…. Im so getting a double lined large print bikini. Thank you!!

Josephine Winter says:

your shoulders aren’t wide. I used to work in a dress shop and i promise you they’re not. They’re a bit wider in proportion to your hips than average, but you see that too. The only important thing to know is, when buying shaped / tailored jackets, (or dresses of that type), make sure the shoulder fits and sits nice so the jacket hangs right, it’ll make a big difference.

Marie Claire says:

All I can say about your channel is… BEAUTIFUL, seryoso, it’s honest and your not afraid to show and say what really matters. Hope to see more of your video! Thank you!

muskel knutten says:


Katherine Dominguez says:

OMG GIRL YOU ARE SAVING MY LIFE. How about one pieces? Any advice?

Anastasija Jelisejeva says:

Absolutely fantastic! You can see how much difference the right swimsuit does!

Danielle Pham says:

still too cold to wear swimsuits but i wanted to get prepared and this helped loads.. thanks!

Ani Naderi says:

Everyone needs to watch this video

Cassandra Caye says:

This is QUALITY content!

Sarah Holland says:

Yesssss girl!

Mahima Mohan says:

Thank you ❤️ you deserve a lot of appreciation! ❤️

reckless mermaid says:

I love what she’s doing, but it seems like she really only describes what is flattering on one type of body. For instance, I think low rise bikini bottoms have a such a “laid back tomboy sexy” vibe on girls with narrow hips. But I really needed to hear the bit about the high legs. I always go for full coverage bottoms because I don’t like my butt showing, but it’s a shame because I’m short and my legs are my best feature. Sounds like it’s time for me to get over it lol

Jasmine Lash says:

but what if we don’t want a high rise bikini bottom because we are self conscious? and then we get told it looks unflattering wearing a low rise bottom (the one I feel most comfortable in), that doesn’t boost my self confidence at all!

xsrte says:

i have shaving bumps so i cant wear bikinis i like 🙁

Golden B says:

*HOW does she have such a perfect body after giving birth, no stretch marks, sag or anything and a thigh gap and flat stomach. HOW!!*

My Cup Of TAE says:

I’m fat so I don’t EVER weak bikinis but it’s good to know in case i ever loose weight

Kìmonanthe says:

quality content <3

Aadya Khatavkar says:

Youtube is recommending good things to me
*it’s a miracle*

Amanda De Jesus says:

i love this ! thank you

Lisa Walter says:

Omg my life is a lieeee

Sam Winchester says:

I just discovered your channel and you have the same body as me, all your worries are ones I have too. This channel is gonna be a game changer!!

Ruthy Moore says:

Wha- your shoulders are better than mine….bruh my shoulder blade looks like knives lol

Ohyeahitsgrey says:

Fucking amazing!!!! Literally just found your channel & I’m hooked your soo right!!

nina richon says:

Umm imagine man/boys watching this…

Samantha Krug says:

I’ve been watching your channel for years and I love everything you post

Zinnia Jane says:

I love how real you are

Hannah Gan says:

where is the flower print bikini from i need to knoooowww

grizzylove style says:

I love your voice

Roberta Tekavec says:

1.37 those are some bad implants here

L G says:


Sabryn Rudinoff says:

hey, why is it so bad for girls to look “bigger”, or not have a flat tummy:(

Lorelai Rhys-Jones Spencer says:

Why not just go naked.

NachtGesang says:

Ok, so this is like the third video of you that I see and I can already tell that you are doing amazing! I mean who shows themselves in something that is absolutely not flattering on the internet? Thanks for just being honest and for showing whats real. 🙂

pärle says:

i hate it when i have a high rise bottom and jump in the water or even sit down it gets really cheeky so i have to pull it out all the time

Erica Ayala says:

When I watch your videos, I always feel like my older sister ( I don’t have any sisters) is giving advice and tips on how to look and feel my best.You give such quality content!!! I love this!

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