ASOS DESIGN Ridley skinny jeans in roy dark stonewash with busted knees –
PrettyLittleThing Skinny Ankle Grazer Jean In Mid Wash –
Bershka Skinny Push-Up Jean –
Jack Wills Fernham Mid Rise Super Skinny Jean In Indigo Wash
River Island Amelie Raw Edge Skinny Jeans –
New Look Ripped Skinny Frayed Shaper Jean –
Miss Selfridge Lizzie Mid Wash Skinny Jeans –
Stradivarius Regular Waist Skinny Jeans –


T W I T T E R-
I N S T A G R A M-
S N A P C H A T- imhereforever
F A C E B O O K-
B L O G-




Emily Canham
53 Frith Street
2nd floor
London, W1D 4SN

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Caitlin Hancock says:

How is your hair so longgggg:( Any tipsss?

Pink Love says:

How tall is she?

Penguin S says:

What size are they

Katie Shelman says:

I think everyone knows that vanity sizes are crazy theses days. Although I am from the us, I have jeans that ALL fit the same that are a size 00,0, and 2. It’s just nuts!

heyhaechan says:

am i the only one who doesn’t like top shop jeans?

Penguin S says:

I don’t wear jeans I wear jeggings

Grace Dewse says:

I really struggle with getting jeans because I have quite a small waist, thin but long legs. So there either massive on the waist, too baggy or too short. Does anyone know any jeans that fit perfectly for someone like me? But if you are struggling like mr I found a pair of soft skinny jeans from Primark which are so comfortable and cheap.

rmzozsener says:

This was me 35 yrs ago…..I wore a size 8 and I had legs up to my neck…I looked great….Pepe jeans were popular then..they fitted perfectly….oh to be young again….lovely girl…

SereniaSaissa says:

The one thing this video says is that the fashion industry needs to STANDARDIZE their sizings!!!! So that a size 8 will fit anyone who usually wears a size 8 and they dont have to try on several pairs of jeans to get a good fit. Part of standardizing also means having both regular length (for the shorter person) and longer length (for the taller person) always available. STANDARDIZE!!!

Kathleen says:

how tall are you??

Chloe Tonge says:

I am not a fan of jeans but Primark is the one I do go to, I have scoliosis and due to that have one hip higher then the other so jeans are a night made because they don’t fit properly so I wear leggings mostly now. It is crazy the difference in sizing I am a plus size and when trying on clothes it is crazy because from various brands and i can be anywhere from a 16 to 20

Grace Stringer says:

I’m 13 atm and omg H&M jeans are my life but I buy mine from the kids, I bought this one pair and it made me so happy as I’m generally quite insecure about my body and I hate it when things that should fit me don’t and I bought h and m jeans age 12 to 13 and they are perfect they are kind of high waisted and slide on so easily there the best I also recommend superdry denim shorts and denim skirts when u have a small waist and lager hips xx

tallulah flint says:

Woah are the second jeans meant to be split at the ankles

Ladynipchick2 says:

So, I’m with you all on the struggle – but who are these people I see on the high street looking great in the jeans! I’m not perfect at all – but I have quite long legs and nice bum, between 8 and 12 depending on shop and material, but oh, the struggle is real! My best buys ever were Molly jeggings (5 years ago). Jamie’s from Topshop – but they are unreliable these days both in terms of size and density of material. Quite liked the Leighs as thinner material. Er, New look and H &M have let me down – and, well, I’m off to Primark this weekend to see what this little piggy can find, as on a tight budget lol. Wish me luck. Thank God for the honesty of people like Emily, and Lucy Wood. I do feel better about myself now from jeans point of view. X

Chloe Bennington says:

don’t worry I’m 13 and I am a 36 inside waist lol

Anna Fitzsimons says:

stunning jeans x

Liv Joy says:

A 26 is not a size 6….

Grace Paisley says:

I’m 5feet 10 1/2 inches, I have really long legs and it took me ages to find somewhere that do comfortable and long jeans, i tried in some misguided jeans and they are amazing they do long and short jeans❤️❤️❤️

jessie Wallz says:

Try American Eagle jeggings?!?!

Jena Grange says:

H and M are really good for long legs

Unicorn World 27 says:

It it really hard to find jeans for me all of my friends are real jeans sizes in women’s and I can barely wear a size 12 in children’s super skinny jeans.

Laura-Marie Murch says:

I love videos like this because it just goes to show that any size struggles with jeans and clothing in general!❤️

Anete Grigule says:

you’re not that tall, calm down

Audrey Raj says:

Omg I remember last when I was in Year 8 going into my mum’s bathroom to weigh myself ang being so convinced that I was 45kg and when I stood on the scale the number was 51kg and I had a mental breakdown because I was 1kg over 50. I’ve also had breakdowns in fitting rooms as well twice in the span of a month when I went shopping with my mum and my grandma.

Susan says:

To all who are whining about her jean try on, with them all being a size 8, she was demonstrating how SAME SIZE jeans in different brands can fit way different on you, she stated that in her subject line. She wasn’t trying to find jeans to buy for herself persay on this video, she was trying to demonstrate that everyone of every size, no matter how thin, tall, short, curvy, petite…we all have jean issues & need to research what jean, in what size, in what brand fits OUR body the best, because you can’t just go off of a size to determine if it’s going to fit right on your particular frame. I think she did a great job & was quite charming.

h grieve says:

I’ve gotten jeans from almost everywhere she got hers and I fitted an 8 in every one. Hun you hardly fit any of them so it might be worth sizing up x

tammy jones says:

I love matalan jeans. Much cheaper hehe ❤️❤️

Idc says:

So glad someone tall and thin did one of these videos. People always make it seem like it’s the plus sized women or bigger girls who have only have this problem when the very women who model the clothes can’t even get jeans to fit properly. Let alone be long enough. It’s a shame. Also ASOS has a tall section that goes up to 38 in length! It’s amazing you should check it out! 38 is rare one but there’s also plenty of 36in in the Tall section too!

cadhla Trearty says:

Omg look close at the thumb nail do u see the mistake on the jeans

Maddy says:

I used to work at Jack Wills and the jeans are some of the best things they do! So underrated! I wear the fernham high waisted jeans and they are like a longer lasting version of the top shop Joni jeans.. defo recommend!

Vicky Zogg says:

It’s only a number! Nobody cares!

kirsty xx says:

What in year 8 (13 year old) you watched what you ate and worked out everyday that is crazy!!

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