Ever felt like inconsistent high street sizing makes absolutely zero sense? CORRECT, and I’m here to prove it today by testing pairs of black high waisted skinny jeans in a size 14 from ten different brands. Surprise surprise, clothing sizes mean basically nothing, and equally surprising, things get sweaty. Remind me to never do this again.

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FableForager says:

OMG the ex boyfriend that is not to be trusted! I was almost in tears with how hard I was laughing because it’s true! I despise going jean shopping. I’ve gotten to the point where after I have patched my existing jeans to hell and they’re just not going to hold together any longer, I’ll go and choose the size below me, the size I think I am, and the size above me. For each single style of jean I’m looking for I have to try three different versions of it! In hope that maybe one of them will fit! It’s ridiculous and exhausting. At one point I had a size 9, 10,11,12 and 14 in my closet. All different brands, but they all fit me. Also another thing I’ve noticed is one particular brand will have odd number sizes like 9 and 11 and a different brand will have even numbers like 8 and 10. Which helps no one when they just want to pop in somewhere and get a new pair of jeans that are not so grungy that they walk themselves to the laundry basket. Then there’s the difference in juniors vs. petite vs. adult women sizing and it’s just a mess. I give up haha. I applaud you for doing this!

Princess Emmz says:

This video is bloody hillarious! Thank you for making this, I have just shown it to my niece who is very body aware being a teenager who has an athletic slim build but thinks she has big calfs!!xx

Caro Oteiza says:

We do deserve better !

tilafox says:

such a good video! you’re so relatable. everything you say I’m just like ” YEEES! SAAAMEEE! 😀

Sarah-Louise Payne says:

Such a great video, so funny and so true! Xx

Ciara says:

You are a genuine babe!! This is great, I’ve had some pretty depressing experiences in both h&m and new look even when I was a smaller size, just so inconsistent.

KONEKO13 says:

Kudos to your bravery and good sense of humor. You are not alone. Yes, H&M pants in general are mad. You might fit in a 20 normal but not 24 plus….whaaaa? Body dysmorphia, eating disorders. The pressure on women is ridiculous.

nappyheadedjojoba says:

“LUUUUUNGE” at 8:41 made me ugly laugh. Brilliant idea for a video, and so much truth re: how sizing is arbitrary, but can affect our self esteem far more than it has any right to do. xx

hannahrene23 says:

American here: Size “30” is a 9/10, and it’s the “waist measurement”, although H&M here is even ALWAYS too small. I’m also a size 14, and I can’t even get into any pants in H&M. This video was great!

Noreen Muhwati says:

What you sub count just jumped amazing.. happy for you boo x

Carrie Mitchell says:

this video is so me i understand the struggle with jeans one size 14 fit and the other doesn’t xxx

Hannah says:

Next jeans are my life, get thee sen to Next!

Abigail Meakin says:

my mum is normally a size 10/12 but in h&m she has to get size 16 cause the sizes are so bad

Helen says:

I have a few friends who feel devastated when they have to get a bigger size up in clothes. Clothing sizes literally mean nothing. If it fits you, it looks good and most importantly you feel good, the only number on that label you should care about is the price.

Siobhan says:

This is brilliant – thank you for highlighting this.

Looking at the H and M size guide, maybe it was European sizes instead of inches? That would mean it was a 6ish? http://www2.hm.com/en_gb/customer-service/sizeguide/ladies.html

Frankly H&M is so hard to work out what your size is, the clothes are always rammed in, you can’t separate them to see the paper tags, then it is weird numbers and the larger sizes always go straight away (as the UK size average is a 16!!!). How have shops not realised they are alienating the majority of their market…

Time2Begin says:

High street jeans are a bloody nightmare. H&M is probably the worst offender – I once went up three sizes from normal to fit into a pair of jeans, only for the item to still be much too small around my ankles. Their sizing is literally made up if you ask me lmao

Marisa Hernandez says:

so is this US size 14? If not, what is the US equivalent?

mskreekree says:

THANK YOU! THis is such a struggle!!!!

kayper says:

this is a mood. I’ve recently gained weight and the jeans shopping was a nightmare!

Sarah Lebaigue says:

I love this video! So concise and well put! I actually have spent the last 5 months creating and focusing on a project that is focused on this issue! I’m hoping to make this project a reality and I’m so glad that more and more people are seeing that clothing sizes are ridiculous! Standardise clothing sizes!!

Bethany says:

I’ve not worn jeans for years, and I’m 17 , because they’re so hard to find ones that fit and actually have the look I want, as I don’t want to compromise my style for a pair which actually fit me well cos shops are so focused on a certain body ideal :(( but Thankyou for being a star and representing the struggles love u xxx

Kelly Riad says:

H&M isn’t any better in America, I’ve long given up buying pants from them unless it has an elastic waist. Guess y’all don’t have Old Navy in the UK? I love their jeans!

Sophie says:

Can’t believe you made it through the whole saga without putting your hair in a pineapple! Congratulations!

Mahen Malek says:


Hannah says:

If you don’t like the number in your clothes, cut it out

RedPhoenixFeather says:

You actually have basically the same body as me! Its so nice to find someone who I can relate! I went to H&M once to look for some nice dungarees- I gave up at size 22!! I will be going and buying those Asos jeans as I struggle so much with jeans. I find Matalan ( classy) do some nice ones but more I can find the better.

ohheyniki says:

I remember when I was 300 pounds and I could fit in a 24 in the store I worked in, which is true to size. I would go other places and they wouldn’t even have a size big enough because the 24 fit like an 18. There were times where I would get so upset in the store that I’d beg and pray to god to just end my life. I was so embarrassed and felt like everyone was laughing at me. Now that I’m a size 8, that’s US, I still struggle. Sometimes I’m an 8, sometimes I go up to a 12. Even writing this is making me cry. I worked so hard to lose weight, went through surgeries and psychologists and to still feel so horrible, it’s just so disheartening. Being a female is shit sometimes. Clothing stores should make you feel better, to make you want to shop there. Sadly that’s not true.

Rani Weiss says:

Love this video! I’m also a size 14 and I wear primark high waist skinny jeans a lot, never let me down. Have to try out asos jeans tho, they look so good!

Alex Daisyy says:

Try Matalan jeans! (Preferably one on Oxford street as its fab) they are soo good and look really expensive x

Sarah Stürzebecher says:

It was so good and interesting to see this video. I actually love your whole size 14 line. I’m from Germany. I’ve huge hips with bigger legs and my waist isn’t that bad but also not soo small. I’m between size 14 and 16 (EU 40,42) atm. I’ve a lot H&M jeans that fit in size 14 perfectly but I hate them now since they always stretch out. I’m now at Zara jeans but everything from Zara actually never fits in my original size and I’ve always to go sizes up, my last jeans I orders was even size 18 but it fits good. I’ve one ASOS jeans as well and I love this one it’s size 14 and I can’t complain but I’ve ordered more, other styles and colors but the looked so bad. I’ll definitely try the Primark jeans next and I wanted to try Topshop like forever and probably stay with Zara since I learn to not care about sizes anymore. Your videos are a huge support. Really love your them so much. Keep it up! And the ASOS jeans looked definitely the best on you.

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