The long awaited highly requested wish review! Oh boy!…I’m not even going to say much just wait till you see it.

rings: 1.




Body warmer:

vamp stamp:


Things I didn’t receive:
freezer bag sealer:

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Music by Joakim Karud

If you get down to here you’re the real MVP write ploopy in the comments section so I know it’s real! ❤️ Love you guys!


danielle blake says:

I love those jeans!! I ordered a top for my dad and I never got it I requested a refund but they said I waited too long other then that I think wish is awesome I haven’t had a problem

Nitiesha Murphy says:

They are probably stainless steel which is cool

Stefania Wedam says:

What’s the jumper size?

Alexis Moore says:

So i had a dumb moment….5 pounds is 5 dollars right ?

Victoria Betts says:

What size are your pants?

Nappy Bunny says:

It got so out of hand back then that my 5th grade teacher got a cardboard box for the kids who had Tamagachis, collected them all at the beginning of class, and called the box his Tamagachi Zoo.

blonde beauty Brower says:

Omg ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ the giga pet

Nikoletta says:

6:47 Where can i buy this top?

Toqa Hyder says:

She looks like cardi B weeehheehge

Idc says:

What size were those first jeans

Pdarling 68 says:

Enjoyed watching your Wish haul.

Rebecca Bates says:

Wtf does pound mean lmao and the way she looks at the camera when she tells u the price on the romper

MOMMYnARMYwife says:

I don’t like how the strapless bra makes some women have a 3rd boob

melania magicc says:

just subscribed❤

Mamayaa Opoku says:

I clicked on this because of your hair. Where is it from?

Hazel Marie says:

ommg the tamagachi was my life

Kelissa says:

I would say 80% of the stuff I have gotten there left me really disappointed. How ever I am gving it another try but this time only buying things with great reviews and user pictures submited to confirm they didn’t get shit. lol It is like an ebay site so I wil also not be buying again from the users that gave me bad quality items and they will get reviews from me reflecting that.

Ruth 12344 says:

So grateful for the links for the items. One of the only channels that does it ❤️❤️

X says:

You look like Nicki Minaj lol. Love the vid

ashlee pruett says:

You’d be so much cuter with an English accent, just saying. No disrespect to your accent. Take it as a comment, really don’t mean any disrespect.

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