You MUST watch this video before you shop from Fashion Nova!
All jeans are size 0 Fashion Nova jeans.
-my fave jeans LIGHT
-all about the booty lifting jeans BLACK
-nervous around you jeans MULBERRY
-she gave it all ankle jeans DARK

*Disclaimer* I am not a negative person and I do not hate Fashion Nova. I have ordered dresses from Fashion Nova before with no problems in shipping or quality. This was just my experience with the jeans. I may or may not decide to order from Fashion Nova again in the future, I just wanted to let others know the risk before they order from Fashion Nova.

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Atocha Eutsey says:

I’ve always been hesitant about buying their jeans because I know they’re made for women with the same shapes as their models. Big thighs, booty, hips

W E K ‘ ND says:

Did anyone else notice she didn’t like the jeans she spent $12 on but loved the ones she spent $30 on? You get what you pay for just like any other website.

Tori Jaynes says:

what is the name of the last pair???

Blah X says:

Fashion Nova gives store credit so that they don’t lose money and for you to have to spend more on their site. Also if the product is not defective you have to pay for shipping which makes you lose out on money anyways. Also you can’t use a free shipping code with a discount code. I also saw a youtuber who said they kept giving her store credit just to F up again on the next and it was just a never ending cycle. I had to mention reporting them to the BBB to get my money back for an item that was out of stock and they didn’t even notify me. I only realized it after they shipped my order and I received it. They also sent me a defective item and refuse to give me my money back. I’m done with this company because I just don’t want to have to deal with their BS in the future. Sad cause I really liked them. Oh well! Next!

Angela Burgos says:

uou talk too much

Lo says:

i’ll retract that. ngl you look good in all these jeans, i just think youre very insecure with yourself.

Lydia Adigun says:

the first ones weren’t huge

antonioe81ea says:

Dang beautiful body sweetie

christy sivley says:

Why can’t i stop staring at that white dot on the tip of her nose? Put the highlighter down booboo

Bekah Rraine says:

This video was a huge waste of time. Basically just complaining about “issues” no one can see which makes me wonder how nitpicky she is being. Not helpful

Mish_ elle says:

i think the jeans look nice on you but are a bit too big. i like FN jeans because they are thin and they stretchy material cause they hug the thighs better and doesn’t make you look chunkier like traditional jean material does. im around your height and you can always order just the ankle jeans or look for ones that are under 30 inch long

cascadesealion says:

Thank you for the vid! I’m 5’1 and 99 pounds. I ordered a pair of luxe glam dark high waisted jeans in a size three. I hope that’s the right size!

Kloe Ede says:

I absolutely them I got jean from them and jump suits and shorts fucking rip off, like what do they have monkeys working for them?!

Steph C says:

There’s too much hi lighter on the tip of your nose

Brianna Shah says:

Hey I wanted to know that if I ordered let’s say a dress, pair of jeans or shirt and I tried them on at home and they don’t fit and I try to return them, Will fashion nova allow me to return them? because on the return policy on the website it says they must be returned unworn but like how am I supposed to see if it fits if I can’t even try it on? Or maybe i’m reading it incorrectly?

Valeria Garcia says:

I know I’m late but would you mind putting the link for the last jeans you were wearing ? I can’t find them on the site /:

Kerry Alexander says:

Who else was just staring at her nose the whole entire time

Kellsey O says:

Those are not burgandy. They named them Mulberry.

Candy Star says:

That is the problem with them. They don’t give refunds unlike most companies. That really piss me off about them and why I stopped ordering from them.

Kyla Ritnour says:

SO many of y’all are completely repulsive in these comments. SAD!

Michelle Takezawa says:

Girl bye u just want the attention at least the jeans fit u u is a brat

Robert says:

Such a boom shell love your bootie it’s perfect

Johnathan Brown says:


Mika Freeman says:

I’m not one to spread hate or anything and I’m not trying to but this is so annoying. Like they look absolutely great on her but I think she’s upset that she doesn’t look as curvy as the model (which is impossible). She’s expecting to get $100 quality for $30… the whole situation that she went through was bs on Fasshon Novas side like they definitely screwed her over. But over all, she needs to relook at herself and realize that she actually looks fire in these.

dumbbpp says:

were they highwaisted? they all looked mid-rise on her. I’m asking cause i have that problem where everything highwaisted goes about an inch under my belly botton

Brooklyn Jlo says:

This why I haven’t order from I’m afraid too many bad reviews how u gonna give someone store credit

Kayce dinobi says:

Everything sticks to alot of things sis, get a sticky lint roller for clothes and stop complaining

Kasheena Lightning says:

I am 5’2 115lbs and the first time I ordered jeans from fashion nova I got a size 3 and they fit a little too tight especially after washing them. So I always go for a size 5 and I am always really happy with my purchase when it comes to jeans. Almost all my jeans are from fashion nova and I love them. I don’t think I was ever unhappy with my purchase. My body shape is petite and thin and their jeans make my booty look great my confidence really boosts wearing jeans from fashion nova.

It’z Mckinzie says:

Did anyone else notice that all of the fashion nova pants say fashion nova at the back the ones that she showed did not say fashion nova… um kinda sketchy

Shan Shan229 says:

I’m trying to concentrate on the clothes but cant cause I keep looking at her nose glowing

Sara Esquivel says:

You don’t look like a size 0…probably a 3-5 …

Gezelle Valentine says:

that looks like a gauva pink burgundy is more on the red side 10:30

Oh Yea yeah I b flossin MAYBE IM THE MOSTER says:

So. Just ordered black super high rises. I hope I get luck! $7 shipping.

meacarter says:

Literally just got the two pair of jeans I ordered from Fashion Nova in yesterday & I agree about the jegging feeling. The site makes them look like denim & when you get them they’re this thin jegging like material. The wash of the jeans are similar but not the same as pictured on the site. & my one pair seems short in length compared to the picture on the site. The fit is not flattering but like one of your viewers mentioned the site is geared towards curvier woman so maybe it’s my lack of curves that make them ill fitting. The only positive thing I have to say about Fashion Nova jeans is that they’re soft & comfortable. Really disappointed as I did ALOT of research on Fashion Nova before purchasing & don’t feel like they live up to their hype.

Von Diaz says:

Ain’t even huge and they look good on you

Jazzee Gonzales says:

There not made for your body so idk what to tell you but fashion nova great company

Queen J says:

her least favorite jeans were long asf on her but I get what she was saying about them being baggy around her “area” cause I hate when my pants still have room right there but other than that they seem like they fit well .

Ev M says:

They don’t fit u huge girl relax

Love yourself says:

Cut the first pair into shorts,i think it’ll be much prettier..

Kealila Sok says:

I literally googled a promo code and it WORKED. It was GIFT40 and i JUST placed my order and i got 40% off!!! It was crazy it worked but they have lots of codes. “CARDI” “NOVABABE” “USA30” etc.

Help says:

i bought the right size and they fir wonderfully, until two days later when they’d stretched because the material is thin.

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