Men’s Jeans Fit Guide – Men’s Clothing Fit Guide – Denim Selvedge Selvage – for a more in-depth article about how your jeans should fit and how long jeans should be. – for details about what are the best dark wash jeans or denim for your body type!

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pjamese3 says:

Michael’s staring into my very soul.

Maruf Awal says:

wow forgot how awesome Ashley looked as a blonde wowza

Mondo Enterprises says:

Where is that dude’s belly button??

brandon velez says:

What Happens in the waist is the right size but the length is not? Does this mean tailoring?

fox says:

She means that your belt shouldn’t be the thing keeping your jeans on you, hence buying the right size in the first place. Otherwise you might aswell be wearing clown pants.

lullemans72 says:

0:19 that look on “michael”s” face, like they were up to some hanky panky back stage before filming the video 🙂

daniel watts says:

Mens jeans should fit your hips. If you have even a slight about of weight because you are not 23 and fit then wearing jeans like she said will just fall down on you. No belt and around your waist and you will be embarrassed pulling your pants up ever few seconds.

WOMENS Jeans fit around the waist because most women hold their fat in their hips

David Lee says:

Nice video. Unnecessary touch at 0:25

Lucas T says:

I have a small waist BIG booty and BIG thighs. And i’m tall too can’t find any jeans that fit lol. I need like 35×34 with bigger thighs and butt area.

RicoSuaVe says:

For guys who have a lot more leg than torso, we will always have a hard time finding the right pair of jeans.

Mad Owl says:

Your video is incredibly incomplete

Ali Abas says:

Could you please tell me which brand jeans is Michael wearing?

Benjamin Wu says:

What’s a good leg opening width for a bigger muscular athletic guy 5′ 9″ 225 lbs. Most jeans that fit me properly are 36/30 but the leg openings cover my shoes so much and looks sloppy!

John McQuire says:

I have super skinny lower legs so finding well fitting jeans is impossible. they’re so skinny that slim fit jeans are twice the size of my lower legs, any advice?

Mr_Lewis says:

Jeans should be around waste, not to tight, not to loose in the thighs and butt.. Nothing to see here

Łukasz lukasss says:

Ok but what when they slim fit and have some stratch or elastan. Still need this inch excess material in tights?

Suhrit Ganguly says:

Is it ok to fold the ends of ur jeans?

dasun nuwendra says:

Can you upload a video which help to dark skin people. brow skin people. Thanks.

A FF says:

Hi Ashley! I’ve noticed that for the thighs fit you say 1 inch to 1.5 inches on the article and 0.5 to 1 inch on the video 😛 which one is correct?

Jim is the man says:

Do I also need to look like a male model like this guy?

dimitrius sergivius says:

that guy never blinks!

John Humphrey says:

Thank you so much. I have to say I’m not the most fashionable guy. I always get reference as always too comfortable or just like a kid. So this helps. Although I am a bigger guy so if you ever have a chance to make a video for a heavy set guy that would be great.

Swapnil Sudhir Kashikar says:

How ironic, a women is telling men how to dress.. that’s why i love my mother.

Blackdarkdarker bleach says:

Can someone tell me what is the actual job of a belt

Mohamed Alaa Amer says:

i do my style thanks for the shiit

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