Jeans for Your Shape: Low Rise or High Waist?








Sunny Roads says:

Anna was so young here, omg so cute <3

ABC XYZ says:

waste of time

Jennifer Celes says:

your body is perfect,,thank you for the tips

trnharris says:

Ok I’d kill for your ‘muffin top’ lol

indian girl says:

i have the same problem thanks

sehrish syed says:

omg. i was sooo much confused. ty so much dear for helping me out

Tim Thomas says:

Your completely. . . . The lower rise on your body was more attractive than the mid rise. The low or even more lower gave me by immediate glance when you demonstrated it, a visual mental illusion of you having a more feminine hip on a tight healthy body. Now as where the mid length, it gave me an immediate visual mind response of you not having a waist/hip at all. Your hips are more genetically male in where they are long and the waist to the hip is not really visually defined well and is why the lower/lowest rise jeans triggers our minds to respond in; “wow she has a nice body”, thinking that we just saw really nice feminine waist/hips and as men don’t go beyond that thought generally. I know what could be said here in retort but I’d appreciate just keep what is expressed in a different light here as explained below. Thanks

Ok, so please understand this is a response of a males perspective but be sure to know that it is not from a sexual nature but that does play into account of thought process, however, be sure to know that It comes from an eye of a person that has always looked at and felt that the female body is the most beautiful art, more so than what we consider to be art.

With that in mind also know that the psychological aspect was taken into account as well. The particular topic is pants and what pants would be best for each person based upon their body structure so know that the male human’s mind in response to a visual input from a natural occurrence in a public setting inwhere, lets call it a quick glance (Seeing and looking) at something in that setting what and how does the mind process and interpret the input. Simple were men and that doesn’t occur! Just kidding, to some degree.

I just providing input for thought from this perspective of gender and mind function of input stimulus for you not public. So I hope you’ll read and then delete from posting.


Chelsey Johnson says:

OMG!!! i have an hour glass shape as well but have to wear high rise due to mid rise not being able to handle my hips! I thought I was insane bc low and mid rise just don’t work for me…and now I understand why!!! Body shape!! I even have issues where pants that are larger than my high waisted pants fit tighter!!! I don’t just mean size wise smaller, but when measured against each other they have a samaller wasit band measurement!!!

chempanda says:

thats why you wear long ass tank tops or sweaters to cover up if youre wearing jeans that can potentially spill out

Kaitlyn Pallares says:

I have more of an athletic build so my hips and my waist are the same size, so I don’t really have any curves it’s almost a straight line gone my sides

john amari says:

honey those are not mid rise they are low rise, but you have a cute v if you know what I mean

Victoria Okechukwu says:

nice one

K C says:


Danielle C says:

We have a similar body type. This helps a lot 😀

Sweet Paradox says:

if this IS a short waist… then i don’t know. IT’S A NORMAL WAIST, a very small, meaning narrow, waist.

Priyanka Maheb says:

your body is awesome. .

Jessica OMara says:

Personally, I’d actually say the jeans she’s wearing ARE low rise… Pushing these jeans down near the hipbone gave them an ultra low rise measure, but created the added problem of putting the narrower sewn-in waist band around her hips, and THAT was what gave her the muffin top. Even if you take a waistband of a high rise pant and push it lower, it will give a muffin top. Mid-rise jeans , at least the way the manufacturers seem to be making them now, would be higher, and the high rise pants I’ve seen are just below the belly button or at the belly button. Personally, I don’t think high rise look good on many people, except fuller, hourglass figures. I think they make the rest of us look like we’re wearing granny pants, and are not figure flattering. I hope clothing manufacturers and designers go back to offering a variety of cuts like they did a couple years ago, instead of just mid to high rise pants. That way everybody can find the cut that makes the most of their figures.

Namjoon says:

Why is she sucking in her stomach? Lmao I can tell

deepika singh says:

really helped me a lot ❤✌

Sami Katt says:

Always used to think I was weird because my hips are higher up like that and also short waist. I always get mid rise jeans and they are what is the most comfortable for me. It’s great to know that I’m not the only person with this shape.

Fatima Craft says:

Thank you for info. My hips are high too.

IsSy :3 says:

You have a long body and short legs so highwasted jeans would look the best.

Jaybird196 says:

What, skeletal-wise, causes a short waist? Are the spinal bones not long enough? An odd question, I know, but I am genuinely curious, as to what is responsible for this anatomical feature (on a musculoskeletal level).

Rugged Sahayadri says:

You look so beautiful that i fall in love with your 7 minute vieo.

Rachel padgett says:

You cant have an hour glass figure if you have hip dips sorry 🙁

SquishyMelnie says:

I finally found someone with the same body type as me

i cant dress like those cool kids at school tho

Alida Bailey says:

wear whatever jeans make you feel confident and comfy. Ive rocked all rises and shapes with confidence at one time or another..People notice how you carry yourself before noticing the rise in your jeans. 🙂 I really like the waist on the jeans in this video tho..wide waistbands are my current favorite. cute cute.

Hemam Johnson says:

You’re too cute. 🙂

danielle rubalcava says:

finally I find someone with my bodyshape!!!

Big Jay says:

I just stared at your vagina for 7 minutes. I think I’m in love 🙂

Lim Jin En says:

thank you Anna! this really helps! 😉

babe jocksmith says:


Glendale A. Morcilla says:

Are you leaving or is your house near beside the beach? There is a wave sounds like. I can hear it..

Dalal Labdaoui says:

i will love a 10 pounds on you :(( girl!! why you are starving yourself ??

Hey it's kellbell says:

I have a pair of high waisted jeans for every day of the week

Døbby!The PhanElf says:

Nice to know that I’m right in always wearing high waist jeans, I usually just get them because they tuck in all my wobbly bits, like my tummy and the pouches of fat on my lower back so I don’t look lumpy. I also like them because they come up to my waist so the waistband doesn’t dig into me like lower cut jeans do, since I have big hips. I like the fact that high waist jeans mean I don’t have to worry about my bottom showing and they look good with both long tops and shorter ones.
Low rise jeans are literally my worst nightmare, I get a huge muffin top on my lower back and they just look gross, the only way I can get them to look alright is to wear a baggy top

DeGuyMaster says:

I guess, low rise jeans looking good. because, i do really like that fashion. but okay, i’m just a boy.

New Road says:

Thank you!!! It was very helpful!!!!

skittlesObsession says:

I never wear low waisted jeans or anything in that nature instead I wear really high waisted jeans, like the ones wear I cannot see my belly button yet I have really small hips and I can still never wear low waited jeans since I feel like they will just fall of and they honestly do not look nice on me.

Русский кошка says:

I know I’m so late but please please do a workout and diet routine!

4149stonepony says:

High waisted looks bad more often than looks good. If jeans low rise jeans almost always look better. Just sayin”

Annette Crady says:

What kind of jeans are you wearing? I missed it if you said it in the video. Sorry.

Joji Hosokawa says:

Hi Anna, why do some low rise jeans have long zipper like the mid rise?

Annabel Pearl says:

I understand the struggle! I have the same body type!

Bachelor of Pharmacy says:

Stupid coke adf

Jemimmah Masila says:

Are you a professional model? you should be

Kristy Marie says:

Thank you sooooooooooo much!

Jeremiă Dogwood says:

Watching this video made me feel stupid for saying the same “my high hips make me look like I have a muffin top” shit that she’s saying. Now that I can see someone with the same body type as me say this I actually feel confident that I won’t look gross because Fuck she looked SEXY AF when she lifted her shirt to show her hips with the low rise!!

Nur A Khayer says:

I love u

Xqing W says:

I have the exact shape with you! Thanks for the video!

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