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I really hate buying pants. I especially hate buying jeans. I’d heard and seen that Fashion Nova jeans fit small waists and big booties well, but I thought it was too good to be true. I put off trying Fashion Nova jeans for the longest, but I’ve finally bought some and this is my review. I’m also giving you tips on how to choose the right size Fashion Nova jeans.

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Kara Ruckle says:

Damn the entire comments is filled with ppl who can’t look at the damn size chart! Stop being lazy ppl, she literally put the chart up in the beginning…take your waist size and find your size! If your hip size is 2 sizes different go for the middle one! That’s what she’s telling u, she’s not ur personal shopper.

GarciaWicked:. says:

I need your help please i order wrong size twice and now so i guide my self with my old navy jeans waist 32 1/2 and hips 43 1/2 wel i order last night size 15 i want to know if i made the mistake in ordering wrong size or will it fit because i order 13 and didnt fit then i order 1x and by my legs it was loose please help

Vanessa M says:

Thanks I was thinking about getting some clothes from fashion nova I wasn’t sure what was my size I’m always having my size 27 from forever 21 I’m sure that I’m like 3 or 5 ? I appreciate if you will help me out !

sherita kaizar says:

I am a newbie to your channel. Please need your help. The size chart is so confusing, spent hours on the site but couldn’t figure out my jeans size. I’m 39 inches in the waist and 45 inches in the hips. What size will be suitable for me? Thank you!!!

TheNightHawk says:

I’m 5’2 and very skinny and not much of a booty and small waist. What size would i be??

najeedah maximin says:

Just ordered 3 pairs of their jeans. 2 in size 3 (suppossedly they’re really stretchy) and 1 in 5. I’m 25 in waist and hips are 42 so fingers crossed they fit

TheNeecab says:

First time watching your channel and I have to say that of all the YouTubers I’ve warched, you’ve done the best job of explaining the sizing. I’ve hesitated on purchasing because the sizing is confusing, and I live outside the US so returns would be a hassle. I feel more confident now about ordering.

Amanda Karlsson says:

My waist is 25 in/64cm and my hips are 33 inches/84cm, and Im 5’2 feet! What should I take??

casey thao says:

My waist is a 33 but my hips are 39 , which size should I get ?

Kim Nam-Joon says:

You’re nose looks so cute and gorgeous! Sorry if it sounds weird haha

Just Another ABC88 says:

I’ve been looking lkiterally EVERYWHERE for someone with my measurement and still haven’t seen a video. My waist is around 29/30 inches and my hips are 45. I’ve ordered a size 15, they’re snug around the thighs, but loose on the hips. Still love their clothes. The only place I order now.

madison stokes says:

if I have a 24 in waist and 36in hips what size should I go with? 1 or 3?

Nat.W says:


marcie101080 says:

Giiirl i know the feeling

jana steinmann says:

My waist is 23 in, my hips are 35 in and I’m 5.2, what size should i get?

Elisha Miles says:

I’m 27 waist 40 hips what size do you think I should get?

rhonda vlogger says:

Thanks doll… This helped a lot

Mariela Maxwell says:

i was watching this and drinking my morning tea…. when you said spill the tea i literally spilled tea on myself XD can’t stop laughing.

Jasmien The Dark Soul says:

my waist is a 34 and hips are 38 which size would be best? Thanks

Nia Amaris says:

This was honestly so helpful. I bought a size 3 a while ago and they were super tight but I kept them assuming I could deal with it not knowing that they would shrink on me once I washed and dried them. I’m in need of some new jeans and your advice really helped!

It'sProbablyTina says:

My waist is a 28 and my hips are a 42 what size do i wear!!!

sephlove says:

help ! My waist is 30in , and my hips are 42, what size should I go for ? I want that nice good hug to my legs !

Yvonne Wabai says:

My measurements are 34-27-43. What I gathered from this video is that I should get jeans size 13 or 15 from Fashion Nova. What size of dresses do you get from Fashion Nova though? Because according to their chart, I’m a small (medium to be safe) in bust and waist but an XL (more than that actually because their XL is 41″ hips) in hips but the XL bust is 39″-41″ and the waist is 32″ and that would be too roomy for me. What size do you go with?


I will answer for yall. Whatever ur size is go up one thats what I did. i wear an 8 so I got a 9 and it fits perfectly

elizabeth perez says:

if i wear size 28 in forever 21 jeans what size do i wear at fashion nova

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