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I’ll show you how I downsize my jeans, resizing the waist to be smaller and slimming the legs. I adjusted my saggy boyfriend jeans to bring in the waistband, and made the baggy legs narrower on a pair of skinny jeans. It’s a relatively easy diy for pants, hope you find this tutorial helpful! CLICK TO NEVER MISS AN UPLOAD:

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tori miller says:

this is so confusing

Laurence Devlin says:

Once I saw the sewing machine, I knew I was fucked.

Katrina Dewhurst says:

THANKYOU this was extremely helpful. My mom and grandma are pretty big on sewing, but whenever they take in my jeans the darts ALWAYS stick out. You’re amazing please keep up this amazing work. You’ve saved my jeans!

Kathy Yazici says:

I’m in Turkey. Jeans here, even the expensive Turkish-made ones, are paper thin and don’t last more than 6 months. My husband works in the garden a lot so he is constantly going through jeans like crazy. My sister brought some Rustler jeans (made by Wrangler) from the US, but they ended up waaay too big for my husband (people here never wear “relax-fit” but only tight, European style pants), so this should be my opportunity to buy that sewing machine I have been holding out on. New Wranglers in Turkey cost up to 600 Turkish Lira for each pair (well over $100 USD). Investing 800 or more Turkish Lira on a sewing machine should mean being able to keep these 2 pair of Rustlers for my husband. THANK YOU FOR THIS LIFE-SAVING INFORMATION!!!! To you and yours with love from Turkey!

Kathy Yazici says:

One more thing: Can you recommend a good sewing machine which will be able to sew denim along the lines of what is available to me? Here we have the following: Jenome, Pfaff, Singer (women here don’t like Singer), Brother BM3600 or GS3700.


Eat some food

Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman says:

*CUTE* ❤

Ninja Turtle 365 says:

Can you do the dart process with slacks or is it different? As in the whole waist band part.

RKTreat says:

This is for all the people with confusing jean sizes (the size changes with every piece of clothing and store!!!)

Charlotte Stella Breeze Baker says:

What if everything is loose

Kathleen O'Neill says:

great video!

Jade Bald says:

You are talented Wendy! I have a pair of leggings to be altered, made smaller-how do you do leggings? Could you please do a tutorial for that? Thank you.

Jessica Mccarble says:

You should make one on jeans that are too tight!

Christine H says:

yess thanks! I have a pair of 200 dollar jeans that I love and I can’t buy new ones either.. and they are now too big! I hope I can fix them now 🙂

Joy Juag says:

OMG THANK YOU! I am a fairly skinny person but very tall so I have to buy long enough pants that are too wide. Now I know how to fix the leg and waist!

Qwerty A says:

Or use a belt

Sheay w says:

This was way too fast for me next time could you talk a little slower…

Mina Vanderville says:

The waist for me is fine, but the leg and especially the butt are super baggy 🙁 anyone have tips for that aside from just seaming the legs?

Dwarf Dragonwulf says:

Thank you!

charlie j says:

i know you said you didn’t want to take in the back because of the pockets, but is it possible to take it in at the front where the seam and zipper are or would that not work?

Klodjana Gjonaj says:

Thank you for this ❤❤❤

Ana Cim says:

Finally a tutorial for me!

John Williams says:

Great, apart from the use of the word ‘gene’. What was that all about?

sweethartia says:

You sound like Blake Lively!

Alia Tarek says:

My jeans are a bit big on me so when I wear a belt I get a camel toe and I really hate it but I love the jeans so much so will this get rid of the camel toe? ?please someone replyy

Channer Bantelle says:

Downsize?! I need to upsize

Denell L. Bennett Survivor/Warrior says:

Thank You Very Much! I wouldn’t of thought to do 2 inner pinches in the back on top of the pockets! That’s brilliant!

Aysia buie says:

can you do a video on true religion jeans with the double stich? it’s difficult

Marie Boyd says:

Could you show how to reduce size of dress pants?

kevin t Cramer says:

Thank you for the tips!

Moonlight lover says:

YesssSSSS !! I have a small waist compared to my hip size and that really saved my life thank you thank you thank you

paigey wagey says:

Omg THE DISLIKES ARE 666 I’m scared

Starlyt Precious says:

I cease it becomes dirty how will you wash it

Redplug says:

Hehehe…You know how to upsize jeans? XD

Mo mo says:


A B says:

I didn’t understand the end. Colossians 3 23 like what?¿. What do men got to do with it…

No Name says:

This is great ! Thanks

Ava Dreessen says:

Just downsized some thrift store jeans and they’re now my favorite pair! Thank you!

Tomoe says:

Would you recommend the dart method for dress pants

Kiz Torres says:

Omg I always wanted to know how to do this. Thank you so much

Sonia Rodriguez says:

Just wear a belt

Kurt Hummel says:

anyone else who can’t sow?

Denell L. Bennett Survivor/Warrior says:

I have a pair of jeans that is a 3X; but I need to downsize him to a 1X. I bought them because they were only three dollars and I really liked him and I really needed the extra fabric. I’m having a very difficult time with the downsizing the crotch of these new jeans, and making it look feminine!

Erica Darrow says:

Did you need to change the needle in your machine for sewing denim?

Babbs Fangirl says:

I was just thinking about this

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