High Waisted Jeans: Topshop Vs American Apparel

Hey guys I don’t make reviews often especially about clothes but I hope you all enjoy this! If you have any burning questions ask me on twitter x
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keepmyskyred says:

u r so beautiful!! <3

Joyce Au says:

Please do a video on how you keep you body looking so AMAZING! Your waist is honestly to die for.

Leyla Jasmine says:

Can i ask how tall you are? One length is always a problem for me cos im quite short xx

mkcmkcmkc7 says:

looking slimmer and trimmer and gorge! x

Hayley Ann says:

i can listen to you talk for ages, i really liked this video i have ordered the joni’s i always thought that high waisted wouldn’t do much for me but my waist is my favorite part of my body so why not! x

Kat Greenie says:

Hows the softness compare? Which fades and wears in better?

Stacia B says:

Thanks for the info it really helped 🙂

Georgina Steed says:

Can you recomend anything for eye bags or dark circles!? haha xxx

Maria cisneros says:

I just did a mini dance when I saw you uploaded a video :3 I’m a weenie

RachelRachellll says:

Can we get an updated everyday makeup look? this is different, and lovely!!

E Curley says:

I have a really small waist, and I don’t have a top shop near me. Would u then suggest ap bc they r tighter in the waist?

SonaMona22 says:

you just get prettier with each video! xx

Leyla Jasmine says:

Ps love the hair!!

OneTwoTia says:

Do you know who Eleanor Calder is?? For some reason you remind me alot of her! Maybe it’s your cute style 🙂

NatAndIzo says:

you have a really lovely figure, similar to mine if i could only get to the gym (which i don’t!). you’re such a real girl and seem really confident in your own skin which is so inspirational! the only thing which really annoys me about both jeans is they don’t have belt loops! grrrrr! i just bought the AA ones and I love them, might have to look into the jonis again — i tried them on before though and the cut was weird on me. thanks for this vid x

Lois Jane says:

have you had your hair style again it looks beaut x

Marie Eusebio says:

Exactly the review I was looking for! Can’t wait to try them out. Ps. Your lips look great! What were you wearing?

ihavelargepores says:

I’m a standard size 10 in topshop, all my jeans are a size 10 but I felt like even the size 12 was too small. I have the american apparel disco pants in a small even and I just don’t understand the sizing and when I saw them I was so excited because I’ve been wanting the american apparel ones for ages but £64 is just ludicrous. They look so good on you, im jealous I can’t fit into them.

Mememem72 says:

hey Persianbabe, I love your videos and this video is so perfect because I was contemplating which of these jeans were better! U’re psychic! Quick question though, one of the things that annoy me MOST about jeans is elastic jeans that end up stretching out and creating that diaper-bum look. It happens to me too often. 🙁 That’s why I never get gap or F21 jeans anymore. Which of these jeans hold their elasticity better in your opinion?

Chicago Rose says:

wanted to try the Joni’s but they cost just as much as the Easy Jeans –$72. whomp!!

Amy Louise says:

This was so helpful, thank you!!xxxx

sidhra rashid says:

love your videos! also what lipstick are you wearing love it? xx

fenisedong says:

what blush have u got on? Its looking lovely !

Mélissa D. says:

i actually have the easy jeans, bought them at a warehouse sale for 40$ CAD + TX. I really like them but what really bugs me is that if i wear a size S (which is the size of my easy jeans), i cant breath! my stomach is just compressed in them! but the legs are fine. If i wear a size medium, the legs are too loose. I just ended up bying the size small. Seeing a lot of fashion gurus in the uk investing in a pair that almost costs 100$ CAD is a bit ridiculous and unfair for u guys 🙁

immanuela irving says:

i love the way you just sit and talk in your videos <3

mahli says:

in UO the BDG high waisted jeans are good too ;D xx

senoritascouse says:

Oh my word Barbara your stomach is amazing..so flat! How do you get it looking so flat? The jeans look amazing on you..the Joni jeans look best xxx

carl m says:

May I have your legs??

Tissi says:

What about “dr.denim”?
I love dr.denim jeans


TheRabbitcarrot says:

Hi Barbara! Just wanted to know what mascara were you wearing in this video?!

Summer Standiford says:

You have such an amazing body, it’s unfair

afuaa kay says:

literally went to get the JONI jeans in indigo and black after watching this; my american apparels wore out way too easily – Love these though!

Tanita Razaghi says:

Do the American Apparel stretch a lot? I have such a hard time finding jeans that don’t stretch too much – great video 🙂 x

chellymrdillon says:

And more ootd

ama290 says:

how tall are you Barbara?

Vicky R says:

Are you still at uni? Maybe you could do a video talking about your experience so far? 🙂

luxe for less says:

Love a high waist anything especially combining them in a jean, i am literally dying in my chair to find one that will fit me as it does you, but alas i am a bit disillusioned because i am build like a 13 year old boy who will basically never reach puberty. lol Great Review Barbara.

brandilovesbeauty says:

i love my AA high waist jeans but i agree it gets scrunchy in the leg! they fit really awesome otherwise though and i love how thin they are.

Bianca Roche says:

Can you do a ‘how I style – highwaisted jeans’ video? pleasee

Perla Gonzalez says:

I was just going to ask if you cutt your hair lol

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