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My sizing:
I wear a size small in everything pretty much apart from some hoodies I get a medium if I want them baggy etc.

Size 8 uk dress size
height: 5ft 7 1/2 ” (171cm)
waist 25″
Hips: 94cm
bust: 32C

I have the new high waist in a small, both sports bra and leggings.

Tops that I paired the new flex leggings with are:
(I wear a size small in all of the below).

Vital seamless sports bra – sand
Vital seamless sports bra – black
Vital seamless sports bra – dusky pink marl
Vital seamless long sleeve crop – sand
Vital seamless long sleeve crop – dusky pink marl
Flex long sleeve crop – Khaki/sand


hundhundkatt says:

That mini logo on the front of the bra is so awkward :/ Also, wish they would ease up with the crazy big logos!

LotsOfBunnies says:

i really love your honesty about this collection especially with the black and also the end about using your link.. i’m def using your link you’re such a gem!

Jacqueline Davis says:

Do you know what the price is for the leggings?

Fun Seeker says:


Lea Glasnović says:

May i just say, your stomach is AMAZING. What is this sorcery….

Amanda Lev says:

is the Vital seamless long sleeve crop – sand new ? or is it just not on the website

Tanaya Nicole says:

Thank you so much for giving us a review on the new kind of flex

gabriela silva says:

What would you recommend if my waist is 24 and hips are 34. I’ve always bought an XS in gymshark and I’ve found that depending on material they’re more compressive. Would you recommend to stay at XS or go up??

Amy-jo Saunders says:

Could you have sized down to an XS? I usually get a size S in GS leggings but the ombre leggings in a S were too big for me? Is the high waist panel quite compressing or more flexible? thanks!x

Darah Castro says:

Wish they kept the old design but made it high waisted, preferred the band with the logo all round

Z GW says:

anyone know how much these will retail for??

Madison Appelman says:

I could never wear the old flex I always thought the band was so uncomfortable, everything would fit comfortably except the band

las vegas says:

you are great all the time…please more swimwear,jeans and gym wear haul videos…because you are very stylish…and thanks for 4k quality it’s the best quality

Myrtle says:

Wait what- The black vital seamless is extremely seethrough on me. All the other black ones (except for the new knit) are fine on me. How does that happen?

emma zazzali says:

where do i get these new leggings? i cannot find them on the store!!

CensuradaPorBoleta says:

That gigantic Gymshark logo by itself on the back is so weird, I mean I understand what they were trying to do, but it’s ugly. The original design with the logo on the band all around is a classic sports clothing design, this looks off, they should have either done it without it, keep the classic colored waist band or reimagine it without making it look like “Oh, let’s just stamp a big logo on the back and call it a day”

Ingrida Gešperová says:

Are they more strechy than energy seamless? Would you recommend size up or true size? Thank you ☺️

Tess says:

I wear a size M in the Black camo leggings and I’d say they are a comfortable fit but can go slightly loose (not obviously loose) on the waist throughout the day – I wear a size S in normal flex leggings though, what size do you think I should go for with these? (The grey ones are my preference) ☺️ x

TheAngelsFeather says:

Could you tell us wether the black pair is consistent with the sizing? In the old flex the black one was extremly restricting in comparison to the other colours :/

Emma Francesca says:

Hey! Thankyou for this video , would you say this sports bra is more or less supportive than the old flex ? Xx

Sarah says:

Im between a small and medium in gymshark. Would you say its best to size up or down in the leggings? Waist is 66cm or 26in. Hips are 37in or 97cm. And i have thicker thighs

SokSovann Stark says:

when do these launch?

Stephanie Meter says:

I LOVE that you showed how other collections paired with this one!!! That was SO helpful.

Tatiana Ragland says:

Gymshark should have gave a us a more supportive bra this time around with a cuter design. Am not feeling the new bra. I also don’t like how the logo is only in the back of leggings rather then it being wrapped around. So I probably won’t be buying this collection.

Janice Prendas says:

Will there be shorts in this new collection?

Kerry Willacy says:

Thank you so much for this information – it is really helpful. Was going to get the black or the khaki but you’ve totally sold me on the grey!

Liseli96 says:

I really like it that you’re honest that the black is not squat proof because for every release everybody always says that the leggings are squat proof even though I have and also saw already some that are not.

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