Fashion Nova vs. Good American! |Battle of the Brands|

Light Fashion Nova, size 2X –
Dark Fashion Nova, size 1X –
Light Good American size 18 –
Dark Good American size 18 –

Charlotte Russe Bralette:

Full Price – $39.99 x Sale Discount .70 = $28.00 total
Full Price – $37.99 x Sale Discount .70 = $26.60 total

Full Price – $175.00 + TAX = $185.94
Full Price – $159.00 + TAX = $168.94

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Leslie Galvan says:

Can you try Shein? It’s has a plus size section coming from China and I would like to see how true their sizes are.

D Mars says:

Battle of the Brands! This was fun

Sandra says:

This is great! Please keeping doing the side by side comparison

LedomStyle says:

I’m not into stretchy jeans. I’d go with the Good American Jeans! I’m looking for a sturdy pair or jeans. Is that what you got from the Good American jeans? I feel like sturdy jeans kind of fit like the vintage levi jeans and they stay up throughout the day without you having to pull them up. IDK they just look really good and the GA jeans seem similar to Levi. I think i’m going to purchase a pair. Both jeans looked great on you! This was helpful. Thanks so much!

Jessika Hunley says:

Yes, I loved it!

Tammy Reisewitz says:

$107.00 wtf…..

Willie Malanga says:

Thank you for the comparison. I go to Ross spend $17.99 and I get one of the best jeans. Good American jeans are so overrated.

Whitney S. says:

More like a Good Waist of money! Lmao

Krystal Fabes says:

Good American jeans changed my life

AcidicStrawberry says:

You should try out plus size style boxes and compare them. Ex. Dia&Co, Stitch Fix

Lauren C says:

The Good American ones did look classier, like the color.

macantakai says:

On the first comparison I prefer the second pair as they don’t dup at the waistband at the back like the first pair and I like the thicker look. However I think they both look and fit great. Guessing the 2nd pair is Good American x

Wendy Dinsdale says:

Came across your video and watching in London UK…Just wondered why in USA all the plus size video fashion hauls I have come across pick very tight fit clothing??..In Europe any size over a UK 14 (US 10) we would actually buy a size bigger……Clothes should skim the body and not look as if they are a size too small…Even issues with being smaller on top…we would have the jeans darted at the waist and certainly would not wear tight skinny jeans but bootcut which balances the body……When an item is very tight….your eye is drawn to that and you look bigger….whereas if you wear a size bigger and it is slightly loose(not tent like)….it tricks the eye into making you look smaller…Also things like crop tops and shorts would only be worn on the beach………..You seem like a nice girl…….but maybe you should try a haul European style.Kind regards

Celina Godinho says:

For your purse, you can wash it off with wet wipes or even just wet paper towel it comes right off. 🙂

Alisha Fowler says:

Have you tried Monotiques Jean? Would love your opinion on those!

Ms. Perez says:

Nike plus leggings

Lee Rivers says:

Fashion Nova jeans all day. Never will I pay more than 40 on a pair of jeans. Im poor! Lol

Sadie Ainsworth says:

Thanks for this video! This made me so happy I’ve always wanted to buy a pair of Fashion Nova jeans but I’ve always been really scared to because I wasn’t sure of the quality and how they fit.

Alexis Bostel says:

Sarah!!! you should do Torrid Vs. Forever 21plus!

McKayla Hunsaker says:

Dare To Compare

iim bhp says:

That Guy who’ll be Lucy’st who’ll be Marry with you…

Valezca Alvarez says:

there’s no way i would spend $200 bucks for no 2 pants that’s ridiculously stupid shhh im fine going to Rainbow they have for big woman and don’t even cost alot of money either

Lisa BENTRUP says:

Deep sink of cold water and lots of ice cubes with 1/2 cup of salt will help to stop colors from fade, and or bleed.

Always A Bob says:

Love the comparison videos! You do a great job with both your channels.

Joni Hand says:

Wash jeans with white vinegar to stop the bleeding

PronouncedBeauty says:

I recently just bought a pair of Good American jeans. And they were LIFE CHANGING. I’ve never ever in my life had a pair of jeans fit me as perfect and as comfortable! They concealed my belly line. Like I’m actually comfortable tucking my shirt in. Well worth the money in my opinion. My only complaint is that they are hella long (to be fair I’m 4’11” so I’m hella short) but I’ll get them hemmed. I plan on buying 2 more pairs in the future!

Mary Oshea says:

I think Ms Khloe should make soft, stretch, great fitting jeans for Target. Also what happened to boot
Cut jeans ? Just a slight flare

Brandie Camden says:

Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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