High Wasted denim jeans that fit yall!!!!

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I AM 5’6 150-155 lbs

If you are around my proportions and don’t feel comfortable with getting a 7 try a 9 the jeans have really good stretch and might still fit really well, as the 7 is THE smallest I would recommend if you are around my size.

Watch my other fashion nova haul here, where I try the size 9’s

Classic High Waist Skinny Jeans – Dark (7)
Gigi Jeans – Medium Blue (7)
Seek and Destroy Jeans – Light Stone (7)

Ace Bomber Jacket – Olive (m)
The Gladiator Heel – Black (8.5)
Geisha House Romper – Navy (M)

Hair I am wearing:

My Skin Care Routine
Vanity Planet Spin For Perfect Skin Brush
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camsalot0121 says:

omg you have the best personality! thanks for this video!!

Terren Thompson says:

Thankkkkkkk you for giving your measurements!! No one does that. We are the exact same except I think I’m about 5’8 ! Which is better for you the 7 or size 9??

Mona S says:

I’m a 36 European what size jeans should I get??

shalonda sholes says:

LOVEEEEEE your personality! Subscribed

peniel316 says:

Damn i’m subscribing coz of that fine ass, imma go call my boys too

Anna says:

I am 5’2 and 130 pounds, what size should I get?

Doraine Valentine says:

Hey girl, love your personality! First time watching your video.
BTW, where are u from? Because you sound like u have a Jamaican accent at times. I know sometimes a Nigerian accent can sound like ours at times too. Anyways, do your thing girl yaaaaaas!

Coachella TUBE says:

That assss❤️❤️

Ronda Jones says:

I love this

Crystal Bailey says:

Are you Jamaican? 1st time watching, pure ratings!!!

Vivienne Engle says:

are the clothes true to their size or did you order a size up or down. im asking because i dont wanna order my size and then its bigger or isnt as tight as i want it to be. you know

Claire Lewis says:

Her figure is goals

Selin Sarikaya says:

They arent loose at the waist right? I always have that problem and i hate buying jeans.

Isabella BlackAngel says:

i’m 5’6 and 143 lbs ,which size should I get?

Mia Penn says:

im very unthick but i love this like. goddess. beautiful

snicky82 says:

You’re too funny. Great video

Sia Kondeh says:

Hi, please provide the info for the hair extensions you are wearing. Much love from Manchester, UK!!

rocio villalonga says:

If I am 5’3 and 132lbs which size should I get then? I’m confusedddd because I measured myself and it gives me high measures but I see that other peqpleeee that are bigger than me wear like 3 sizes lesss wtf

thedcgirl202 says:

OMG, you are so funny and super pretty! I especially love when you speak Patios!

Danielle x says:

vid starts around 2:40 🙂

Jakannen Horton says:

I would get a bigger size if I was her, bc jeans aren’t supposed to suffocate you… she like a size 11, not 7..

Naseka Thorpe says:

are u mixed with Jamaican?

Victoria Salas says:

My hips are the same as yours but I am about 30inches around my waist… should I try a size 9??

RonnBoyFresh says:

I luv this post!!!!

Amanda Wrightt says:

I just found your channel and girl I got to say your beautiful fabulous confident and have a great personality. Keep doing you and you’ll be successful!

As Or says:

Hello, I thank you for sharing. I know the video date, but I wish you help me please. Because I am interested in high waist jeans from fashion nova. I measure 172 cm, I weigh 75 kg and my hips measure 110 cm. I thank you for your help. Beautiful kisses.

Justina Agyei-Mensah says:

What size should I get for someone with size 27 in waist and 41 in the hips. 147 pounds and 5’4.

Natalia Watson says:

Are u a Jamaican like I am because u talked our patios language

Catmemes 999 says:

you look wayyy less than 150!! I loved this so much

K Mad says:

we are the same size!! what size shorts from there do you get??

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