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Hi babes! thank you so much for stopping by again, Or if you’re new! welcome 🙂 Here I am sharing my fashion nova jean haul! Fashion nova has genuinely become my go to for jeans I have yet to be disappointed with the items I have purchased, especially the JEANS! the jeans here are a curvy girls DREAM! 😍 I am not kidding. When you have a little waist but a big ole butt the struggle is REAL trying to find jeans but this website has it down.

I am typically a size 9 sometimes 11… I tend to stick to 9 because the ones that I got that were size 11 tend to fit a little big around my waist.

Now like I said the video the shorts are a little tight but I feel like i can for sure work with them in the long run. I plan on losing a few pounds and hopefully lose some inches while i do it. If you’re typically the same size as me. 9,11 I think you’ll be fine with Medium. If you like your clothes to fit looser size up for sure.

What I ordered:

Switch It Up Short – Medium

Buffy Jeans – Medium Wash

Beverlywood Jeans – Medium Blue

Emma Distress Jean – Medium

Shutting The Whole World Down Shorts – Dark

Shutting The Whole World Down Shorts – Dark

Indianna Frayed Jeans – Medium

I'm Home Bound Jeans – White

If you guys have any more questions please comment down below and I will for sure answer them all for you!

again thank you for watching and make sure you subscribe!❤️


Rebecca Buchner says:

I have a question . Idk what size to get so if you don’t mind me asking what is your hip size in inches just so if I know to get the same size as u

Michael Leukofzo says:

It’s a shame you feel so conscious about your legs because that combination of a small waist with thick thighs is hot af.

Corriel Hollaway says:

Awww your super cute, I subscribed. I cant wait to see your channel grow 🙂 If you can I would love for you to check out my channel.

Natalie Gamez says:

I’m usually a size 7 in all jeans so should I get a size 7 in fashion nova jeans or do their sizes run completely different?

Dxddy Lizi says:

Omg she looks a lot like Evelyn Lozada

Marggie Owen says:

What size are the one after the white, with the diagonal bottom? 9 or 11

Princess_trey_ says:

The jeans don’t shrink in the wash do they?

Alyssa Massey says:

How do you know which ones are stretchy and wich ones arent

Grace Anastasia says:

Loved your haul babe!!

Émilie Camille says:

Im s size 10 at American egale , would you recommend 9 or 11? Would you say they fit small , big or true to size ? Thanks 🙂

KaRena M says:

im 5’1 and about 140 pounds . i definitely have a butt and thick thighs . what size would you suggest ? my body looks somewhat like yours but you said you’re usually a 9 and im not in jeans from other stores . i wear a size 8 in charlotte rusee jeans but could definitively go to a 10 . suggestions ?

Chris S says:

very pretty girl and great body!

joyce williams says:

You’re so beautiful but your eyebrows are ugly af fix that baby xoxo

BudgetBabe says:

Could you list the names of the jeans and shorts please

Nailah Brooks says:

I thought you had like at least 700k subscribers based on the quality of your video and how comfortable you are in front of the camera.

Keilah Shaw says:

If you don’t mind me asking what’s your weight range? Cause I’m 5’3″ and 160 plan on losing 15 pounds can’t decide between a 9 and 11

* Ambrose * says:

you could put a cute fabric patch under the huge thigh hole!

Xenia Duncan says:

I’m 5,9 feet 175 pound what do I order because I’ve seen so many girls that are small and not as heavy as me I don’t like my ankles to be out and your the only girl I seen ordered from there with out your ankles out lol

Glenda Siagian says:


Davia Doss says:

Were they all size 9?

Felicity Garcia says:

Hey girl did you follow the size chart ? & were the jeans all stretchy? & do you have an IG?

Myeai Mcclain says:

I ordered a size 11 I’m scared that they aren’t gonna fit I weigh 164 and my thighs are really thick

CynSoHollywood says:

so should I get a 6 7 8 or 9? I have a big butt with a small waist

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