Hey babes!
Here’s my current Fav jeans from Fashion Nova!

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For size reference I’m 5’2 ,102lbs 23in waist


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Aya & mimi says:

Nice figure

Mose Call says:

O.g so hot

RiahB. TV says:

I love your channel!

Jasmin Williams says:

I love your fashion nova hauls!

Breanna McMorris says:

Would you say that the size 0 and size 1 fit around the same or does one size fit you a little better than the other?

DevDiva says:

Omg your hair is growing so fast! Great haul!

Christina says:

Loved the haul. I have been searching for some great pairs of jeans. Love the lip color!

Jahnae Banks says:

I love your try on hauls am not sure why I am not seeing when you upload videos

Cecilia Foxy says:

Thank you very much your review is very helpful.

the unknown says:

how tall are u

Nickesha Wallace says:

Thought it was just me who had a 23 inch waist. Lol but still I’m skinny af

QueenKay says:

Are the bottoms of the pants really lose by your ankles?

Squad Plus One says:

Girlll, I’m tryna shop in your closet. All your jeans are cuteeeee

Felix Potvin says:

You look fabulous in them

Aida Sanyu says:

All the jeans look great on you esp those dark distressed ones ! I didn’t know you were 5’2. I thought you were like 5’6 or 5’7


in the video you say seize 0 and in the description bare you say seize 1?

Diana G. says:

I’m so glad to see someone with the same body type as me!!

Youdline Joseph says:

I have never seen you look bad in any pair of jeans lol. Such a nice shape #goals

itsbeka says:

I never thought that a size 0 or 1 could be sexy but you definitely changed my mind. You are truly slim thick. Your body is banging

Na'keidra Wesley says:

What is your hip size cause I’m 5ft 107lbs and my hips are a 34in and I honestly know how to shop on fashion nova cause of your try on hauls since my body type is so similar to yours so THANK YOU

chloe tessa says:

I’m 5’2, 100 pounds, I have curves just like you too. I wear a 1 in fashion nova jeans and am always thinking I look too skinny but then I see how bomb you look and now I have mad confidence! Keep it up!

Nakia Taylor says:

Cute ! I remember being a size 0 lol.

Samantha Johnson says:

love the video … many pairs of jeans do you have girl!

Sarah KaLia Yang says:

These jeans look so good on you girl! Lol need to get some

Naturali Chik KT says:

Beautiful pieces.

Molly DIxon says:

Okay so I’m from the uk and In thinking of buying some fashion nova jeans I’m a size 6/8 in women’s so what size would I get? A 0 or 1

Princess Vee says:

How tall are you love?

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