Fashion Nova Jeans Review (Tough Luck, High Waisted Black & Classic High Waisted Jeans)

Hello my slippery friends, so today I have brought you my very first review.
While I had a few negative and doodoo things to say, I really do love Fashion Nova. They have amazing clothing and I plan on shopping there a bit too much in the future 😉

And no this video is not sponsored. LMAO I wish they would but Youtube is about numbers which I don’t have.

Also, I do apologize for the horrible quality, I filmed this a bit too late in the day when the sun was setting and I normally rely on natural lighting which I did not have at the time of filming. Which is also why my camera focus keeps going in and out. So sorry about that, I normally have a lot more light and my video quality isn’t usually this bad. I hope you can look past that 🙂

Anyway, if you’d like to see what I’m wearing/doing on the daily, you can follow me on my other platforms:
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Annette Skandrick says:

You’d think the thumbnail alone would’ve gotten this way more views and likes by now. You’re super hot.

Also – before you thank the creeper below may want to check out his channel. I’ve seen him leave creepy comments (creepy in context anyway) on literally pretty much every vid where a girl wears high waisted jeans, as that (apparently) is his fetish. Have no idea how YT continues to allow that to exist on here, but hey, whatev. Anyway great style, super hot and good kooky personality; I subbed.

Cali4nia9style says:

she must be lit

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