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I hope you enjoyed today’s Fashion Nova Jean Guide all about emphasizing the booty!

Please see below for all jeans mentioned and my measurements..

All jeans are Size 3 and I usually wear Smalls in everything else from Fashion Nova.

My Measurements:
I’m 5ft 4 tall
Waist 26inches
Hips 37inches
Upper thigh saddlebag area 39 inches

High Waist Stone Wash Jeans Light Blue:

Game Changer Jeans Medium Blue:

Perfectly Classic High Waist Jeans White:

Klum Jeans Light:

The Hudson Jeans Black:

Cleya High Rise Jeans Medium:

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Intro and Outro: Prima by ZenAware.
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Equipment used:
– Canon 70D
– iMovie Version 10.0.6
– Mic:
– Ring Light –

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Vision L says:

Nice heart shape… most women aspire to have and working toward.

Lauren H says:

Are you a size 3 in other jeans regularly?

Jamila Lewis says:

girrrrllll!!!! you have a beautiful figure! and so gorgeous! two thumbs up!!

Djalal Tayara says:

sexi waaaawooo


Sage says:

How do you wear a size 3??? Your butt is huuge. Mine isn’t as big and I ordered something in a size 5 I’m scared now ugh

Jasmine Tea says:

I’m so envious!! My weight goes to my stomach haha

GeriBerry says:

Is it stretchy. My ass is huge and many times the waist of jeans can’t go past my hips making jean shopping very difficult.

Nasir Maia says:


Ruby_Dance says:

OMG SAME GIRL! like i only wear high waisted stuff haha!

Angelica Lopez says:

what size are you in regular pants? like in hollister, american eagle, etc. because im a size 3 and idk if fashion nova is the same as in those stores or do they run bigger or smaller?

Yes Yeah says:

You’re really pretty

Ashley Hazim says:

what size are you normally? outside of fashion nova? 3 also?

passionate cumshot says:

I love that you kept your pretty face in the video frame while showing off your extremely nice body! Thanks! This is the kind of video that got you a sub and got me off at the same time. Looking forward to more videos like this 1. You’re a really nice cohf girl! Love your face! Sexy! xo

Hawa Son says:

I’m so sorry you’ve been criticised for being confident in yourself 🙁 in my opinion the only time being confident is wrong is when you use it to put others down for not looking like you – and you haven’t done that!!! You handled your haters in such a classy way by encouraging them to love instead so massive props for that <3

habiba B says:

U have a nice body only for a white girl, u would be saying u had no butt if u were black with that body lol

Miller Beats // Rap Instrumental - Hip Hop Beat says:

cute style 😉

La Nena says:

u are beautiful!

Leo G. says:

I want go shopping with you and gift you all the white jeans in the mall

Morgan Ann says:

can someone help me plssss , my hip size is 36 inches and waist is 28 inches. Idk if i should get 3 or 5 because i feel like i should get s 5 but if they are really that stretchy i want to go with a 3. helpp

Lil Nay says:

I’m not even gone lie you have a booty to be a white girl good job keep eating them collard greens cornbread and yams

Ashley Polomchak says:

Hi I love your shirt in this video. Where did you get it?

Luis Ibarra says:

You looks amazing with the white one, the best!

RampagePhoenix says:

I could stare at them curves all day, every day. any day.

Linda Gutierrez says:

Nice figure

Mark Beamer says:

You look hott in jeans

Patti McCorison says:

I wish I watched this before buying so many black jeans and never wearing them. Your tips are right!!! Lol i guess I’m more into popping my booty jeans haha <3

lisa cardinal says:

What’s ur exercise routine I would really like to try it out amazing

Aimee Eby says:

Girl you are speakn my language! Loved this video. It popped into my feed from something else I watched and I’m so glad! Subscribed! ❤️❤️❤️

Millie Leake says:

I believe very strongly in body confidence you are stunning and nobody should tell you not to be proud of your body your my inspiration carry on doing what your doing reply to this comment if u agree

Shyheen Steed says:

Your the first white girl with a. Curvy bod and a big butt.;-)

Jennifer Buchinger says:

Guys I have a waist 28 and hip 35 will a 7 fit me???

Mathias Zimmermann says:

Those are wonderful outfits and your body is so exciting and sexy…

Alexandra Silva says:

what is the brand of your heels? Xo :*

Sandra Redam says:

shit girl I’m actually stunned by that banging body

Elle Jenay says:

You go girl!

Legacy of Pretty says:

All hail meat booties!! Lol

Kenia Pinto says:

At first when you were talking I thought you were kinda chubby but DAMN how hot can’t you get omg literally really great body girl!!!!

Kay Perez says:

Lol she’s so adorable .. love it I’m a curvy girl but imma def try these out .

Chris S says:

You do a great job at sticking out your butt

Zion Brathwaite says:

I’m 28inches in waist and 38inches hips and I’ve watched a lot of reviews to try and figure out what size to buy for myself, your size 3 did it still have a lot of stretch? Is it safe to say I could wear a size 3 and still have stretch

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