Hey my loves!! So I’ve decided to do a fashion nova jeans try on haul because I know how tricky it can be to get the right US size when you’re used to shopping in UK sizing.. even for myself it was difficult but I do hope that this video helps x

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JEANS I TRIED ON 💗 – 11 – 11 – 9 – 11 – 9 – 11


billionscristan says:

You probably need a US 15

YourGirlSudanny says:

I REALLY want to order from Fashion Nova but the sizing is what puts me off!! Plus, they don’t do returns, just store credit which is annoying!

Khas says:

Their size chart is s**t it’s so annoying

sinmon rai says:

Do a booty shorts video

Jesus Hadeet says:

Why the jeans didn’t fit: companies in the US keep making the clothing smaller. You can google the story of a woman that always wore size zero Jean’s from a certain brand. Then 2 years later, the same size and cut was too small for her to fit. They keep making sizes smaller and smaller, likely to save on manufacturing larger sizes and just buying direct Jean’s from China, or they simply want people to have to buy more clothes or pay extra for plus size.

Mauricio Lara says:

Your beauty leaves me spechless.

Jacqueline. J says:

This happens to me every time I shop with FN I have a closet full of jeans in every size that I would never wear if they put as much effort in to the quality of there clothes as they do in PR/advertising we’d get that chyna look I believe hers are tailored

Who wants to know ????? says:


Book Bag says:

I watch a lot of these videos of women trying things saying it’s too small when they’ve just gotten the wrong size. I live in the US and I also buy UK clothing from misguided ect and I can tell you that you are not a size 11. maybe 13-15 US.


Eres preciosa

Rob says:

You’re hot in everything

Ms A.E says:

Yes fashion nova jeans are very inconsistent I have literally given up. Even in the jumpsuits I make sure to order XL and I’m usually medium to large… the best stretchy jeans I have tried are from AMERICAN EAGLE X4 SUPER STRETCH!!!! And they good quality the zips don’t pop like fashion nova…. Do an American Eagle jeans haul next pls

ella Emerson Beauty says:

Yes sis. Your hair color is so beautiful.

deedee harris says:

U look great In these jeans.. Yes u do have a leg longer it normal just like your arms, hands,foot. See u in the next show.

Yoku Kande says:

Yeah I thought they would have been stretchy too sucks

This is Ke says:

It’s more about the fit, not the size. Cut/size vary from brand to brand. Take your measurements before ordering.

ChubbyChub says:


Marcus Joyner says:

Umm why the white box and what was it blocking? Never heard of the color of the jeans affecting the fit.

mrakw says:

Cool video, much success !

chy mgbikeh says:

This is the reason why I haven’t bought jeans from there. I’m scared it might be too small

Kaylani Rayee says:

Sorry sis your no u.s. 9 at all lol it’s not the jeans you should try 15 because your thick lol come on thick sis it’s okay to be thick admire it

Lovely K says:

N they dont give refunds, they gave me a code for a hat i ordered awhile back, i lost the email they never resent it

Johnny Mclean says:

Dam sexy I love to eat your pussy

Muna Priston says:

How did you get that flat tummy

Jeanette Last says:

You don’t look a US 11…I would try 14 or 16. You do have thick thighs and backside. I normally read the comments, check material and % of stretch, and size chart. Even though one pair ran big the rest were to small. Go bigger and don’t worry about the larger sizes.

Lovely K says:

N they dont give refunds, they gave me a code for a hat i ordered awhile back, i lost the email they never resent it

Essenceiz says:

im in the US and their sizing is TERRIBLY inconsistent, a tip i ALWAYS look at the material and the reviews. I hate to send stuff back!!! and when in doubt size up. I think the issue is that they use multiple vendors for their clothing

Life After, Job Corps says:

Big ole thick busty self!! Mhm, mhm.. Girl, donate me some meat..

And, those jeans wasn’t fitting bcus your booty, is too big sis!

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