BOOTY LIFTING JEANS?! Livify Freddy Jeans Try On Haul!

HI LADIES! And perhaps a few fellas! Welcome to my Livify Freddy try on jeans haul!!! I love these jeans, I think they do really help shape the booty. Thank you so much for watching and be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions about the pants!

I am a size 3, or a 26/27 and I wear a size small in all of the Freddy pants.

Here are the styles I tried on:

Freddy WR.UP® Denim Low Rise Skinny – Medium Rinse + Yellow Stitching

Freddy WR.UP® Low Rise Skinny – Dark Camo

Freddy WR.UP® Low Rise Skinny – Navy

Do you want to see me do a haul on another store? Leave a comment below of where. My other favorite booty workout pants are Celestial bodies.

To be a shout out in a video, simply comment on some of my social media handles and just ask for one!!
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Kevin McCaffrey says:

Very entertaining. Great job!

Andrea Benjamin says:

Ok im 5’6, and 41 inches around booty. Should i go with large and the original?. Im looking at the site. Hellllp.

Danielle W says:

Hey im watching your live bff me please

Michael Moreno says:

Work it records Danny Daniel Moreno
I will never let joe influence me to say any more lie I’m and so sorry annelise

Michaela Turiace says:

Hi there! I love this review of freddy’s! Thanks! I’m 5’9 also. Wondering your measurements because I want to make sure I order the right size. Can you help me?

Mark Do says:

Now you look super sexy in all those jeans

TheMakeupEnthusiast says:

Never heard of these before but sounds like I should give them a try. Great video and review by the way.

Kimberly Star says:

I’ve seen these pants on Instagram before. Always wondered about them and their pocket design

Kimbyrleigha says:

Maybe I should give the another shot?

Cristin Sierra says:

This was such a fun video. Adding the silicon is a good idea

andybigcandy says:

Yay an instructional video on how to put on pants by Annelise Jr! Hahaha. For those prices 3-5 pairs of jeans might be a lot but you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. I have a crap ton of jeans but I always rotate between 4-5 pairs lol.

Haim Feldman says:

I might buy one for my girlfriend. I’m tired lifting her booty all day long…

Nate Chatterton says:

Hole in jeans, don’t back that ass up! Those army pants really work, I couldn’t see you. hahaha. Enjoy your pants!

Adventures of KDRex says:

I think I enjoy seeing women wear pants more than wearing than super ultra short shorts, I just respect women’s by who they are by heart, and I’m a old school classic person

UGH IT'S JOE says:

I’m so hungry

MoneyMaker254 says:

I couldnt see your butt in the Camo..It was hidden lolz 🙂

Allen Winget says:

130 for each pair? jeez..

vinnie calandra says:

Well that was asstastic !! Those wight jeans 🙂

ana a says:

do you have a lisp

Jason Zen says:

Hilarious girl! And you look bombbbbb in the jeans!

Michael Moreno says:

Annelise you should have joe try on clothes cause your always watching his weight for him lol can I be your shoutout for your next video my tag is work it records Danny on instagram this is my brothers YouTube

UGH IT'S JOE says:

I need these jeans. my butt sags so much

Amanda Paris says:

I love their pants!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

EvilAdr1an Gaming says:

Love you annelisejr love you videos !!! You are so funny and gorgeous

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