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YesterdayTime says:

Nicki Andrea I love your culote

Nicole Marie says:

I don’t even need new jeans, but this makes me want to get a pair

Mariah C says:

How tall are you?

Cicy A says:

your body is litterally a work of art girl.

Frank Burrell says:

Nice ass ❤️❤️❤️

xKINGx xSAVAGEx says:

That ass PHAT!!

CzG Lad says:

If she were mine .. I would always do her from behind . .always!!

Leon J says:

Mom jeans, are a turn on!!! LOL

reyvonne rutherford says:

I think I just need a bigger butt

dave smith says:

My curvy princess :)))

Zap-О-Maтїc Dёaтн-Яaџ says:

I love you

Rolandboyd.rb60 Boyd says:

any jeans would look good on you you are so beautiful you’re just lovely lovely lovely

srkn Cool says:

Amazing hott butt

Darth Punk says:

can i Fuck you in the Ass Nicki

Caleb Tamayo says:

You so damn sexy

fishboy444 says:

I would say your ass made the jeans look good…not the jeans made your ass look good

glamgirl1031 says:

you didn’t link the first pair you showed. do you know which ones they are on the website? i love them

cherdoful says:

So sexy and cute

ikemccoy says:

How come you didn’t link each jean in the description ?

ReVamp-Ideas 101 TV says:

Nicki !!!! Nicki !!!! YOU REALLY NEED A FULL LENGTH AREA so every one can see them Jeans and all your Outfits . Gurl you better find a Wall fast am pretty SURE that Apt / House MUST have a Wall where you can shoot Full Length clothing hauls. NOthing is more Anoying than not SEEING the Whole Out fit from Top to bottom Especially seeing how tall you are. Full lenght looks gives the Clothing a real nice Elongated add bonus because of your Physical attributes,Which you have a lot of especiall that Bootaay and Curves for days. Cheers !!

JohnnyTheCarNut 67 says:

Loving Every Angle of your try ons, Yeahhh !

Paresh Ghole says:

loved all jeans u have a nice curvy body n sexy ass.

bestbaby21 says:

can you add the link and description of each jean?

111highgh says:

Again, amazing ass.



Justin Bartoli says:

Makes me want to do very bad (good) things with my mouth, and no it’s not what you think 😉

Mikaela says:

Can you please link the jeans!

sevi says:


Ron Mazur says:

you could put on any pants and your butt would make them look good

Alice Elenes says:

Can you link the jeans in the description? Love this video!

Tariq Azizi says:


שָׂרָה אַבְרָהָם says:

i have a big butt , id rather wear long skirt

seol yang says:

Could you share your measurement? Like waist and hips…I have 27″waist and 40″hip and been having hard time choosing size of their jeans.

Zoe Papps says:

I wanted to know (from all the girls with thick thighs), does the in-seem of the jeans rip? I spend a ton of money on jeans but my thighs wear them down so they ALWAYS rip in-between my legs.

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