Are High Waisted Jeans For Everyone?

Can ANYONE wear high waisted jeans? Find out in today’s video. Want more style advice and some AMAZING freebies? Of course you do.

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Are High Waisted Jeans For Everyone?…


nellya1962 says:

i hate high waist

marifroggy says:

I detest high waisted pants skirts…they look awful…. I guess it’s a way to hide a fat stomach…

Rishi Gembali says:

Why would you unbutton them?

Tloren says:

this is exactly my problem and I’m not convinced, I thing the problem is that I’m over weight, out of shape and those tipe of jeans are demanding. I try to love my body, I try to not thing on this in bad way, I try to be helthy but the true is the true, those jeand make my belly danm fucking bigger men

Here Comes the Light says:

Hey Lauren love your videos! thanks so much for all your amazing advice! summer is around the corner for me in New Zealand and I am just wondering what I should do about wearing shorts. I love the look of mini shorts but my but and thighs are really big compared to the rest of my body and have cellulite so I feel unconfident wearing mini mini shorts. 3 quarter shorts just seem to be less fashionable and so I’m wondering if you have any tricks and tips of what kind of shorts to buy for a pear body shape like mine. thanks!

Vicki Sexton says:

Hahaha! Yesssss thanks for answering my extremely detailed question.

silvermica says:

Question from a guy: Are low rise jeans (and other low rise garments) totally out these days? Is that the direction we’re going now? Or, is it optional – high or low rise jeans depending upon preference? OR, are low rise jeans considered a dated old look that people are beginning to ditch? Personally, I find low rise jeans more comfortable to wear and I think they just look better overall.

Courtney O'Farrell says:

I came around to high waist jeans for two reasons… 1) no muffin top, and 2) DEFINITELY no butt showing when you bend over or sit down! I only have high-waisted now, no looking back! 😀

Kaen says:

Im 4’11 and i happen to have an hourglass body shape, what kind of highwaisted jeans suits me?

Maria Garcia says:

I have seriously been loving all your videos, I have been binging all of them since I found your channel!
So I have a question if you could answer pretty please what brand of jeans would you suggested for someone to invest in? As an longevity, not wearing out and such. Hope you have a great day 🙂

emma kayf says:

anyone know any super highwaisted jeans? i am very high waisted / short torsoed and it is the struggle when looking for high waist jeans. Most hit like 2 inches below my waist

Diolize Van Niekerk says:

i have huge hips and i feel like they’ll show …

Jenewari Sharon says:

What clothing would suit plus size ladies with a pear shape and what stores would you recommend especially for jeans.

Hanna1993 says:

I’ve got a question for you. Last week i bought a black skinny jeans but I have some problems with combining it. I’m not sure what I can wear them apart from a white or gray t-shirt. Can you help me?

Hadassah Harshbarger says:

I want to wear cute flowy blouses and most are made from polyester. I seem to be allergic to it. what are some alternatives for that

Tjfreak says:

There is absolutely not & never has been one cut of jeans that everyone can wear..just the way it goes & you see em trying it though.

Sophie Harris says:

Hi Lauren, I love your videos! my question is, is there an idea size to be fashionable? I’m a size 16 (UK size) and I find some trends off limits because of this. thanks x

Kaitlyn Dunn says:

im 5’2 and i am also a pear and i want to look alot taller than i actually am how do i do that? Can i even wear high waisted skinny jeans?

fosterful says:

I’m 5″1 and have some high Azusa jeans and I look great in them. It does longste my legs

Sky Meets Earth says:

Jeans! Just about everyone loves them as a closet staple. Are there better jeans to wear for each body type? Worse?

(I’m a short-legged, rectangle-bodied, pregnant-pooched new mama who doesn’t like to show off her stretch marks.)

Chintala Sindhuja Chintala Sindhuja says:

Lauren am from India suggest me the best affordable jeans in india

Lu Rezart says:

Love high waisted jeans! I gave my low waisted jeans to the Salvation Army.

I’m going to download your 2nd book now. Thank you!

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