AMERICAN APPAREL TRY ON HAUL 2018 – is it good anymore?

Hey guys here’s my first try on American Apparel Haul since they closed all their stores and were sold to a new company! I ordered some popular styles like the classic disco pants and high waist denim jeans and leggings then compared them to clothes purchased before they closed to see if the quality and sizing are the same!

IG: darleneoctavia

High waist jeans size 26
Disco Pants Black XS
A line denim skirt XS
Cropped hoodie White S
Leggings Grey XS

This video is not sponsored however the items were gifted to me kindly by American Apparel. Some links may be affiliate.


Angela says:

your body!! I wish!!

Andrew McDabney says:











Underwear ❤️

Fatima B says:

God she’s annoying

Emily E says:

How was the length of the first jeans you tried? Were they the mom jeans? And did you have to roll then up/how tall are youm

Donal Rees says:

Disco pants have to be the sexiest invention ever

Gabriela Carolina says:

man I miss American Apparel

Brown Girl Bella By Shannon B. says:

I’m obsessed with your hairstyle! Are the twists heavy? Enjoyed your video and the haul was cute if I were your size again I would be doing hauls all the time! Showing you love from our FB YT group. If you get a chance come check me out!

Justina Patton says:

Girl where you from?! I love your accent!! I haven’t worn American Apparel since high school but after watching this gonna have to go back all those jeans look great on you! I am getting some 90s vibes from a few pairs ❤❤❤

Charles Wright says:

You’re legs are amazing

Rihabe Mzaouakk says:

You have an amazing body. I wanna order few items from them. We have the same shape but from what I see your butt is a bit bigger than mine. What’s your weight and height? if you don’t mind me askin! I don’t know if I should order small or extra small like you! Thank you.

Jai Moore says:

Are the leggings see through?

jaida letexier says:

I’m regularly a size 5, would a 26 be good for me? And are they stretchy?

La'derrian G says:

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Sofi Arambula says:

How tall are you?

Alex Kelly says:

I just bought the Jean skirt and corduroy skirt you tried on!!!
I’m waiting for my skirts to come in the mail. So excited!
Btw you have such an amazing body! Thanks for the video, now I know my skirts will fit!

Mememem72 says:

Thanks for the review and the jeans are so perfect on you! Do the high waist jeans have any stretch? Do you feel like they run small or large? Noticed it fit your waist and butt so well, which I’m glad to see as that’s the problem for a lot of jeans that don’t have stretch

La'derrian G says:

I think it would be a great idea to do an end of summer swimwear try on haul video.

Mia May says:

But the reviews on their website are really discouraging. For example these bras I love sooo much. I wear them every day but the reviews say that they’re not what they used to be and you can’t return or exchange bras! The same goes for the leggings you tried, I have old ones and my measurements are 25, 35, 29 and the old xs fit like a glove, but again the reviews are discouraging
Can I ask what your waist, hips and inseam measurements are?

kamrynterri says:

are you a size 2 in denim? i wanna order jeans so bad but i don’t get how they do sizing

lyfesone32 says:

Great Video.. New Subbie ❤let’s support.

Ellen Kao says:

ur boby is soooo perfect and the jeans on it just on fire!

Kayla tran says:

plz tell me how tall u r

Esperanza Lorena says:

I want those jeans! So cute 😀 I need some new jeans lol

Alisha Ricki says:

Oh, I thought they completely closed down! I’m def gonn go buy some stuff lol Their riding pants, disco pants, and easy jeans are my FAVES

Bex Hampton says:

Thank you for doing this!! I also had some more experience… I ordered the new black wash easy jeans one of the buttons popped off after a couple of weeks of having them (wearing them rarely). I was easily able to repair it and pop it back on thankfully but that never happened with the old easy jeans. They also weren’t as tight as my old ones.

I also ordered the nylon tricot deepcut swimsuit again, in black.

The fabric was not as soft, it was lower quality that some of my generic old swim team suits.

It also was baggier in the chest.

These weren’t the worst things, they are still as cute but just some things to note in terms of new sizing/quality

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