TOP 6 MUST HAVE Jeans for Guys | Best FITTING Affordable denim

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vijay kumar says:

I ain’t joking but somehow all the jeans fit perfectly on u…

MA Vlogs says:

What about levis?

Brian Cruz says:

Any one no where to get some black distress denim that don’t attract as much hairs ?


Man you dress classic but your legs are Killing your style bro

Pu Yi Hsieh says:

No knees showing it’s disturbing lol everything else was cool

2001Bobcat says:

where’s American Eagle

Joshua slosser says:


Scott Cahoon says:

Where is aeo

Brandt Conley says:

You are wrong

Weep dude says:

I only wear h&M’s and old Navy XD

Mark Perry says:

Denim with holes and zippers is definitely a fashion sin. Ridiculous.

Deyan Mihaylov says:

CELIO* also has high quality denim, their jeans are very comfortable and they are from 90 to 100% cotton

Kid Steez33 says:

Why not link the brands in the description makes them easier to find if we don’t know how to spell the name

Qasim Kusra says:


azin mahar says:

What about jeans for guys with big thighs and skinny legs

Qasim Kusra says:


Genesis Garza says:

Do a video of true religion jeans

djmiami000000111111 says:

It’s not safe to buy clothes fitted because you may gain / loose weight

Justin A. YT says:

May I ask where you got that jacket? It’s badass

Cruzinthruspace says:

Skinny jeans why? I’m fat I can’t wear these shits lol

Waldo Vargas says:

You must have not checked out American eagle

7033Joe says:

As long as there is room in the family jewels area and accommodates the shoes at the bottom. I’ll buy them. That’s just me.

jose fierros says:

Tight jeans gay

Khriestian Gutierrez says:

I’m glad they’re all a 100% cotton

John M. Stewart says:

American Eagle

Matthew says:

No topman :'(

Lucifer Dicks says:

is this dude legal? may i see your papers?

Zuriel Rosales says:

How do u spell the name of the 3 denim wear please help

nash7117 says:

My opinion ripped jeans just look good but not legs showing through like women

im your dad says:

is the arizona brand jeans good

WillC Bass says:

Lol the first ones look like my old Navy jeans. By the way, raw for sure.

lawrence whitaker jr. says:

Thanks for this video but where can I find the Jacket you have on?

Qasim Kusra says:

where did you get the brown jacket from

dl 7 says:

I don’t see the spanish channel anywhere

B. Rabbit G says:

Claims to own only 100% cotton jeans…. but wasn’t he talking about how much he loves the uniqlo jeans, the ones that have 98% cotton.

Rohit Axle says:

Fu*k affordable

Daniel Martinez says:

Buckle jeans

Ashvin Raghavan says:


Dean Winchester says:

Bow legged.

tahz 230 says:

No Uniqlo or pacsun in Switzerland

Arin Hawzhin says:

Hey Jose do you wear skinny fit jeans or slim? I would like to know

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