The Most Comfortable Jeans I’ve Ever Owned

I’ve got to admit that I’m a bit of a denim snob. Its easy to get swept up in the ultra premium artisanal brands using denim loomed on the top of a mountain by a 300 year old monk. Still, when it comes to just pulling on a pair of comfy denim that isn’t some cheap mall brand there isn’t much to choose from besides the old Levis standby. For guys looking to break into the premium denim thing with limited means Blue Rise Denim is a great start. At $79 out the door they are actually more affordable than most when tax and shipping is included. Don’t let that price fool you, we’re still talking about beautiful details like ultra soft pocket bags, custom rivets, YKK zippers, and a real leather patch (not that cardboard junk). I think they’re a wonderful value.


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32 ac says:

My 550s are as soft as my sweat pants and my 569s that are stretchy feel like sand paper. Although new they felt good new I prefer the non stretch.

Joseph Coates says:

I’m so tired of the fake washes and the fake wear marks.

Rick F says:

Carl: I “blame!” you for the mild (at present) level of frustration I have with Blue Rise Denim. After watching this video I was very interested in Blue Rise because my favorite Levi’s 513 Slim Straight Fit Jean, Blue Nirvana are no longer offered. So I ordered two different pairs of jeans from Blue Rise. They are both outstanding and are my new favorites. It wasn’t too long after that I proceeded to order additional jeans from Blue Rise. BUT, I could not get what I wanted because they were sold out. I emailed Blue Rise asking about inventory and received no response. As of yesterday I sent them a message through Facebook, again inquiring about inventory replenishment. I don’t know if this company is already on the verge of going out of business. They are sold out and there is no information on their website or on Facebook about their status. I see that you have posted to Facebook, and I could certainly make some very positive comments as well. But I don’t think there is any point in giving praise to jeans no one can actually buy. Perhaps you can use your influence with Blue Rise, since you put them on the map, to convince them to give their current and future customers some idea about new inventory. Thanks!! Keep the excellent videos coming!!

Marc Anthony says:

U had me till i seen the the 3 most evil words in the denim universe… “Made in China”! No thanks ill stick to my American made selvedge.

Steve DelLanno says:

These look incredible. I need a pair

Ran dy says:

What happened to this company?

Albin Stålberg says:

does blue rise denim have selvedge denim? bad that the dont have almoste any 100% cotton!

Alex Chu says:

I bought DSTLD, they were ok I guess. I heard Mott and Bow is really good too

Dave wilson says:

I were a size 36 but in jeans levis original i have to were 38 but they always look a little baggy going to try this brand

DrKno says:

You want more confort? Try Terlenka. Or polyester. Or…

johnathan hawkins says:

I have a set of wrangles and they last I work with chemicals. And going up and down stairs. There is even times where I jump on a forklift and run around.

William Lucas says:

Levis forever. The rest is just lipstick on a pig.

jonnda says:

I bought some $30 jeans by Goodfellow & co at Target. It’s faded black, stretchy, and here’s the best part… The back of the fabric has been brushed into a soft fluffy surface. I never wanted to wear tighter pants. But this was only available in a skinnier, tapering fit. I usually only wear relaxed or straight. But the pants interior finish was just too seductive, and it really fit like a glove in a super comfy way. They call this material “winter denim”. I got it just in time for the first snow.

Stephen Wong says:

I just want my deep black denim to stay black forever. I wash my jeans after every 2-3 wears.

Garland & Darinda Remington III says:

Sorry Carl. As a wife with a husband and 4 big strong strapping no fat on any of them, would these jeans fit right.

Men, real WHITE HETROSEXUAL WOMEN LOVING ONLY, not Queer in other words, that run 6 ft. To 6 foot 4 with waist that run 46 to 48. Big boned big men non fat type. My husband and our farming sons. I did spend well over an hour on the website.

Oh. Why not do a video on the Big Bill Double Face Jeans. That come with suspender buttons. They come either prewashed or very, very firm hand as they are called.

I buy them for my husband and our boys. They come out of Canada.

aj Martinez says:

Joe’s jeans are also wicked comfy

Stephen Hauer says:

I myself have never owned a pair, but I have heard a lot of good stuff about the Prison Blues Jeans. Made in Oregon Correctional Facility, and are raw denim, and atleast so I have heard, virtually indestructible. Also, a classic straight cut.

Noxus Designs says:

I love American Eagle stretch jeans. They’re amazing

Chad Crigger says:

Thanks, have to check them out.

Ishmael Portillo Vlog says:

The step above is Mott & Bow…

Blanca W says:

I see the website is down. Hope this company is still around. My husband wanted to try them out.

HAWG! says:

This is why Americans are fat. We buy jeans that will stretch.. what about exercising.

Semirrahge Egharrimes says:

Just found your channel, loving your approach to videos. Just recently jumped in to raw/selvedge denim, and while I _LOVE_ my 19oz Momotaros that are made from steel and cardboard, I also have a pair of Naked and Famous 2% stretch that blow my mind with their comfort. They feel and look just like a 12.5oz denim, but when you’re wearing them and reach that point where the pants would normally bind up – there’s just a little more room to move past that. That said, they are mid-rise so they aren’t quite as comfortable in the waist (my body shape doesn’t let them ride down onto my hips, so they end up floating awkwardly somewhere between my hip bones and my actual waist…).

Blue Rise is definitely less ‘hardcore’ than the Japanese craft jeans I lust for but… I personally have some issues with Naked and Famous as a company and appreciate there’s someone else out there making a budget line of quality denim.

Carl Murawski says:

UPDATE: Blue Rise Denim has been sold off by their parent company. I don’t know if they’ll be back or not, but it’s really a shame. So you may ask why I keep this video live. The reason is that I enjoyed making it and I hope you enjoy watching it, even if the brand no longer exists.

john bolton says:

still using sand blasted jeans… really ? ?

terri e says:

Woven by a monk in a cave somewhere. ….LOL

rhymanoserous says:

I love these people. They have a clear vision, reasonable ambitions (not “I want to flip the jean game upside down”), are very particular, and they just seem like real real people.

Christopher Hernandez says:

So what is the name of this brand again. You spent a lot of time talking. At the end of video I wanted these jeans but wasn’t sure about the brand. And I’m not willing to listen to as you say “long winded” video.

ABSV /a beautiful sunset vlog says:

You should checkout Imogene + Willie…they’re a Nashville based denim brand…

Some Aussie Bloke says:

3:18 mark, RIP headphone users

Joe Robertson says:

Keep getting an error message that says their checkout system is disabled when I try to check out. Guess I won’t be trying a pair.

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