The Best Four Slim Cut Jeans for Men: Cheap vs. Expensive

The Best Four Slim Cut Jeans for Men: Cheap vs. Expensive
Is it worth spending $200 for jeans? Can you find great jeans for $50? What’s the best value and what should you buy? Find the best cuts at the best value.

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Jeff Hunt says:

Great video. Very helpful.

Grand Master Pimp says:

Old Navy has daily steal $15 slim jeans.i buy 1 every month and have like 40 now stocking them incase they discontinue. I love them so much that I want to own them for the rest of life.

rwoz says:

A history lesson about jeans? Why?

whatinTarnation_ 436 says:

didn’t no body ask 4 the history lesson

SolOtis says:

I like how you broke it down to the price per wear.

steevo62 says:

Good vid. From a gay man’s point of view, the 7FAM jeans suit him best and make his ass look awesome. !

Max Bramante says:

Tired of these cheap ass skinny shit, so 2009, really old stuff, I am def into wide leg jeans, the real deal for men.

Grand Master Pimp says:

I wont spend $190 for jeans even if i win $190 million dollar jackpot.

Tomorrow is Monday says:

If you spend more than 50$ on jeans you have a serious problem

Lucky Strike says:

No True Religion Jeans no Diesel jeans wau those are cheap ass jeans

flyboy 1962 says:

7 for all mankind look best on this guy as he has a great butt

Aaron Hartje says:

As a guy with a bigger torso, I appreciated the part about not wanting to “look like an ice cream cone.” No one should end up with that over-the-hill cowboy look just because he stubbornly won’t depart from slims regardless of what the rest of the body looks like.

My insights: I think the key element here is often the ab region. It seems that as long as you also maintain that desireable, muscular taper from the chest down through the rise of the jeans, you’re probably good to go unless you go too skinny on the denim. If you’re sporting a pronounced muffin-top, though, probably not a good idea to go slim on the jeans. You’ll end up with that Gru look.

Of course, that all being said, it’s tough if you’re a bigger guy to find relaxed jeans that actually look good. We’re TOLD they’re fine, but let’s be honest here. They don’t get done what we generally want jeans to do for us. For the most part jeans just don’t look that great if they’re not following the body’s contours without a great deal of latitude. Big guy + too much room in the thighs = basically mom jeans. 

futureprimitivesound says:

hi how do i know the right lenght of a pair of jeans , usually they are too long then when i cut them i ruin them leaving them too short

denniszenanywhere says:

Reachel, Like your video. Only thing I don’t like about DSTLD is that its size starts at 30 and I am a size 29. Observed though that for 7FAM, your husband wears a size 29.

Chris Redfield says:

Excuse me, is levis jeans low quality?

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