Real vs Fake Balmain Jeans | Authentic vs Replica Balmain Comparison

Today I have a real vs fake Balmain jeans comparison for you. The aim of this authentic vs replica Balmain biker jeans review is to help you legit check a similar pair that you own or may be looking to purchase.

Balmain jeans have been popular for a while now and as with every high end brand these days there are loads of replica/fakes circulating the market. If you are looking to buy authentic/real Balmain then pay attention to the key tips this video. Feel free to message me if you aren’t sure about whether something is real or fake & I will do my best to clarify for you.

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I do not promote fake / replica goods – This video is for educational purposes and is published with the intention of ensuring those who wish to buy the real / authentic items are sufficiently knowledgeable on the product before going ahead with their purchase.

I hope this video helped!

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Muskegon Nick says:

How much would you sell the real balmain for

Steve Rickman says:


I'm Spunkly says:

Can you do Real vs Fake on some SLP denim?

Quintero says:

how are u gone compare two different type of balmain jeans not all balmains are the same color have the sane color zippers or even zippers on the back…u did it wrong

Brkix says:

Where do you buy your stuff for the videos

A Closer Look says:

Follow for all Detailed Real vs Fake Info. Also people asking questions on the fakes are ignoring the disclaimer. I do not promote fakes – I do these videos to stop people getting scammed into paying retail prices for items they think are genuine but aren’t.

Rich Juan says:

if the back don’t have zippers does dat mean they fake? somebody tell me cause my og paid 785$ fa mine but they only got zippers on the front

jawand Rogers says:

Do tom ford

Michael Sandoval says:

The differences aren’t that major and I’m sure if you bought the reps people ain’t gonna come up to you and give a legit check with that being said if I’m paying top dollar for the real pair I’m glad this channel is here so people who want the real deal are sure the aren’t getting fakes

R.I.P LA CAPONE Team 600 says:

can you do one about Robin jeans and true religion jeans


Easy to tell which is fake. Chinese really suck at making and washing jeans.

Sieramon Lacambra says:

Subscribed! Continue making real v fake items. This is definitely a good channel. Will recommend it in my fb group.

황태근 says:

What is the site??

DrunkWolf says:

Keep up the good work!

Sloan the Great says:

The cheap one looks better in color and desighn.

Cristiano Damas says:

Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla saco entendi tudo

jawand Rogers says:

white people go boom

Best tech says:

Where i can get this ????

Pasqualina Pinna says:

I love Balmain!

Devon Culley says:

where did you get them because I would like to do a replica vs fake review

Jay Hilfiger says:


Steve Rickman says:

Check out ‘hoxton trend’ he has similar content to you- you could link up

BigBossIsBack says:

Quick note: Balmain uses both YKK and Lampo zippers on their jeans. The nicer models have Lampo tank zippers that are nickle plated; on the back of the pull tab they will either say Lampo/Lampo Italy (older models) or Balmain Paris (newer models). The mass produced models have YKK zippers that are make to resemble the Lampo tank zippers; their plating is inferior, and on the back they just say YKK.

So authentic Balmain jeans (balmain in general) can have either YKK or Lampo zippers; the model pictured in this video has YKK zippers.

The zippers will always be consistent, either all Lampo or all YKK; Balmain does not mix and match on the same piece.

Most of their models use YKK zippers today, the Lampos are saved for their jackets and limited bottoms.

If you have a pair of Balmain and the zippers are blank or say anything other than the aforementioned, they are FAKE.

nets2daman1 says:

its really not that deep though tbh

dJPooh1100 says:

just wondering I seen the Balmain jeans has 3 loops in the back would the knock off have that as well.

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