Kate Spade Designer Activewear Review

Is this designer activewear actually functional this time?? Here’s the full review and wear test!

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Flexxfit white cropped zip (Code HOPE to save money):


Fanny Pack:

Spade Flower Legging:

Logo Sports Bra:

Logo Ruffle Half Zip:

Heartbeat Peplum Top (ON SALE):

Scallop Sports Bra:

Falling Hearts Legging (ON SALE):

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Favorite Supplements:
Discount Code: HOPESCOPE10 to save money at checkout!
Vegan Protein:
BCAAs (I LOVE the Peach Lemonade):
Fat Burner:
No Yellow Shampoo/Conditioner:

Favorite No Show Legging Underwear:

Camera I Use:

My 3-Way Mirror:

Legging Shelves:

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Lillian Milligan says:

It would be so cool if you did a review on Nasty Fit? They have some pretty nice stuff, and I would love a review on them!

48mavemiss2 says:

Kate Spade is going to regret partnering with you. One day you’ll have 500k + subbies and they’ll be knocking at your door. I claim it

Winter Wonder says:

Since they don’t require your services, then I don’t require theirs. Clearly they have no taste….

Becky_nifty_lifty says:

COMBAR DOLLIES! They have great patterns, I’d love to see them on your channel x

Makenna Gab says:

You should do a testing forever 21 workout gear

Sarah Rayne says:

R.I.P Kate Spade

Dora the Explorer says:

has anyone else noticed that she says scridiption instead of discription

shamrock auto Removal says:

https://www.legginggirl.com/bestdealintown check these out please do a review on these for me.

Stephanie Birkhimer says:

lol at Tyler checking out your bum @8:45

Threat Angel says:

can you test out and review Aerie active wear??

Angela Olivia says:

set active wear

Kaitlyn Van Daele says:

Keep shinning brighter than the sun, we all love you annnnnd LEEEEEEO!! Have you tried Carbon 38!!!!! I mean look at their new stuff!! https://www.carbon38.com/collections/carbon38-macrame?gclid=CjwKCAjw1dzkBRBWEiwAROVDLB9LfZ3vP7gqwttKZoxfS7b-ieDaFGvNAPraDM4Mpo6y6AlTyQCgPBoCoagQAvD_BwE

Dawn Shaw says:

Can you review Aerie leggings?

Katerina Lewis says:

Review Eddie Bauer active / hiking wear!!

Socheata Vong says:

Uhm. That’s not a Kate spade heart, that’s a kate spade….SPADE. Hahah love you Hope!

Molly Lundy says:

welcome to part 383478338 of : why is a basic white girls video of leggings in my recommendations.

Icy Bear says:

honestly, who was clickbaited by thumbnail?

luxconcept says:

Can you make a video on your lip injections? They look so natural 🙂

Lorelei Silver says:

Nadine Nieuwstad says:

Could you try Rapid Wear next? Haven’t found any reviews on YT, but I’ve been seeing them quite a bit on IG

Kyly Custer says:

Ooo sis we being expensive today

Hannah Marsden says:

you should check out Grrrl clothing, brilliant quality and patterns as well as a great ethos

Brooke Choate says:

So this isn’t an activewear brand, but you should try Lulu’s!

Alex Frank says:

Can you review outdoor voices?

Cat2693 says:

Does Leo have a lamb chop?

Kaitlin Szafirowski says:

Did you have the peplum heart top on backwards? The thumb holes were by your pinkies. Unless the shirt was just really messed up.

Elly-Mae Hall says:

I do wish they would showcase models with developed muscles and all the inflated bumps and limbs that women who workout have.

G- Ridez says:

9:37 You are Welcome

CassiaElise says:

To be honest, I feel like the fact that you actually buy the clothes yourself and then return what you don’t like makes your opinion more valuable because you put your own money into it.

Kelsey Lynn says:

the fanny pack sounds like vinyl

Jacky Guerrero says:

SIS !!!! please review SETactive !!

Katie C says:

Didn’t Kate Spade pass away?

Eileen Coptil says:

hi!!! would you be able to review ECHT ???

Michelle M says:

What about leggings from Popflex?

Cassidy Grotte says:

What are your favorite leggings that don’t collect lint?! All my leggings are linty!!

Bella's journey says:

Rip Kate Spade

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