I’m Too Thick For Designer Jeans!!!

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Before all the trolls or haters coming along, I’m not judging anyone else’s body type! Whether you go to the gym and squats for days, bought it or was born with it, I definitely think there is a lack of designers creating denim for the thicker guy.

I had to do some research and see which company I feel makes the best designer denim for a guy with my body type and I was so shocked when I pulled up a pair of Saint Laurent Paris denims and they actually fit!

In this video watch as I try on multiple pair of jeans to try and give you guys an insight on how some companies may fit.

Let me know if you guys love this series and ill continue trying on several other brands. The jeans I tried on were:
• Balmain
• Gucci
• Saint Laurent
• Vince

Which denims did you like better on me? Which ones did you think I purchased?

Be sure to stay tuned to experience more of my vlogs as I take you on my stylist journeys.


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My Outfit:
Day 1
Hat – Forever 21
Jumper – Acne Studios
Jeans – Zara
Sneakers – Balenciaga Arena
Bag – Balenciaga Velo Tote
Jacket – Burberry
Jewelry – Cartier & Dior

Day 2
Hat – Forever 21
Shirt – J. Crew
Jeans – A.P.C.
Bag – Jack Spade
Jacket – Yves Solomon
Jewelry – Cartier & Dior

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Note: Everything I show in this video has been paid for with my own money or gifted. None of the clothes or accessories are sponsored. I own all the rights to this video. All opinions are my own.

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KatidjoSZN says:

Just my two cents, I face a similar situation where my thighs are huge! My go to jeans are the All Saints Cigarettes and Pistols, they are rather skinny fitting yet have a rather looser thigh area which is perfect! In terms of “higher end” pieces I do own a pair of SLP jeans and they do tend to stretch out and make room in the thigh area. Regardless of what jeans I buy I have to alter them. And BTW the SLP code “DO2 M/SK-LW” means this : DO2, their skinniest fit, M means men, SK means skinny, and LW means low waist.

cortez says:

What’s wrong with Joe’s Jeans, Hudson Jeans, and DieselJeans? Why not opt for these jeans over a designer label? Macy’s is having Friends and Family. You can get 5 pair of great street fashion jeans for what you paid for those black jeans. I didn’t like the way the black jeans fit on you or even the last one’s..

Jobpq E says:

show Your cock

perfectparameter says:

elastane in jeans is a must, so they have the right amount of give to get around your ‘assets’ and skim the body, it would have been interesting and a bit more informative to compare the material composition on the labels of each of the designers so we may know exactly what to look out for

redazi1 says:

Look like you’re stupid

Erik Watkins says:

That dance though when you found those jeans…lol. But yeah, thanks bro for doing this vid. It is hell finding designer clothing that fits us black men correctly. You are saving us a lot of time and leading us in the right direction of the appropriate designers!

Ryan Ahadi says:

For me, its my ass. Just too big. Lol. Cant even wear jeans.

Ninel'sPassionForFashion says:

Love your videos, funny and very real.

FATandJUICYband says:

I say the last one you tried one is the best one. It fits really good on all your areas. Not too tight not too loose.

Ibrahimzal Sheriff says:

what size was that balmain jean and do they stretch?

Guyver1789 says:

I always struggle to find any type of jean to fit me, designer or otherwise. My thighs are 27.5in around haha.

Ben Ben says:

u ever sell any of ur stuff? blog sale?

HappiGyrl says:

Hahahaha dad jeans. Black SL are the winner jeans.


Designer prices have gotten so out of control.

TASconfidential says:

Yes!!!! I love Bergdorf’s!!!!

Way better than Barney’s, and with better customer service too!!!!

Svetoslav Kolev says:

How tall are you bro?

banga8080 says:

First time on your channel
Keep doing your thing
I can’t afford none of that stuff

Daniel Buckley says:

Loose weight so you can fit in the jeans fat fuck

subwayjrod1 says:

Dam you! Now I have to get those black Saint Laurent jeans. Please do a full review and show some different out fits with them

William Marcial says:

Try Rag and Bone, APC, or Jean Shop. Also, look into selvedge denim.


What store is this ?

TheDeal007 says:

Can you do a video on your laser hair removal experience? I’m interested in getting it myself but I’m not sure. Thanks!

AimLikeTeddy says:

I might have tried d01 or d03(slim and regular, can be found also mid waist and taper them at tailor) instead of d02 (skinny, low waist) if I were you.

Edit: words

icecreamman172 says:

Any time I wear slp i have to get it tailored! out of curiosity I went and tired on jeans from all different stores highend and not and found that zara has this amazing fit called “carrot fit” that works perfectly for my body (which is also almost identical to you) Try em on if you ever have the chance just to see the fit 🙂

Faith Kai says:

did you try on your regualar size in the balmain jeans? or did u have to go a size up or down to see if they fit?

J Culley says:

With the SLP I would say try the D03 model to balance it out with more of a straight silhouette but they’re pretty much skinny too! I’ve even seen them referred to as ‘boot cut’…also no cool distressing or fades just basic black or blue. The Medium Waist ones are even rarer…..

KrazEWillY says:

APC new standard, thank me later

Ben S says:

Great having you back Nico. This is one of my favorite channels on youtube.
When i had bigger glutes and quads i wore armani denim, might want to give them a try. I’ve bought them for around 150-200 here in Europe and they last for years.

chanel butler says:

Love the vlog Nico and I too know how it is to try on 100 pairs of jeans for all of them to fit “so-so.” But I definitely think the black SL were amazing and I LOVE the Vince track pants! So you! Looking forward to more vids! Xx -C.

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