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What’s the live show about? It’s a FULL “Get Ready with Me” barefaced live makeup tutorial and conversation where you can ask me anything! Often, we talk about body issues, weight gain and loss, body positivity, fashion, my secret tips and trips, finding your body shape, makeup must haves… anything you want!
What do you guys think? Would you buy designer jeans? Do you love the Kardashians?

Super dark wash Jeggings / 20;
Super light wash, super distressed / 20:
Medium wash, One busted Knee / 20 :
C Sweatshirt / 4-5 :



Height: 5’6
Top size: 14/16, 1X
Bottom size: 18/20, 2X
Shoe size: 8.5
Bra: 38DD/40D

Music by: epidemic sound

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Small Gold Chanel Inspired Painting:
Small NYC Painting:
Acrylic Table:
Faux Tree:
Jeff Koontz Inspired Balloon Dog Statue:

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Hannah O'Neill says:

I legit think you are amazing ❤️

love my life and family says:


c h a y says:

omg I wanted to hate these so much bc of the price but girl you look hella bomb in them! ♥

ASMR Eat&ChatWithNat says:

I really want a pair of these jeans now! BUT I just found out I’m pregnant (which is great!) so I’ve added them to my Nordstrom wish list and come January I’m checking my cart out, girl!

Boston Platinum says:

I love ur videos!!!!!!

MaMaBiRd says:

And I thought FTF jeans were expensive. They look good though, like they’re worth the money

Vanessa Bill says:

love the hoodie!

Pink Candy Leah says:

Wow the jeans look awesome. Did you see her bodysuits hat launched today ? Pumped to try

Marlena Lilliana says:

I think a lot of people who are nasty about the cost of these jeans, when you wear jeans a lot its more lucrative to spend more money on amazing jeans than have to replace jeans every year because they are cheap

Tais Molina says:

Cute genes!

charne teagle says:

I love your channel Im pear shaped as well and its nice to see someone with my shape try on different things!!

Gizem Şahin says:

These jeans better pay my rent the fuck??

Grace Italia says:

Damnit, that hoodie looks so comfy.. if it were $100 less, at least, I would buy it.

Trina Myers says:

how does the jeans fit around the ankles? is it pixie? regular leg? I am a fan of pixie or slim leg because I’m short and I don’t like the jeans to bunch up at the ankles.

Brittany Weaver says:

200 dollars is my phone bill, my cable bill, gas in my car and electric bill…i wish

Leslie Asher says:

Those jeans look like they were tailor-made for you! I’m shocked by how amazing the quality and fit looks. I will be buying a few pairs now that you showed them. Thanks Crystal!!

Jerry W says:

My face dat ass, in that order.

India Hickman says:

what if youre hour glass shape? would you say yes to get them?

Levester Williams says:

wow you really know how to wear a pair of jeans very sexy body

Planningwithalo says:

Where is that brallette from !!!! GORGEOUS

Amanda Head says:

which would you recommend for someone that is hourglass shape but has a tummy?Torrid jeggings I am a size 16.

lilnou4u says:

Leesha sent me <3

Adrian Tippit says:

everything is cute but expensive.

GKJ says:

WOW. Those jeans look AMAZING. I went into this video thinking there’s no way in hell that these jeans are worth the price tag; they’re just jeans, they can’t be all that different. They’re definitely different. Extremely figure flattering. I’m shocked.

Shannon Nonnahs says:

Im really thankful for the responses to my question! Last time I posted a question (not on here) the responses were really snarky and kinda mean! You guys have been so polite!!!

Chloe says:

I refuse to buy anything related to those attention whores.

lifesagame2006 says:

Great video, these seem like quality jeans and look so good on you. I love that feeling of finding the perfect make and fit of jeans and for some things, like classic or everyday pieces, it can be worth spending that bit more for them to last. I just got some new jeans that would have been out of my normal price range after my previous ones finally gave up after eight years and I’ve found recently I’m going more for fewer things but better made and then get some of the cheaper fashion items to mix with them rather than everything being cheap and then breaking within a year. $160 seems a lot for a sweatshirt, I’d probably get another pair of the jeans, but it looks nice and cosy and is very cute.

WALO O says:

The hoodie should be returned.

Bianca C says:

I actually love the sweatshirt! very cute! The jeans look great too. Did you size up to account for washing? Any shrinkage? Don’t have any feelings about the Kardashians one way or another, idk why that’s a thing for people.

Nicole Cossin says:

Is it sad I don’t even know what my body shape is? I feel like my shape is a box haha

Natalie says:

I am a devoted to NYDJ, which are around $120-$140 for plus. I have been lucky to find them on hautelook and catch a sale. They are QUALITY, and the thighs never shred on me (I have similar measurements to you), I only have 3 pair (1 trouser, 2 bootcut), I wash them in cold and I line dry them. I think it’s worth it, given they last years but I don’t wear jeans throughout the week (m-f).

Thank you for the review- the distressing isn’t my style but your video was so informative!

Brianna Dosmann says:

SOS does anyone know where her bralette is from??! So cute

Luciana Martinez says:

Hi!! do you think the fashion Nova high waisted jeans are just as good?

Brittany Weaver says:

Love love your videos but i feel so poor afterwards lol

Tracy KaPoni says:

I didn’t know hoodie sweatshirts like that existed….I love it! I thought it was just a regular sweatshirt…but I’d totally wear it as a dress or somtn…..I LIKE IT!!

D Farm says:

They’re fricking cute.

Shannon Alexander says:

I unfortunately (for my bank account) have to agree. I have problems ever finding high enough rise high waisted jeans that accommodate and or flatter my ass (I’m a pear shape, too) and these miraculously do. And the ones I bought come to the perfect length/ankle narrowness on me which is also impossible for me to find. So stupidly expensive but worth it if you have trouble finding jeans that work for you (Torrid jeggings aren’t great for me like they are for everyone else!)

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