Cheap Vs. Expensive Jeans – What’s the Difference? | Teen Vogue

Denim expert Benjamin Talley Smith and Teen Vogue’s Rajni Jacques attempt to guess the prices of different pairs of jeans. Benjamin breaks down everything that goes into making each pair of jeans and uses his knowledge of denim to guess which pair is more expensive. Using Ben’s teachings, Rajni attempts to guess how much the pair she’s wearing are worth. Which jeans cost $1,300 dollars?

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Cheap Vs. Expensive Jeans – What’s the Difference? | Teen Vogue


ferkco says:

I can make $10 jeans look great in a good head turning. way. Truly I can. Most dudes wear their shirts un tucked so does all that intricate stitching really make a difference. It’s all about having a great body and a friendly face and money can’t buy that but a pair of $10 jeans with a fine cut can. Today’s jeans are cut thinner and do sag but to counter that guys can wear suspenders. Not that expensive and some a near invisible wearing a t shirt and man my rear end looks great in suspenders. I don’t need any expensive tailoring. You girls have brothers and boyfriends, see it work.

Werd says:

Who cares as long as they fit and are comfortable!

flufftronable says:

I kept looking at his jean jacket, thinking those red things were price tags..haha

PiranhaJaw22 says:

you must get laughs when people ask your occupation, and you call yourself a denim expert

Art Kartel says:

Knock knock! Who’s there?

Cydine Campbell says:

I have $10 jeans that were originally $30-$40 that I have had for years. I have also washed and worn them very often, like every other week. So, why waste money on so called luxury jeans lol

Rita G915 says:

Life of the Rich and Crazy…Insane price points! As if $80 bucks was not a lot for jeans…who are they making this “Teen” Vogue video for? Most parents in the real world can’t afford the so called lower end jeans for their about peer pressure

Michael Brathwaite says:

‘Fashion jeans’ can charge whatever they want as you are buying is a style that happens to be made out of a material that looks like denim. Good quality Japanese heavy denim will be expensive and will be of a bulletproof construction but will cost far less than many fashion brands. The fashion jeans will have fallen apart or have gone out of fashion before the heavy denim starts to develop some character.

Denim heads do soak and wash jeans but not that often. If you have good personal hygiene, wear underwear and air the jeans after every wear you should be OK.

Keep things simple. Buy jeans from jean manufacturers.

Katie Gamburg says:

he would spend $300 on jeans but wont spend $200 on teeth whitening

Lindsey C says:

since when is $80 affordable…?

Egg Rollz says:


refering to the thumbnail

Smells exquisite says:

I normally would spend around £30-40 on men’s jeans here in the UK, would buy from Next or Topman they look and feel amazing and quality is very good.

Chloe B says:

He is very serious about his denim ! I could just imagine him shopping for jeans, he probably brings a magnifying glass to look at every stitch :). Although most of the ‘less expensive’ styles are above $50 I still learned alot about the structure of a good jean. Great video.

mmmm says:

I like the look of the less expensive one more !

Zoe Smith says:

A very basic poor video by vogue. I have seen better video ny vloggers and denim enthusiastic.

Asad ali says:

owsome information

captain boo boo says:

I only buy $60 Jean’s when they are on clearance lmao

Mayra Arambula says:

I think 40 is a lot of money. I usually spend under 20 on denim.

Ashwini Raj Pandey says:

I can never get luxury fashion

Arc Airsoft says:

Thinking about purchasing a Burberry Japanese selvedge jeans tonight; good to know why it’s so expensive haha

Lisa Simpson Rules says:

What normal person on a normal salary will have 1,400 pounds to spend on a pair of jeans? Those price points are not for the general public. That’s what many people pay on rent.


all rubbish looking jeans . my 600 ₹ jeans are better are than all of these

Emily Reyes says:

I just want to say that my favorite pair of jeans that I have ever owned costed a grand total of $1 – they were really on sale

Philip Murray says:

The selvedge looks kindof cool but who has a pair of non selvedge jeans that fall apart along the surged inner leg? None that I’ve ever seen. Seems like a gimmick to trick people into thinking they’re better.

Sniper says:

I wear 20 dollar from wrangler

heroin rat says:

raw no elasticity xddddddddddddddd

Mudgodson says:

That’s what they end up doing jeans ripping after a few months they get to a point where u can’t go out in them like that and have to buy them again.

Kam says:

What I learned: no one besides a fashion designer or an industry guru can tell the difference between expensive and cheap jeans.

Kristian Brandt says:

Depends on how you define ”cheap”. Yeah jeans from American mega markets(Walmart etc.) are cheap and almost certainly crap, but the more expensive sort of midrange jeans from H&M really aren’t.

The Abby says:

I bought a $11.99 jeans from walmart and its been 2 years washed every week. Still good

Sabrina Wharton-Brown says:

The surest way to tell the quality of your jeans is by the quality of the fabric. You can have quality stretch jeans but make sure they’re thick enough. 12-16oz denim the range to go for. Any less is basically shirting, any higher you probably won’t be able to move! XD You can’t have non-stretch skinny jeans for the same reason. 🙂 The first two pairs: the cheaper ones were women’s and they tend to have more stretch to fit our more varied shapes; the other were mens and men tend to wear their jeans looser so they don’t need as much stretch, and because their jeans are looser-fitting there is less difficulty in getting a good fit. Benjamin uses stretch jeans in his brand.

Stitch length: 8 SPI is advised but any smaller than that on a medium to heavy weight denim would be silly. You don’t want any bigger than that unless it’s a styling choice. The stitching should be neat and firm (but not tight).

Rips and distressing aren’t reliable indicators of quality. Some expensive jeans, for example quality raw selvedge will not have whiskers in the store! Not everyone wants that so only offering it would be commercial suicide.

And selvedge isn’t a sure sign of quality anymore: I believe there are cheaper ones available. A zip fly isn’t either: I’ve seen them in Primark, and I’ve seen good quality zips in other stores. It’s purely a matter of preference. There are construction methods that are better indicators of quality but this doesn’t seem to be reflected in the price, and you’d have to know what you’re looking for.

All denim gives as you wear it, but in varying degrees. Get your jeans so they’re snug but not tight, rather than getting ones that “fit perfectly” in the store or you will be pulling them up later.

Look for fabric that’s strong and holds its shape: recovery is more telling than stretch. If it feels like a balloon, move on. Also, look for seams that don’t look like ladders when you pull them. 🙂 After that, just make sure you get a pair that actually fits you. You’ll look better in a cheap, well-fitting pair, than you will in an expensive ill-fitting pair. Go to an actual shop and try stuff on. Ask the assistants to help you and it’ll be a much quicker trip and you should actually end up with a pair that fits you properly. Tell them what you want and if they have it, they’ll bring it to you.

Melina M says:

Damn and I thought 80 dollars was the high-end experience

Ashton says:

i dont get why ppl are commenting on teeth when its never a close up shot? Also, I spend 240 on jeans and so worth it

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